Junie's Place: September 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Tam !

Happy Birthday, Tam!

As planned, today we went to Orlando for a birthday luncheon for our daughter Tammy!
As it turned out, we were a very small group today!
(lol- well...in numbers, that is!) It was just the 4 of us...Tammy, Terry, Gabbo and Ginga.

Tina didn't feel up to the trip, and , of course, Alli wanted to stay with her mom.
Tammy's son (my grandson, Zach,) was in a job training session today so he couldn't be there either.

Terry did the food and as always everything was delicious!

And the house was spruced up and looking very cool- as always- with scented candles burning all over- which I love! Tam is a designer and has some really unusual ideas in decorating. I always am amazed at how she selects her home decor accessories and ties them all together in such interesting ways! Anything old or unique catches her eye and she finds ways to use it!

~~This is where Tammy works as head designer and part owner of the co.~~

...To spotlight a few things...

~Dried flowers, hung upside-down, make an interesting valance for the kitchen window! I love this and have started doing it at my house, too! :)

~ A shelf made from flea market finds- left as-is with original flaking paint!

~Bleached animal skulls (Pig-or goat) found at our farm- ( clorox and sun bleached) She likes the forms and lines of these things! ( She's a very artsy type girl!)

~A table made from an old iron stove base-and the top of broken glass pieces! (made by Tam and Terry)
Oh! And the fruit bowl is a gourd bowl~by Ginga.

~ And a few other art objects around Tam's house~~

The house they have is a small bungalow type (OLD- 1930's maybe-I am not sure) Terry redid the hardwood floors and recently re- tiled the kitchen. It has an old fashioned front porch which is very nice to use in cooler weather! They love this house and it is just right for them and Zach!

Oh! And Mittens! :)

This is Mittens~ a sleepy ball of black & white fur here!
OOOPS! I think I made him mad at me!

What a handsome boy he is!!


(Junie Rose)

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

My night

Last night I was feeling very sad.

Maybe in part because my girls decided to go home instead of staying here one more night. Of course they are only 5 miles or so down the road from us and knew we'd be there if needed. I guess it's normal to want to get back to your own home as soon as possible.

Anyway- I spent hours after dinner listening to Beatles music. I love their music . Of course- who doesn't? :) Still-I ended the night of music with a lingering feeling of sadness...
(Lots of personal things going on recently and I can't always shake off the worry and stress...)

Got to bed very late (OR EARLY-2:00 AM) and didn't sleep well...woke several times between 2:00 and 8:00 AM. Find I am getting a cold or something...very headachey today!!

Tomorrow we are invited down to our daughter Tammy's and S-I-L's house in Orlando. Her B'day is Oct 1st., so we're gonna celebrate it tomorrow. Tina and Alli may go too, if Tina feels up to the ride down there. I'm afraid she won't-and probably shouldn't- but we'll see.


Anyway~ hope you enjoy the vid I posted last night..."The Long And Winding Road."

...a really wonderful song... That one and "Let it Be" are my favorite songs by The Beatles... :) ... so I guess you'd have to say Paul McCartney was my favorite! :)
Together- the 4 of them were the greatest!


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Friday, September 28, 2007

...long and winding......

The beauty of this song makes me cry...

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Happy Birthday Marc...( Part #2...NEW CALF! )

I just realized today is my SIL-Marc's birthday! He is 44 today!

He's not home but somewhere on the road in that big ole truck of his...just him and his ever- faithful Cassie doggie!

I wish you could be home, Marc. We'd have a cook-out and some cake and ice cream!
We'd gather all the kids around and have a party!!

But since you can't be, I will just have to wish you a happy birthday as you travel on your way.

(Above photo, Marc and his daughter, Allison in 2002.)


( some recent pics of Marc & his truck & Alli with Cassie)



Farm news!!
Another new calf was born this past weekend. I had made some pics but somehow had lost /deleted them from my files-and from my camera, so had to get some more today.

Well, he's just a little all black bull and nothing much to brag about...Oh, well! Anyway- here he is!

I had got some better-closer-up pics of him with his mom, Lexie, but today he was skittish and I couldn't get close to him!...LOL- anyway, you know me and the fact that I have to document everything - so here he is!

This is 'Ocala Blackie!'

One group shot of others of the herd...Blackie is just behind his mother here. The other calf is 'Fall Guy,' our other new calf.

:) Just some farm stuff!!


Junie Rose

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last week I shared a mystery photo guessing win at the blogspot- b13!

