Junie's Place: September 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Midweek Blues~ Sept 29, 2010~ '1952 Ford'


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My husband has had this old Ford truck for many years...OK- I have to admit it could use some sprucing up. My husband wanted to have it restored and did have some work done on it recently...but we ran out of money!!  Still, though,it has a certain charm-IMHO!

 (1952-Ford F-1)


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Marc!!!


OK- There's a birthday in our family that I must NOT forget! (again)

  I forgot last year and got myself in trouble with my S-I-L Marc!!  :)

( but he's always gone...what can I say...  :( I just forgot! )

  Can't afford another mishap... as Marc is my computer guy!! Can't have him mad at me! :)

~Happy Birthday Marc~
... You know you're one of my favorite 'Sons-in-Law'- don't you?  :)


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Visit with Tina


Tonight  we were invited to our daughter Tina's  house  for dinner. She also invited  Chris and Joy and of course,her son Daniel!  She served us a most delicious meal of Tilapia fish and a vegetable/squash dish and salad-with a  wonderful sour dough bread; ending  with apple crumb pie and coffee!  Everything was superb and it was a fun visit for all.

...And- I got to see 'Cooper!'  Here he is cuddling up to me!  haha- I bet my Alli will be jealous if she sees this!  ;)

I felt a little sad in not having those other 2 Fahey grandkids around.  They are both living in Orlando at this time...Alli is in college and Brian is working in Orlando and rooming with 3 other guys.

There were reminders of them at their mom's house, with mementoes of them both  all around. Some of Brian's art work hangs on Tina's walls-and in Tina's room I saw this adorable Halloween picture of our little girl at about age 3! The little girl scout doll I found on Ebay for a special Christmas gift for Alli when she was in  Girl Scouts all those years ago!

I also saw 'Miss Kitty,' the cat Alli so dearly loves!

(...and of course there's 'Cooper'- the little dog Alli adores!)

OK- ...Just made me sad...sentimental old gal that I am! I have trouble with changes, you all know that!

  LOL- If I could have had my way I would have kept them all little forever...and kept 'Ma-Ma' here with me too, to adore them right along with me!

...time moves on for all of us!


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Mellow Yellow Monday_Sept 27, 2010- 'October Sunrise at Our Place'


post is

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

~Fall flowers for Mom~


Today Charles and I took some silk fall flowers and colorful leaves for Mom.  I hadn't changed her flowers since my sister and I were out in the spring...
(Somehow summer slipped away) 

Someone had added a bunch of beautiful Hibiscus flowers  since we were there and since they still looked fresh and pretty I just added the fall colors to them!
(Mom would love them together anyway )

In January it will be 8 years since Mom left us and I can honestly say she has been in my thoughts every single day of all those years.

In case any of you have doubts of who the greatest love is, in your life, take a lesson from me...You'll have no greater love than your mom.
(at least not in this mortal world)
Don't wait until it's too late to say those words to her and to show your love in your actions!
I hope I expressed my love in words and deeds to my
dear mom....
What I would not give to have a hug from my mom one more time-and to see her sweet smile!

This statue stands near Mom's place. It's a comfort for me to see this when I go out there.
This picture
(below)shows the spot where my nephew and grand niece  lie...so near to Mom.
( "Ma-Ma" -Paul's grandmother and Brenda's great-grandmother)
They died together in a motorcycle accident after Mom passed away.
(Thankfully-in this mortal life- Mom was spared the heartache of losing those loved ones and also, Phil - Paul's brother)

So much sadness, visiting out there...Well... but really- there is no escaping it, anyway!

I guess the only way NOT to hurt is Not to love at all- and I wouldn't want that!


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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Reflections~ Sept 25, 2010~ at my computer desk~



I love to see the patterns made by my desk lamp reflected on the wall- an ever changing image,depending on how the lamp is placed.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yard Art on Thursday~Sept 23, 2010 (another big bird)


 Visit *Mary* for more Yard Art pics!

( Mary, I like the new Yard Art badge!)


On our recent trip to visit our daughter's family in Orlando-imagine  my great surprise when I looked in the back yard and saw-THIS!

