Junie's Place: February 2007

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More about John Travolta

This is more about John Travolta and how he came to choose Anthony/Ocala as his home.


This is a funny little personal story that I would like to share...


Although I try to pretend that I am not the type to become 'star-struck',
I must admit our whole family become real excited
with the news a few years back of John Travolta's plans to build a house here!

For a while I just didn't believe it! The thought of a 'movie star'
building a house in Anthony just filled me with giggles!
It's not that I don't think Anthony is a wonderful place to live...
it is! It's the best! But that's for a country girl like me!

This is John Travolta!
I wondered what a movie star would find to like about this country setting.

Would John Travolta be interested in the wildflowers of spring -
the wild phlox, in shades of pink, lavender and white that cover
roadsides and meadows? (and which so overwhelm me with their beauty!)
Would he like the board fences of the huge horse and cattle farms;
set among the gently rolling hills?
Would he find it an adventure, as I do , to explore the small
and charming towns of our north/central Florida?
Would he seek the sunsets across the lakes, as I love to do?
I thought of all these things as news of this plan kept surfacing!

In time, we began to see signs of change at the property
just 2 miles from our place in Anthony;
the property including the air strip that had attracted the attention of
John Travolta!

In the early stages, this property was open and people were able to drive in and ride around the acres of mostly uncleared land. Once my husband and I drove around in there-just to see what was going on. I expected - not a lot- and that was about right, too!

It seemed the properties were not selling so fast! I thought,"Not that much demand for access to an air strip in our little community of Anthony." We had read that only people who owned planes would be able to buy and build homes there!

We DID see that one thing of interest had been built. It appeared to be a sort of clubhouse...or rec center! (I thought!) It was interesting- with the look of a small airport terminal! We were able to drive right up to a fence that surrounded this building. We saw nothing to identify this building and we saw no people around ! We left, still perplexed...wondering ..."Why build such an elaborate building for a recreation center or, whatever it was, when no homes had yet been built!

Soon after this, a booth was built at the main entrance of these properties, beautifully, but not extravagantly, landscaped. A sign was erected! Not a showy entrance, at all!


Sometime later my husband and I had to laugh at our innocence or maybe , our ignorance, after seeing the Travolta home featured in a magazine!

What we had seen on the ride through the properties that day had not been some kind of recreation building at all!

It was the Travolta home, built to look like a small airport terminal.

Sometimes when my husband and I ride out in the country to catch the sunset, I wonder if John Travolta is seeing it from the observation deck of his home on the air strip in Anthony!

I hope he is!

...And I hope he notices these too!


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My day today-2-28-07

Hi Folks,

I had an early appt. at the dentist to finish my 2 crowns!

Wow! Now I really feel like a queen- especially since one of the crowns is gold!

Going by the $ I have put into my teeth the past couple years they must all be gold!

Oh! But it is only $$$ and I'm worth it! ;)


I was very tired this morning and had to be up a little earlier than usual. Actually, my appt. was at 10:00 and the dentist is about a 45 minute drive from us, so it would have been fine to get up my usual time of 8:00!

I find, though, if I have something to do I wake up earlier-eventhough I tend to have more trouble getting to sleep the night before!
(because of the thought of an early rising!)
It sort of plays havoc with my day-having early appointments!

:) Yes I know!! Some folks have to get up early every morning !


Last night was a relaxed evening of my Dan Fogelberg music.
I played this: "Full Circle"

This is Dan Fogelberg's most recent CD (2003)

Hear some beautiful song clips of
Dan's music HERE!


I wish I could hear some good news that he has recovered from cancer! Very sad!


John Travolta

Did you know John Travolta has a home just 2 miles from our place! It's true! But I haven't had the pleasure of bumping into him around our little town!
(but then , he hasn't had the pleasure of meeting me either! haha!)

Read about John and our town here!


Too bad Charlie and I didn't get in on that new movie "Wild Hogs!"
OOOPS! But we ride a Victory - not a Harley! ;(
That's why! Has to be!)


