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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Check Out Brian's Music

My grandson!!


Check out Brian’s music!



(Aka Ginga)


Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today has been...

Today has been one of those days- long and boring-boring-boring!

To make things worse- in fact- probably the whole problem- I have had a lot of back pain and leg pain today! Didn’t feel like doing anything. I got out for a little bit and watered the roses and made a few photo shots- but my heart wasn’t in it- you can tell!
And walking around was not fun, since I had to force my feet to move forward!

We need rain so badly! The yard is turning into a desert!
The birds were even absent from my place the past day or so!


Out of pure desperation, yesterday, I started cleaning out our closet! I hate the jumbled, overstuffed mess it’s in! No room to hang clothes anymore!

Problem is, Charles and I are both packrats. We never want to get rid of anything… We both have clothes going back to the 60s! REALLY! We are both sentimental about things- and think the kids/grandkids might be interested in our past lives! In fact-they have been and over the years the boys have picked through Charles’ old shirts, hats, etc.
They think they’re cool for a while…wear them home-and then we never see them used again! And the same with some of the things I’ve saved…well my Dan Fogelberg Tee shirt (from the 70s) got worn out of here- never to be seen again! So did my ‘Eat More Chicken’ Tee! ;) I wish I had DAN back! (Not that I could wear a size small Tee these days but heck, I could make a pillow-top for my bed out of it! Sadly, though, it is gone! So are the little Girl Scout dresses I saved from my kids.

Can you believe this?? I have baby clothes from all my kids and their baby teeth in little jars somewhere! (Had to bribe the Tooth Fairy to get those!) Also- little strands of blonde hair from my little girls! Same with the grandkids, too!

I’m hopeless! No wonder I feel so lost these days, with the kids all grown and gone!

I came across the dress I got married in- 45 years ago! :) ... A little pink printed dress and I DO mean little! It is size 7!! LOL- I should frame that and hang it on my wall… or perhaps donate it to a ‘Believe It Or Not Museum’, along with one of my present garments!
LOL!! It would AMAZE!

Some garden shots:

BTW- listening to the wonderful Dan Fogelberg tonight!

May30, 2006

Monday, May 29, 2006

New Poem post - 05-29-06

Poem Posted




Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blue Angels!

This is what we did:
Getting ready to ride!
( Charles and me by the new truck, but we went for a VICTORY ride!)

A WINDY ride today! LOL- good thing I'm not into fancy hair-dos!

We stopped and had a country-southern breakfast.
I had eggs, sausage, grits, and a biscuit and fried apples with cinnamon sticks!
The best of ALL was the GRITS! :)

We continued on to HERE:

Some things we saw...
Did Charles like those fancy purses- or what!!


Then, in the antique shop
next door I found THIS:
Blue Angels 1989-
Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Ca
(framed and signed!)
I was not gonna leave without that framed poster
so I made a deal with C. to pay half the price and
he could pay half!
It was $50.00 total!
OK -I had to hold it (on the motorcycle)
the 40 plus miles back home - but I could do that!
I joked to Charles that if we crashed it would surely break!!
We made it safely home, in spite of my Tempting Fate!!

....but WAIT!!
There's more!! While Charles was cleaning
the glass of the picture, he decided to take it all
out so as to clean the inside too! When he did this
we find ANOTHER signed poster! This one is 1988-
the Blue Angels flying over USS Lexington at Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fl.
(The HOME of The Blue Angels!)

It was such a coincidence, finding this framed picture,
since I have just recently become very interested in
the air shows of the Blue Angels around the country!
I was just last night reading about this!
Such a strange feeling, seeing that picture almost the first thing,
when I went in that store!
Isn't life strange?

I told Charles
"It's money well spent!"

He said, 'It's money 'Damn Sure' spent!"

LOL- but he's happy!!

(A GOOD DAY!!) :)

Cherokee Rose- Close -up!

This is The Cherokee Rose-close up!

I love it!

Juniper Rose

Friday, May 26, 2006

'Genesis' and The Giant Hogweed.

I knew nothing of this group *GENESIS!*

A friend told me about them and wanted me to listen so I did!

Soon I had a collection of Early Genesis!

I found them intriguing.

This album is one of my favorites. It is from 1971.


…This is the beginning lyrics from Genesis’
“Return of the Giant Hogweed’ from the album ’Nursery Cryme’

Return of the Giant Hogweed

“Turn and run.
Nothing can stop them.
Around every river and canal their power is growing.
Stamp them out.
They infiltrate each city with their thick dark warning odour. “


Below is an interesting website of a NYC based Genesis Tribute band.




