Junie's Place: March 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Theme Song~ Mar 31, 2011



"Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain,
Telling me what a fool I've  been..."

My sweet Dan!

(Always loved and missed!)


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watery Wednesday~Mar 30, 2011~ Cool,Cool Rain



We've been getting a lot of cool, cool rain at our place the past couple days!
My roses love it!

 The above rose header was from another time ~ the rose below is recent-just after yesterday's rain .

This is the McCartney rose-named for Beatle, Paul McCartney or his late wife, Linda. 
(I'm not sure which) 

This is a fine rose to share the name-whichever of the two is honored!


Junie Rose

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

She's in!!

YAHOO!! We are so proud of our girl - always have been!

We had a call yesterday from our granddaughter, Alli, to let us know she has been accepted into the nursing program at UCF .  We were not taken by surprise because her grades have been excellent, always.

  She has a plan and determination to carry it through!

These classes will start in August so this summer will be her last relaxing times for awhile. This program goes straight through next summer, I believe!


Here she is just starting on her journey...her first day in K-4-BEFORE she was even age 4!

Way to go, Allison Brooke!

We love you and are so proud of you!
Ginga and Gabbo

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Yellow Mellow Monday~ 3-28-11-Water Lily



I'm always happy to see these bright blooms in my small fish pond.
This is an early one. Hopefully, there will be many more to follow!


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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Words to live by...


I have this hanging in my front entrance foyer.
It always makes me think of Mom as it was a prayer she lived by
all of her life!


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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Life is sad....

Life is so sad...and the unexpected sad happenings always manage to take us/me by surprise.
You (or I) go along, lost in our/my day to day trivial pursuits - mostly happy tidbits of life...taking everything for granted...not fully even realizing how important a situation or person or PET is in our/my life!
Then-WHAM! It's over and you are lost once again in your grief! You can't retrieve what's lost-no matter how much you wish you could!
All you can do is endure-get through it, somehow!
We have lost our sweet Tiger ~ World's Sweetest Cat!

 ~Tiger and I were checking out our wildflower meadow last spring~


~Our Tiger~
These are mostly recent pics

He wanted always to be near us, whatever we were doing, and would follow us around the property; even riding the golf cart with us to the pasture to check on the cows! These pics with the Wisteria are recent-and tho, NOT good of Charles or me, I'm so glad I have them.

Few could resist Tiger...even Non-cat people loved the old boy...

These 2 family members ARE cat lovers,for sure. All the others in our family loved him too- but these are the pics I found in my files-so I will post them here.

(Remembrance for our Tiger)

(My son, Chris and granddaughter, Alli)

Tiger was a most loving cat ~ Note how he is stroking Chris' face.  That was one of his most endearing little things he did!
Tiger loved his mates a lot, also!

Goodbye, sweet boy!

~a conversation of my boys, Tiger and General, from an earlier blog~ 

Always with love,



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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Theme Song ~ Mar 24, 2011



~Find other TTS posts here!~


"Look a- younder comin'... comin' down that railroad track..."

Well, actually, this is not the Orange Blossom Special- but it IS Florida  ~ a mile down the road from where we live!

Johnny Cash

Look a-yonder comin'
Comin' down that railroad track
Hey, look a-yonder comin'
Comin' down that railroad track
It's the Orange Blossom Special
Bringin' my baby back

Well, I'm going down to Florida

And get some sand in my shoes
Or maybe Californy
And get some sand in my shoes
I'll ride that Orange Blossom Special
And lose these New York blues

"Say man, when you going back to Florida?"

"When am I goin' back to Florida? I don't know, don't reckon I ever will."
"Ain't you worried about getting your nourishment in New York?"
"Well, I don't care if I do-die-do-die-do-die-do-die."

Hey talk about a-ramblin'

She's the fastest train on the line
Talk about a-travellin'
She's the fastest train on the line
It's that Orange Blossom Special
Rollin' down the seaboard line


Florida State Flower


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Midweek Blues~ Mar23,2011-Big Blue Rock

  This is a re-run from a couple years ago...but I like this painted rock for this photo meme-so here you have it again!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Several years ago we were on a trip back from Alabama. This was one of the times our grand kids-and daughter went with us.

We stopped at this park somewhere near Perry, Fl  .... the kids had a lot of fun climbing on this BLUE ROCK!

LOL- Someone thought they would be improving on nature by painting this huge rock a bright blue!
Well... OK- It's a novelty, I have to admit! It enticed us to stop again (on our recent trip- 2009) 
...or was it more the memories of our little 'grands'
having so much fun there?? Maybe a combination of the two things is what did it! Whatever...here we are!

~Junie and Charlie and the Big Blue Rock~


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday-Mar 22, 2011



(Click on any photo to enlarge)
This week I glanced out my kitchen window and in my line of view I saw a merry dance of these 3 butterflies,  joyfully hovering over a patch of wildflowers...

Of course I grabbed my camera and headed out to try and 'capture' them in my lens! It proved to be not an easy task, as I was unable to get close to them; they were so exuberant in their celebration of spring!

Anyway, will share what I have, as this is my first real encounter with the butterflies so far this spring!  I loved seeing them, even though the pictures could be better!

Enjoy your spring!


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Monday, March 21, 2011

~ ~to welcome in my meadow flowers~ ~

Poem: My Meadow Walk


My Meadow Walk

Today I took a meadow walk
and to my great delight,
I saw the Pinks are blooming!
It happened overnight!

The first blooms come in early spring,
to soon be joined by more;
a fragrant flower blanket
like none you’ve seen before!

Those meadow blooms, in shades of pink,
so delicate of hue-
years ago they won my heart-
became my favorite view!

I can see this from my window-
this glorious display!
But- best to walk among the flowers,
and pick a small bouquet!

June Kellum

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today's Flowers~3-20-11~



Our Spring flowers here in north Florida don't last long...so we have to drink it all in as fast as we can!
Even at this posting, looking out my window, I see that our Dogwood blossoms  have almost all fallen to the ground! :(

Next on my agenda-after our early spring bloomers- will be my beloved wild Phlox!
Am hoping my meadow will be  filled up with those in the next few days...and they DO last awhile!


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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Victory Ride~Shadows and Reflections-3-18-11

Our Victory Ride

Shadows and Reflections on this springtime ride.

Our Victory



Here we are just about ready to roll!

~Putting the wild hair up...~

We went for a long ride today- a total of 114 miles! I had not been for a ride in a long time-probably a year. It was good to do it again and, surprisingly, it wasn't so hard for me...in fact-I really enjoyed it!
We rode over to Salt Springs and then on to Palatka. Didn't do anything except had lunch and stopped at a little flea market and didn't even get any pictures worth sharing.

LOL- but of course I AM sharing some of the silly ones I got of us.
(especially me-I'm the silliest one)

Well, heck, if you like playing around with a camera you'll find things to do with it- even if the scenery isn't showing you much as you zoom down the road at 65 miles per hour on the back of a motorcycle! I got these shadowy and reflective self portraits to use in my post! 

Lucky you!! haha



Happy weekend to you all!

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