Junie's Place: April 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

"Against the Wind"

Bob Seger~

That old time rock n roll guy is a long time favorite of mine!

I came across this video with all these wonderful flower/nature pictures
~ and this great Bob Seger song~
and wanted to share!

~Flowers and music - two of my most treasured things!~

Thanks for the use of this vid go to





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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our day

A quick update on my husband:

He has been reasonably inactive since he got home-and seems to be getting better...responding to the
meds. He will be sore for awhile, in his back and chest, but at least we feel we're past the danger point with the pneumonia.

We have another ' pre-paid' event scheduled for tomorrow night here in Ocala at one of the hotels; the annual retired policeman's reunion. I'm not sure we can make it but perhaps we can . If so, we'll go for a shorter time than we normally would have. We'll see how it goes-and how we feel tomorrow.

I did some gardening today. I have recently been on a buying kick for garden plants! It happens every year in the spring-I just can't help it :) ...but I suppose there are worse addictions to have!

Anyway, this last batch of plants I bought last Sunday when I had to go out for some food items at Wal-Mart; having postponed my shopping after Charles ' injury on Thursday.

( click on any pic to enlarge )

I had seen a fabulous yellow rose at Donna's site, 'Made In Heaven.' It was a rose I didn't know but I was so impressed, I made a promise to myself to try and find some of these roses! Imagine my great joy at seeing some yellow roses on display in the garden section at the store ....and seeing this name!

Yes! The very rose I had recently seen at Donna's place.

Of course I took that as an omen- (a good one)- wouldn't you have?

I bought myself 4 of these roses and one for Joy- my daughter-in-law!

(... see-I had never seen or even heard of this rose before...so the whole thing was interesting, the way it unfolded for me! Oh- and the roses had a good price tag on them too!) :)

Today I got my 4 new roses planted-along with the other flowers! Sure hope they do well!

This is such a pretty yellow rose, don't you think so!

I'm including some other of my roses and flowers for your viewing pleasure, too!

The red one is 'Don Juan' and this bush is starting to really take off!

The orange one is 'Tropicana'- a new bush I planted last week.

... some other assorted flowers/roses around my yard!

-and especially roses-
are way high up on my list of things I'm thankful for
...but you all know that!

Enjoy your spring !

Junie Rose

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Facebook Update:

June Kellum (June Hodges Kellum)

June Kellum

June Kellum

Update on Charles:

We're HOME! Now all he needs to do is take it easy for awhile!

Neat trick if I can help that to happen! I'll try!

Thanks, All!!


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our Anniversary ~2010~ ( #49 )


I spent the afternoon at the hospital with Charles.
I took his gifts and also picked up these roses for him! I had never seen any like these before so picked them over the usual solid colors available!

Our daughter Tina was there, too, as she's been almost all the time!

It's been a great help to us, having her here and able and wanting to help us out.

I am not supposed to do any night driving so I'm not able to stay late.

Our granddaughter, Alli, came up from Orlando and will be here until Thursday!

We had a very special surprise from the hospital staff- an anniversary dinner was given to Charles and me; a steak and shrimp dinner and yummy desserts!

Everything was just perfect and we both enjoyed it . :0 I was the only one who didn't know about this. (Tina and C. did)

lol- I guess 49 years IS impressive and deserves something special!
Charles says for our 50th. he may 'break a leg!' ;)

Oh-and BTW-they DID determine there was a rib broken after all. (hair-line fracture, I guess)

Charles said to me - late yesterday when he found out- "Well, I sure am glad to know that, because I was beginning to think I was 'faking' the pain!' " ;)

Charles has responded well to the hospital treatments-and maybe-just maybe- will get to come home tomorrow!

These pictures are not great- but- hey- they're our anniversary pictures so they are

Thanks to all for thinking of us and for all your good wishes and prayers for a quick recovery!

I will try to catch up with each of you soon.


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on my husband:

Last night my daughter and I took Charles to the Emergency Room because of severe pain.
It was determined there are no broken ribs but he has developed Pneumonia.

He was admitted. of course. (after long hours in emergency)

I have to get back to the hospital now .


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday~ April 25, 2010 ~ Water Lily~

It's time for

Go *here* to find other shadow shots!


This is in my fish pond in our back yard but it's not a recent shot.

These water lilies bloom from May to September so I don't have long to wait for some new blooms!

I love the shadows the fern makes on the pads in the water;
an ever-changing show!