My own Cherokee Roses remind me of the description of England’s Giant Hogweed plant,
as it tends to TAKE OVER; though the roses ARE very attractive!

Some photos of my Cherokee roses-
only like the Giant Hogweed in their tendency to 'TakeOver!'

Juniper Rose

Thursday, May 25, 2006

To Peter - Happy Birthday!

I got the word a few days ago that our Blogger friend, Peter, is having a birthday so decided to write this little poem!

( It's a JunieRose thing, you know!! :) )

Hope it's a good one Peter...and hope you find this poem!
(May 28th.)


To Peter - Happy Birthday

Today is the day
-for those who don’t know-
when Peter was born…
those long years ago.

Merle is his sister
and sweet as can be.
I’ve thought about Peter!
What sort lad, was he?

Was he full of mischief,
or calm and serene?
Did he play tricks on sister
…a nice boy- or mean?

Was he handsome and smart?
I’d think he would be…
because of this, present day,
Peter we see! :)

He’s had his adventures
and is willing to share…
all the places he’s been
and the fun he’s had there!

Peter always is helpful
with us folks - unknowing.
He eagerly advises,
and leaves us all glowing!
(LOL- When our ignorance is showing!)
(... alternate line here!!)

His love of his family is
a joy to behold…
with the pictures and memories
and stories he’s told!

So - to our friend, Peter,
hope your birthday is grand!
If only I could
I would strike up the band! :)

June Kellum

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Poem Posted-May24, 2006

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Hard Day's Night

...and I've been working like a dog!

Really! I HAVE been!

...and I should be sleeping like a log!


If I disturbed the Gnome's domain, I'm sorry!

Just HAD to do some cleaning up in the side yard today!
I was thrilled that C. agreed to help me dispose of some junk
that had accumulated around the BBQ patio! We worked for
maybe 3 hrs. ...mostly just hauling and stashing stuff out of
sight in the numerous little outbuildings we have around the place!

We have a good storage area under the playhouse that Charles built
when the grandkids were little! It's a playhouse that is built 10 ft.
or more UP...like a tree house, and under the giant Live oaks. In the
beginning we had a sandbox under the house, which the kids enjoyed a lot.
The little house (8X8- Plus a porch) was set up with a tv and video game player,
at one time... and AC! It has stairs going up to the house,onto the porch and
you have a choice of ways to get down...either by the stairs or down the other
side by way of a SLIDE! That was a fun thing with all the kids!

The past several years the house has just been a storage place for some of my
son's things- except Charles and I go up there to sit on the little porch sometimes!

These days we use the space under the house for a junk storage space...
garden tools etc... Last summer we closed 3 of the sides in with lattice panels!
(NOTE: the left over scraps from this project is what Charles used for that
make-shift trellis recently! LOL- He did that to bug me I think- but it DIDN'T!!! :) )

I had many close encounters with spiders today! Some photos here!
Not great ones- but still- this was my day today!


I did! :)


Spiders (Alive and dead)


My son-in-law , Marc, recently went back long distance driving for CRETE.
Below is his new BLOG! Please check it out!
He's posted a lot of pictures- the family and of his travels!



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Monday, May 22, 2006

More Evidence here...

The world through the eyes of JuniperRose...

More evidence of Gnomes in my side yard!

I feel very lucky to have been able to capture these little
creatures in their relaxed moments!
Only due to my Great Skill as a photographer was I able to
get these candid shots! :) They DO move fast, you know! AND they are sooo small!
...and in the fish pond I got a good shot of a couple
of frogs at play!

Well, I THOUGHT at first they were playing a game of 'Leap Frog'
but after he didn't LEAP I realized I had stumbled into a more
intimate encounter!

Oh well...it's not every day you have this opportunity...

One more weird thing I found in my yard the other day...
Note the FROG sprinkler with the hose attached! I was totally taken aback
when I started to move this Fake frog to my flower beds for watering
and saw this -very still- small frog just sitting there near the Frog sprinkler...
Turns out this little frog was DEAD... looked mummified!
I shot the scene just as I found it! :)
Oh,my! Do you think he may have mistaken that fake frog for one of his pond
girls? Could that be the reason he croaked? :( A HARD way to go, Freddy!!

The whole thing just struck me as kinda funny!
Maybe I'm just weird!! ;) Ya think?

Last but not least... here's my two cats!
They just LOVE each other soo much!
They are 'Tiger' and General Franks!'
It's funny to see them so LoveyDovey
with each other!

Never a dull moment at Junie's Place!



(sorry-all pics didn't load- more (Evidence) later)

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Poem Posted-5-22-06

Poem Posted Today (with Picture)




Sunday, May 21, 2006

Farm Life of the Past: Mud Bottom Cotton Chopping-Summer1944

Mreddie mentioned Blackberries in a recent post of his and it brought this story to my mind!