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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

cabin in the snow

In my photo search today I came across this interesting picture.
Well...interesting to this snow deprived southern girl, anyway!

This was sent to me from NC , by my sister and BIL. in 1999. I think this was the first winter they were there after moving from Florida. This was a little cabin near where they lived!

I love the lonely little cabin in the snowy woods!


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Saved by Mom

Today I went searching through some old pics and other bits and pieces of our life!

What I was looking for was a picture of Zach at about age 3, with one of his earlier 'Mittens Kittens!' I looked in all the albums of that time period that I could find but, alas, I did not find the right album!

...although I saw the picture not long ago and thought of scanning it then for later use, but didn't!
...It's a very cute picture of my youngest grandson-and one of his earlier 'Mittens!' At the time, though, I hadn't thought I'd be doing posts on Zach's cats! :)

Oh! I DO wish I could get more organized here! :(


Anyway, while searching through my photos and other stuff, I came across this neat drawing that my daughter did in an art class many years ago.

I hope she won't mind me using it!

It's just a rough drawing on onionskin paper...not sure if it's watercolor, or colored pens. (I am not into art work-except with pencil sketches )
I have no idea what the subject/assignment was for this but I always thought it was so cool looking!

I saved it when she would have thrown it away!

I LOVE it!


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Monday, February 26, 2007


"Mittens" deserves at least 'Honorable Mention'
in yesterday's visit to our kids in Orlando!

I am always amazed in the differences in personalities of cats!
Even the 2 we have are vastly different, so it can't be in the
environment in which they live but in each cat's own make-up!

This cat, though he has always been a housebound cat,
is quite independent and requires little from people.
(so it seems to me) He doesn't seem a cat who craves to
be cuddled! (as my Tiger does)
Though I'm sure Zach and his family
DO cuddle and pet
him sometimes!

Lol- I am just going by how Mittens takes to me!
( Or DOESN'T. I should say!)
I automatically want to reach out and touch any cat when I see one! Mittens has made it clear he does not welcome this contact from me! In fact, once got very adamant about it!
Since that time I just admire him from a distance!

To make matters worse...yesterday I accidentally stepped
on his foot! Though I realized in time to avoid putting my
wt. fully down...still, he was outraged by the whole thing and
let me know in quite a loud and angry voice. I later found
him in the bedroom and tried to apolagize- but he was
not yet ready to forgive me! :(

"Mittens" is a very attractive cat. I managed to get this cool
picture of him yesterday, though he refused to look at the camera!

This is, at least, the 3rd. similar black and white cat Zach has
had over the years! In almost 20 years a boy can get to know
lot of cats! Zach seems to prefer B &W cats with white feet! ;)

This is Zach and his cat, "Mittens!"



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Orlando visit

Yesterday was a fun day visiting with the family. We arrived at my daughter's house around noon and our other daughter and granddaughter drove up just after we got there.

Tammy and Terry (our daughter and SIL) had a very tasty meal ready for us. Terry gets the credit for the food. According to Tam, she doesn't like to cook, so he does the kitchen stuff and she does the cleaning and decorating of the house.

However they worked it out, everything was very special!
Terry had a big platter of hot wings,and garlic wings and he had made a very tasty ,cheesy, dip to go with them and the big plate of veggies. Also, fresh from the oven, bread sticks! All yummy and festive looking! Since it's his birthday March 3rd., we also had a cake to celebrate with the 2 candles telling one and all that he has reached the lofty age of 50! ;)

Tammy has a flair for decorating. I love the unusual ideas she comes up with in her home decor. She works for a design company- here.

Some pics of our day.

Happy Birthday Terry! (early)



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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Today has been looong!
A nice day but I was not out at all!

I've been busy!!

I finally switched to the new blogger and discovered the labels!
I have been working on getting my older posts 'labeled.' Having fun but what a job it's been!

But now if a subject interests you, you can check at the end of the post and maybe find a related post! Of course they ALL are related to something!