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Poem: (Love Can Be)


A poem is posted ~ here!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Update: Trip Canceled



As expected after Charles' mishap yesterday, we had to cancel the trip to Sanibel.

He's not feeling well at all- but no broken bones or anything... He'll be ok in a little while.
(a few days!)



Yard Art on Thrusday (For April 22, 2010 )


Yard Art on Thursday!

Visit Mary to find more Yard Art posts!


I decided to join in this time and share some of our Yard Art! :)
Our place certainly has an abundance of
Yard Junk...err...Yard Art, that is!

(...but one man's trash is another man's treasure, I have heard!)


Anyone would be amazed at the things my husband will undertake to follow through with his ideas . I have never known him to back away from any project he has a hankering to do...

For instance...these wheels!

He had bought a couple of old metal wheels at a flea market- which were not too heavy to be manageable- but he had never done anything to use them or display them in any way; he had more in mind!

In time, he found an additional 4-wheels ; 2 matching sets of some very heavy farm equipment wheels.

He found out these wheels were free for the taking at some property that was being cleared for some new construction.

Only problem was these wheels had been cemented into the ground and the cement had been poured around the bottom of the wheel and with a metal rod welded onto each. The rods extended a couple feet, making it possible to stabilize the wheels in an upright position when they were installed at that site many years before.

The only way to get the wheels out was to dig down several feet. Of course he could do this!

He did this!

Luckily, he was able to get a couple guys to help him load them onto his trailer to bring them home!

The plan, for these 4 wheels and the 2 we already had, was to install them the very same way at our place along the edge of our wildflower meadow. I was able to help him position the wheels with rods attached and then to hold them in place when he poured the cement around them!

We like the way these old wheels look at the edge of our meadow !


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Update from my FB page

Update from FB page

(My daughter...)


Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!! I love you!!!
Have fun on the trip! xoxoxo :-)

June Kellum
June Kellum
Thanks Tam...

well- not positive we will even get to go as your dad got knocked down feeding the cows late this afternoon- He's very 'stove up' as Ma-Ma would have put it! He was already 'down in his back' before this happened. He's ok- not bruised or broken...but just not so great! He's lucky- as a cow went right over the top of him. To make things worse he fell into a patch of stinging nettle-which is terrible!

Luckily we won't lose much $ because we got the room cheap!

That's the way it goes with the old folks of the farm!



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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

June and Charles

June Kellum

June Kellum We will be celebrating our anniversary in a few days and plan to go away on the weekend - just for a couple days! We want to go to the Gulf coast and catch some pretty sunsets! This profile pic I just put up is us in the early years! We've been together for a lot of years. This will be our 49th. anniversary! :)


I posted this on Facebook tonight so I'll put it here, also.

Will check in early next week after our return.
( We will be leaving early on Friday )

Hoping for some pretty sunset pictures!

( PS- LOL-NO- that is not a recent picture of Charles and me! )


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Sepia Scenes~ April 21, 2010 ~ Waiting for the Birds


Time for our Sepia Scenes!

Join Mary, here, for more SS posts!


In my garden,
this little girl waits for the birds.


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday- April 20, 2010- Garden Helper



Sepia Scenes *HERE!*


It's time to share the Ruby Reds in our lives!

*Go here* to find other Ruby Tuesday posts!


With spring getting well underway here I have been doing a lot of gardening the past few days.

This is my garden helper,
with some new red flowers I recently planted in his cart!


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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday~ April 19, 2010- Our life!


It's Mellow Yellow Monday again!

Go *here* to find other MYM posts...

...but first, see what I have for you!


This was my mid-morning snack yesterday!

I LOVE my coffee...and those chocolate chip cookies are not bad either!


I'm bad!!

( Alli gave me this coffee cup and it's one of my favorites! )

Always Mellow Yellow!

Here we are ~ Charles and me~ in the 'Way Back' times...(mid- 60s,
I believe)

This one is 1965 ...Our Family on Easter ~ my little girls in their Yellow dresses.

This is My sister and me, in mid 1970s ~ the day after Charles had taken us to see our beloved Dan Fogelberg in concert!

This was a high-point for us-especially for me ; and we got backstage to meet Dan!! Note my Tee-shirt! :)

~ June = # 1 DanFan, always!~


Here we are in more recent times.

Lol-We Do love our coffee- especially at Hardee's with a chicken biscuit!



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