Junie's Place: June 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day-2013

Wishing a


 to all the Dads out there and remembering,
 with love,
 all of our Dads who are no longer with us here on this earth!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Goodbye to Sweet Cassie~

(From my FB page yesterday)

It was a sad day here-especially for my Son-in-law, Marc!He had to say his final goodbye to his good dog, Cassie. She had been his riding companion for many years and I know he will miss her so much! We all will miss Cassie. She was a sweetie and totally loyal to Marc.

 One happy autumn day- in a far away place and time- playing and relaxing after a day of riding...
A good rest at night - while on the road...
Home for a few days, eating with the new kid-"Cooper"...
Eating a good meal on her final trip home...
You were well loved!
R.I.P., sweet Cassie girl.
 Cassie had a long life and a happy one so I'm trying not to be so sad...but it's always a hard thing!

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Weekend Reflections-June 9, 2013


Weekend Reflections


 Here are some recent fun reflections from my world !

(click on pics to enlarge)

My grandson, Drake...see me in his shades?

My grandchildren, Alli and baby Drake, having fun with the old carnival mirror at my daughter's house.

Who is that in my Gazing Ball?

 Junie Rose




Here are some Shadow Shots from our place this week!

The patio

The Play House

  The General

Ms Lucy

My Baby Grandson

~ Here are some backyard shots at my daughter's house in Orlando-last weekend!~

Me and 4 of my 5 grandkids-

Junie Rose


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Friday, June 07, 2013

Pink Saturday- ( for June 8, 2013)


Pink Saturday

These are some 'pinks' in my back yard this week~
 Roses and Orchids!

My cat, 'The General,' is enjoying an afternoon walk through the garden!

Junie Rose

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Hi, Blog Friends!

Hi Blog friends!  
This is the post from my Face Book page yesterday!

It was rainy and windy here yesterday, due to that tropical storm...today is sunny and bright!

I have my baby Drakey today!   :)


"Rain, rain go away-come again another day! Little Drakey wants to play!

Joy had invited 2 young mommies and their babies over for a gathering and play date at her house today! I guess plans have changed-at least it has for the playing in Drake's pool!  ...And it's not a good day for anyone to be out for any reason."

(this pic is from a few days ago)

(2 baby girls came to visit Drake)

Joy's guests came, even with the rain. Charles and I went over there too, but just for a short while, so I didn't get many pics of the babies together. Only a couple of my baby Drake!!

I was not feeling well so we came home early!



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