For instance, if you are interested in poems you might enjoy reading several in a row...
and I am linking all my COW posts! And then there are my music things!! :) Well, I won't go into all of it, but just click on the bottom of this post to see what I've been up to today and yesterday!


Tomorrow we're going to Orlando to visit with some of the family.
I'm looking forward to it!

But it won't be a Victory Ride!

Goodnight all! Hope I can sleep tonight!


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Friday, February 23, 2007

Spring Day-2-23-07

It's a beautiful Spring-like day here in Anthony.
It's so warm I even had to put on the AC!

I only wish I could feel better and get out and do some things ...yard work, I mean!
I hope I can manage that soon!... I need to plant new rose bushes!
(Or drop that ROSE part of my screen name here! :) )

Roses from last year!

I have been discouraged with my yard and gardens, as we have needed new gutters along the back and front of the house for a while now. The way our roof lines are, both the front and back, we get a torrent of rain flow and keep things in a real mess; especially with the new metal roof we had put on last year! It's impossible to have plants doing well for long!...Finally, Charles has agreed to have the gutters put up! They will be installed in a couple weeks!


Sunday, we have tentative plans to visit with the kids in Orlando. I hope we can.
I miss the way things were for us a few years ago-when our grandkids were still 'Kids' and we could all get together more often! It seems like the changes happened so quickly!
I realize life is made up of changes- but I don't like it that much!

THOSE were the days! This was probably about 8 years ago!
I think it was Brian's 14th. birthday!


My husband was just reading a classified ad...someone has some miniature cows for sale- Holsteins; a bull , 2 cows and a calf!
Charles was raised on a farm and has ideas of having
fresh milk- straight from his own cows!

I nixed that idea -pronto!
No way will I go that far back in time- to be tied to a cow that has to be milked daily!

He shut up about it- but it would not surprise me at all if he buys these cows!

:) He once bought a goat when we lived in an apartment! Of course we had to keep it tied in the yard! Don't ask why he did this because I never figured it out!

Our first Thanksgiving he bought a turkey right out of a farm yard- just for the experience of doing one up 'from scratch,' so to speak! A HUGE turkey, at that - 25 pounder! (for the 2 of us and my baby boy!) Neither of us ever having cooked a turkey- especially one that fresh!
As I recall that turkey was very tasty but looked like pure heck - served up on the platter!
For some reason Charles insisted we BOIL it first, in a big pot of water, and then bake it in the oven! So, it was all apart when served. Not at all like I imagined a Thanksgiving turkey should look!

LOL- since that time I have learned to do a turkey up right!

Thanksgiving Turkey-2006


Oh, well, enough of my rambling for now!

Funny how your thoughts just flit here and there sometimes!

None of these things I've posted about today are connected...except they are part of my life...of what has gone into the making of this JunieRose person!




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Thursday, February 22, 2007

On the farm...

Junie & the cows!

Today Charles called me from the pasture when he went to feed the cows to tell me we had another baby girl calf !
She is a little dark brown calf-and right away the name Gypsy came to mind! So I told him to name her Gypsy Rose! :) He didn't like it, much, but I always go with my first thought in names...well- almost always!

Here are the pictures of the babies!

Top to bottom:

Gypsy Rose

Silver Bell



~and here is a little Bull a little bit older than these 3 babies!

His name is 'FuzzyFace!'


Last but not least I give you 'Big John.'

This is the new bull we bought from a neighbor. Charles is quite pleased with this one.

...a good day in the country!



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Run For The Roses

Barbaro Tribute - Run for the Roses by Dan Fogelberg

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Poem: I'll Be The Moth

I'll Be The Moth

I’ll be the moth,
if you’re the flame.
I’ll seek the warmth
you offer me.
You’ll be my guiding light,
on shore,
if I’m the ship that’s
lost at sea.
I’ll be the flowers-
you, the rain.
What would have withered
now will grow.
You’ll be the song
that’s in my heart.
I’ll find a way
to let you know.

June Kellum

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

La-Z- Boy Update!