I was surprised and tickled because this rooster guy is so much like the one I saw in Athens, Alabama a couple years back.  I posted about it *here...*

Some pics of that big bird!

We both blogged about these big birds...and were wondering if they were multiplying!  :)
( later Carletta mentioned another of these big roosters sighted by, yet, another blogger!!! )
LOL-I think maybe they are!

Junie Rose

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Poem: Just Words


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Ruby Tuesday-Sept 21, 2010-That Mystery Plant again-

Ruby Tuesday 
'Our Place'


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Monday, September 20, 2010

Richard Thompson and his son, Teddy~ 'Persuasion'


I came across this video again today and wanted to re-post it! 

Oh! I love this!




(a re-post from...)

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Persuasian (great song!!)

OK~ You will just have to indulge me because you know how I am when I find something I really, really like...I want to share it. I have to share it!

This singer ~ and especially this song ~ fits that category perfectly!
This is the most beautiful song I have heard in such a long time!

Please watch and enjoy!


performed by Richard Thompson and his son, Teddy Thompson!



~From the info I find, this song was written by Richard Thompson & Tim Finn~

You and I
Tempted by the promise of a different life
Time has fled
There's a constant battle running through my head
I don't know what to do
'Cause I still believe
After all the foolish things you've put me through
I could always make a start on something new
And I'll always be a man who's open to
Blind romance
There'll be no half measures given half a chance
But we never learn
Trusting in the fire while the cruel flame burns
And we need to rebuild
What was never there
What got left behind
After all the foolish things that we've been through
I could always make a start on something new
And I'll always be a man who's open to
And it's written in the my heart
So that everybody can see it
And it's written in my soul
After all, I still believe it
I still believe it
I still believe it
I still believe it
I don't know what to do
'Cause I still believe
After all the foolish things you put me through
I could always make a start with something new
And I'll always be a man who's open to
I still believe it
I still believe it

Thanks to

(for this excellent video)

Junie Rose


Mellow Yellow Monday ~Sept 20, 2010~ 'Studebaker'


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Last weekend Charles and I were out  at our favorite place to eat breakfast!

As we were leaving we saw this - an added treat!

This is a 1964 Studebaker!

What a fun-looking car!

The couple, obviously, also have good tastes in their choice of breakfast food!  :)
I bet they had a chicken-biscuit just as I did!  :)


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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chris' Birthday-and family gathering (for the family)


Today is my son's birthday. We were happy to have several of the family here to celebrate.

My daughter, Tammy, has her birthday on Oct 1st- (3 years younger than Chris)  Since the birthdays were close together- several times during the childhood years I had  combined parties for them ...

I remember 2 of these times in particular...when they were 2 and 5...and then again at ages 9 and 12, (maybe!)   Lol-I do remember in that latter party I had a game that entailed tying balloons to the kids ankles and then all trying to break the balloons by stepping on them! Of course the one left standing with an unbroken balloon won a prize!

  Oh my!! Imagine a bunch of 12 year old boys against a bunch of 9 year old girls.  Total chaos it was....especially when the boys somehow got hold of some pins to pop the balloons!  :)


Anyway, I remembered that party today, as I had both these birthday 'kids' here together-and my other daughter, Tina.

(Not all of the family could be here.)

This party today was  subdued and small- and I got only a few pics. No one was in moods for pictures, apparently. I did get some of Chris, though, with his wife, Joy.

All of us who were here today:
 (all not pictured)

June and Charles

Tammy and Terry-Daughter and SIL

Chris and Joy-Son and DIL

Joy and Mike-Sister and BIL

Alli and Brian-Grandkids

Cooper - Alli's pup

(click on pics to enlarge)

 Happy Birthday Chris!


These pictures are from our trip to visit Tammy, Terry and Zach on Friday, Sept 17th.

~Tammy, Terry, Zach, Charles and June~
~ Mittens and Windsor-the cats of the family~

One of me as we were leaving home- one of C. when we stopped at the lake- the rest at Tammy's place.

(Click on pics to enlarge)


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