Mreddie is



This is another story from my husband's growing up years in Alabama- and this is mostly in his own words!

Mud Bottom Cotton Chopping - Summer 1944

The area where this story takes place was known as Mud Bottom. It was in the bend of the Elk River, where Alabama and Tennessee joined, in northern Limestone Co, Al. This river bottomland was excellent farmland. It was called Mud Bottom because of the, often, muddy conditions - especially in winter.

Cotton had to be chopped three times between it’s coming up out of the ground and laying it by. (end of plowing and chopping) With a family of ten children, and Daddy supervising, the work progressed at a steady pace!
(Or a steady CHOP- as it were!)

It was hard work in the sun all day, so we had to have drinking water. Usually one of the boys would be designated for this job. On this particular day Jack was sent to the house where the well was located, on this errand. The well water had to be transported in glass gallon jugs.

This day, Jack was gone an unusually long time, for the two-mile trip- there and back.

Finally, we could see him coming up the field road, with his bare feet kicking up the dust.
It seemed he would never get to us with the cool, fresh water! When he finally reached us we could see why it had taken him such a long time to make the trip.

On the way back with the water he had stopped at a blackberry patch and picked the jug half full of blackberries! That cool, fresh water was filled with all manner of trash, not to mention the small spiders, ants, and bugs!

He thought we would be thrilled that he had brought us the berries but water was what we needed and no one wanted to drink that water!

True to Jack’s sense of humor and personality he said, ”If no one else is going to drink it, I will! I don’t care how trashy it is! I’ll let my kidneys filter it out, all they do is set up in there and ride!”

And with that he tilted the jug and took a long swig!

Daddy looked at the sky and saw that the sun was about an hour high and said, “Let’s quit for the day!”

June Kellum
May 2006

Photo #1
Jack (same time period as story) peeking out from behind the well. ...chittlin'Pot in background...
...and oldest Brother, Gene with the two youngest girls of the family-Joyce and Mildred.

Photo #2
Brother Jack in about 1947- he was 17 here!


Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Saturday Ride

We just got back from a most enjoyable ride. The weather is just perfect for riding the Victory!!

We rode up to Gainesville, stopping along the way at the Payne's Prairie boardwalk! This is an elevated walk, with wire and rails, built out into the swampy area! I had hoped to see some gators- but didn't! The water flowers and wildflowers along the roadside were just beautiful! The Cattails, one of my favorite plants, were just the way I like to see them!!

NOTE: I have had this thing with Cattails for years. Every fall I use them in decorating. They are perfect in fall flower arrangements! I spray the heads with a spray varnish . Doing this, they will sometimes last for years!

We had lunch at Hogan's Heros -our favorite sandwich place in the whole world!!

Stopped at McIntosh on the way home, at some antique places-and a teashop for a glass of Iced tea; before making our way on home.


Some shots of me enjoying the ride.
Charles and me at the wildlife stop- with cattails and other plants

How about those GAS PRICES!! :) (LOL-DON'T WE WISH!)


Friday, May 19, 2006

The McCartney Rose

I found this info when searching out the origin of this rose.

(I had read previously that it was named for Linda McCartney!)

All I know for sure is that it is a superb rose!

'The McCartney Rose'

"The selection of 'The McCartney Rose' was made in honor of Paul McCartney's 50th birthday. The award-winning hybrid tea offers large, deep pink flowers, good disease resistance and an outstanding fragrance that can be detected several yards away. Its vibrant pink color, wonderful fragrance and perfect form for a hybrid tea goes well with Paul being a perfectionist in everything he does,"
says Jason Brown, new plants coordinator at the Conard-Pyle Company.Celebrity Roses


Paul DVD

I viewed the McCartney DVD last night and It was VERY good watching!

This was in 2003 and Paul looked and sounded great!

It was interesting to see the overwhelming enthusiasm of the Russian people for Paul's music!

All of you -"Get this DVD!" :)

Also, my son Christopher gave me some Pink Floyd cds!
I now have

'The Wall' and 'Wish You Were Here!'

...for my continuing studies of Rock n Roll and Prog Rock that I missed through the years! :)


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!!

My shopping outing today led me to this!!!

I haven't had a chance to view it yet-Probably later tonight!

Even though it's not * THE BEATLES * - it IS Paul McCartney!! :)


Gnome Lady

While strolling through my rose garden yesterday I got a glimpse of this Gnome Lady . She was in my gazing ball and she had a camera!

I later found this perfect rose picture she had made for me! It's the McCartney rose!