I know you all have been waiting with 'bated breath' for the La-Z-Boy outcome, so I wanted to do a follow-up as soon as possible! :)

Charles took the defective chair back and since the brown was just not the greatest match decided to trade-up for a different chair! ...My suggestion! I saw this one yesterday and liked it better than the one he chose...although it was $100.00 more in price! This one is unusual as it has 2 different shades of brown in it and one of them is a better match to the couch he has in the den!

Turns out...this chair was a special order for a customer who decided not to take it- so it was marked way down! A great buy at $700.00! So eventhough he spent more $$$ he got a much better chair! So I'm happy- he's happy with it, too!

Here are my 2 'La-Z-Boys,' hanging out together! :)


...In spite of all the little bumps that made up yesterday -(yes-that pun intended!)
the day was fun for me and ended real fine!

I was up late, as I usually am, but had some relaxing music time and a good conversation with a friend.

Life is good!



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Monday, February 19, 2007


Today was a shopping day for a La-Z-Boy recliner for my husband's den!

Now- you might have surmised he already knew pretty much how to relax in that room since there's where he spends all his evenings! ;)
You'd be -right on- in that!

Well- he has worn out a few La-Z-boys over the years...and I agree, it was time for a new one! This one is brown leather...kinda mis-matched with the brown leather couch he bought awhile back! Oh, well! Leather is leather - so I'm not gonna worry about the shades of brown... :) :) :) :)... and it IS his den, after all....sooo...

Oh, my! Turns out the part that connects the back to the seat-part is defective! What a LOUD
racket is coming out of that room!! ;(

....He has decided he will return the chair... for a refund or an exchange...I don't know!

LOL! Life on the farm!!!


Another thing that has my poor guy in a tizzy is this!

...On the way home we stopped by the place where he gets his hay for the cows. Saw there was a very nice load of hay, ready to be brought home. Since we were in the truck (his NEW truck) he decided to pull the trailer home with it, instead of making another trip back for the hay.
Made sense-since we were there and the hay was ready to go...

This is the first time he has ever used the new truck for this job. ( he has an old truck he uses for this)

...As luck would have it...he was backing up to connect the trailer load of hay to the truck...backed into a semi-trailer parked there! Knocked the left rear tail-light out...scraped and bent the truck around that area, too!

Not a real good day for Charlie!

All I can say is... I'm glad I wasn't the one who put a scratch on that new truck!

The pic is last April when he had just bought the truck!



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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blue Bird of Happiness

Good Morning!

I just saw one of these in my back yard!
Sighting of the Eastern Bluebird is a rare occurrence around these parts! I have only seen them a few times since we've been here, so this was a treat for me!
( check link for info on this bird!)

I will take the sighting as part of the overall plan to cheer me up! : )

~~This is a bird print I have in a scrapbook I've compiled over the years!
Art by Gloria P. Grandel~~


...my "Bluebird of Happiness." Click link for complete lyrics to this old song!







Saturday, February 17, 2007


OK~ This is why I'm disappointed in the freeze we had last night!

This is our Azaleas of a past spring!

The row of bushes is in our front yard.

I love these flowers!



Winter in Anthony

Last night's temps got low enough to do this damage to my yard plants!

The Azaleas were almost in full bloom...so I guess they're finished for the year! And the Poinsettia plants were damaged! Also the Impatiens and the Fern around the fish pond!

This is how they look today!

Spring just got a little too impatient and eager to 'get on with it!' ;(

Guess I better concentrate my efforts on these little house plants-for now- if I want flowers!


If you detect a little bit of discontent...maybe even a bit of depression- you are very observent of the moods of JunieRose!

Can't help it - and of course, it's not just these bitten back flowers ...
Rather, a general feeling of sadness from several different areas of my life!

~Of course-a nice, sunny day always helps~ I'll hope for tomorrow to be that kind of day!~

~A Poem~

The Sky Today

The sky, today,
is dark with clouds.
The sun is hidden well.
And though
I have the heat turned up,
the chill
I can’t dispel!
The gloomy day
has taken hold-
seems settled in to stay.
All things of cheer-
all sunny thoughts-
have all
been chased away!
…But is it just the
sunless day
that chills me to the core?
…Or fear that I have lost you -
will not see you anymore?