The prize was a photo of choice from this blogger's site! This guy does really interesting photography, and there were lots to choose from, but a recent photo he had posted had caught my attention as soon as I saw it! I went with this photo! Click here to see it!
I picked it up yesterday at the post office and I am very pleased with my choice! Thrilled, even! :) I like the name, too. He titled this, "Things Are Looking Up."

Lots of fun to be found at b13, with the weekly mystery photos! And- new puppies!! Check him out!
(On my side bar)

Junie Rose

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Tina's home!

Tina came home today!
She and Alli will be staying here probably until Saturday.
She's feeling pretty well and, in fact, has gone out, with Alli driving her, to get some prescriptions filled.

It's good to have them here and to have this operation behind her now.


This is a recent picture of my cats!

Tiger: The World's Sweetest Cat!

General: The World's Prettiest Cat!


Junie Rose

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update of our day-

Family and friends,

We spent several hours with Tina this afternoon and I am happy to be able to report that she is much improved and will probably be able to come home tomorrow. And if so, she and Alli will most likely stay here with us for a couple of days. .. to the weekend, anyway. I'm sooo relieved that she has done this well!


We stayed until Alli and her girlfriend came up, after school...and they were to stay for awhile.( tho, not too late on this school night) This friend is with Alli while Tina is in the hospital-and Alli drives herself and her friend to school!

When we left-
Charles and I decided to get dinner out-as it was already late. We decided to eat at 'Cracker Barrel.' I like going there- not just for the good country style food but also for the neat things they have in the shop! I like to look and shop, especially during the holiday seasons...fall thru Christmas! I bought a few things to add to my Halloween guys!

See below:

(A couple of them are for my 2 girls)
I like the vintage-paper-mache' look pumpkin head boy and girl!

They're all cute-cute-cute! ;) AND they were on sale for cheap!


It was just before sunset as we made our way back home. I had Charles pull over a few times so as to try and capture the beautiful evening sky...before-during and after the sunset! Our road home takes us south and to my right was this glorious light show that claimed my full attention! And at my request we got off the express-way and turned west in search of a better view.

I love every moment of it...the brilliance as the sun falls beyond the horizon- the way the dark clouds have the red and gold and silver outlines...the way the sun-as we travel over the twists and turns of the road- keeps playing a peek-a-boo game until finally the big gold ball falls beyond our view! I love the way the whole sky is then turned every pastel shade of pink and blue and purple and gold and silver... Not just the western sky, where the sun finally sets- but the whole sky has these soft, pastel, colors!

This feels like a magical time to me and I can't think of anything that brings me more pleasure than the sunset hour!

( Click pics to enlarge )

Not to be out done...

LOOK at this full moon that came up just as the spectacular show to the west was ending!

Perfect ending to this day!



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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

End of another day-Sept 25, 2007

Some Autumn color from my last shopping trip!

Hey Folks,

We went to spend some time with Tina this afternoon. She's already up and walking ...seems determined to get back as soon as possible. We stayed until Alli came up after school . She wanted to stay for a few hours with her mom. Both of the boys live there in Gainesville so they will be around as often as they can, also. She has been told she probably can come home on Thursday- I hope so! ...so I am trying to relax and let things work out...

* Thanks so much for all of your concern.*

~~~ Hint of fall in the air- even here! It has turned just a little bit cooler-especially late in the evening! :) ...Well- no color change is expected here...as you all probably know! Still roses blooming at our place. Here we are as we started out for the hospital today.

And as we walked out to go to the truck we spied a really spectacular sight in the front yard, on each side of the driveway! There were at least 30 of these mushrooms...I know nothing about them-( names-etc) except that they pop up just any where. They always make me think of fairies and gnomes and all those types of little creatures!

:) ( Several blog girls have had close encounters with some of these little folk this summer...myself included!)

...SOOOO- naturally, as I took some pictures I was ever watchful...hoping I might see a Fairy or a Gnome or an elf...Or even a bad old Troll! But - at mid-day they were not about!


After we returned home I again had a look at the mushroom patch!

To my great surprise...look who I saw lurking there!

Junie Rose

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Remembering last October...

A quick remembrance of last October- our trip to NC! Oh, how I wish we could have gone again this year- but it was not to be!

I just LOVE the fall season -but you all know that! :) I hope I can get my decorating of my house done later this week!


We will be leaving for the hospital pretty soon and will post again later tonight.

*Hoping my girl is doing ok today!*

I'm sorry my time is so limited but will get back to visiting as soon as I can.

Take care and have a good day!


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