June Kellum

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Dylan listen!

What an extraordinary listening experience this CD - 'Modern Times' by Bob Dylan - has been for me!

I have just spent 3 hrs. playing this through 2 times - 3 times for parts of it! Soaking it all in!

This guy is amazing!

NO WONDER he's still around!

I think my favorite of all the songs is , 'Ain't Talkin'. '

I found this Youtube of this song. - Not the greatest quality but have a look !


Junie Rose



I got this in the mail today from my niece in Homestead, Fl.

*Thanks, Evie*

I'm looking forward to playing it but will have to wait until later tonight!

With Bob Dylan, you need the time to sit and give the music your full attention- absorb all the lyrics!
...Lyrics here!

Click here to read about this new CD.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sarah Update!

The DVD is great!

Sarah McLachlan fans will not be disappointed with this CD & DVD SET!


IMHO~ Anyone would become an instant fan, watching and listening to this CD-DVD! :)

Sarah McLachlan is WONDERFUL!
You can hear some sample songs of this Concert-CD-DVD here!


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My shopping day!

Today I had to shop for groceries and other things.

It seems every year about this time, if I see African Violets where I shop- I can't resist buying a few! The colors are so varied and spring-like! And they don't cost a lot-plus they are easy to grow!
~~However-I managed to let all mine die, from dire neglect, this winter! :( ~~
All the more reason why I just had to get a few to get me in the spring mood! I like to put them in different colored and shaped baskets and decorate for spring and Easter!

Here are the ones I got today! Pretty, huh!!


Also-I got this Sarah McLachlan 'Afterglow Live' CD and DVD.
I have most-if not all of these songs on other CDs but wanted this live CD. Haven't viewed the DVD yet but have played the CD-and it is sooo very good!

Sarah is tops with me!

I hope I am able to see her in concert again!


~~~some lyrics from 'I Will Remember You' ~~these lyrics touch me so deeply~ so sad~~~

..I’m so tired but I can’t sleep
Standin’ on the edge of something much too deep
It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
We are screaming inside, but we can’t be heard

But I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don’t let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories...



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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back home again

We're back and it's always good to come home. We both like our familiar routine here.
He's snoozing in front of the TV while I'm pecking away at my keyboard .

That's ok with both of us-to be able to do the things we find pleasure in and to let the other do likewise. Almost 46 years together has led us to this comfortable place.

Still-we have our fun times together and tonight was one of those...a very special outing for us!

After making that necessary but bothersome stop at the dentist and having my fake-temporary- teeth stuck and secured again, we were off to Crystal River; a little town 50 miles or so from us.

We had been there a few times before and there's a restaurant we like- right by the water. ( KingsBay) Check out the restaurant here!

Every time we've been there the restaurant has been packed! The food is great and the atmosphere is relaxed - excellent and friendly service! Outdoor tables by the water are available . We ate inside but walked around and looked at the boats and the sky, before and after our dinner.

As it turned out- the conditions were not right for the sunset I had hoped for! Not enough sunshine in the day, maybe. At sundown, the sky was just very dark clouds on the horizon... Still, I always find the sky interesting to look at, whatever is there!

I have included some pics of our evening: ( Click to enlarge )

Forgot to mention it was quite breezy by the water-as you can see in the one of me! ;)

I always get excellent pics of Charles - I think it's the beard that does it! :)

OH! That plate of food was MINE! Seafood platter! Superb!

A good night!



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Another tricky day!

Dang it all!

While eating a piece of soft candy which Charles had given me for Valentine's Day... The temporary cap came off my tooth! That means a return trip to the dental office this afternoon!!

We'll do that on the way over to Crystal River for dinner and sunset viewing! Hope we catch a great sunset!

We will be back late ...for us..lol- maybe 9-10 ish!! Charles doesn't like night driving but we have to this time!

Have a happy day- everyone!



My favorite Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day

to my favorite valentines!


Love from


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