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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Sorry I didn't get caught up with everything I wanted to do before leaving early tomorrow.

I will be back in about 5 days!



I went shopping yesterday!

Oh my! What a hot day it was...but just look at this beautiful sky. I took this picture on my way to the store.

(you all know how I love these kind of skies!)

When I got home in the afternoon my sis and B-I-L stopped by with their visitors from Ga...These are their little granddaughters, Emily and Kimberly! Such very delightful little girls these 2 are! :)

Emily wanted to get this pic of the 2 'older sisters!' :)

OK- have a lot to do so I'll get on with it! (lol-my hair still needs attention!)

Catch ya later...
and hope to have time to catch up on some blogs before I go tomorrow!


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ruby Tuesday ~ 7 ~ 28 ~ '09 ~ Flowers


It's Ruby Tuesday again!

This is when we post scenes with a little or a lot of red!

What's Ruby Red in your life?


*Visit Mary, The Teach to find other RED PICS!*

Some Florida flowers for you!

Red Passion Flower

This is a plant growing in our yard ~ though this bloom is from a previous year.

Fire Cracker Plant

This is at my daughter's place in Orlando!
I love the looks of this plant~ and I'm impressed with this new walkway my son-in-law created! :)

Go here and here to read about these plants!


Happy Ruby Tuesday!


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Hair cut! ~~(UPDATE of my day at bottom)

**Update of my day at bottom of this post!**



Finally got my hair cut...although as hair cuts go you might think this is not much of a cut!

True-it's not that short but is short for me ! (one who prefers long hair!) It had just become too much to deal with, long, in this hot, summer weather we have here. Everyday I ended up putting it up with clips to survive-but that gave me bad headaches; sooo...I had no choice but to get some of it cut off!

LOL-BTW- in this pic it may look like I'm crying but I'm actually just squinting in the bright sunshine!! :)

Just wanted you to see my hair- so disregard the squinched up face!

I have a ton of stuff to do around here because we will be leaving Thursday for our annual reunion trip to Alabama. (My husband's family)

We will also see my bro and S-I-L who live up there.

We're looking forward to it even though these trips seem to get harder each year, as we get older! The problem is we never have enough time... Oh well- 'It is what it is' so we make the best of it!

LOL-I will be looking at the sky and old barns...and maybe some flowers and butterflies...and watertowers!! :)

This time, at least, we will not worry so much about leaving the house empty because we'll have folks here looking after our place and animals!

OK- gotta get going...have to color my hair...among a trillion other things-before the end of this day!


Junie Rose

As it turned out I never did get to the coloring of my hair today...or the shopping I need to do either!

Instead I fertilized almost 60 rose bushes!
Ha!! How did that happen? :)

Well, my life is, for the most part, totally unplanned and tho I knew the roses needed attention I had no plan set out to do the job. I just sort of wandered into it today...in spite of more pressing issues! ...Needless to say I'm beat tonight! The way I do it is probably the hardest way. I dissolve the rose food in a big bucket of water and then pour it onto each bush at the base of the plant!....I know... there are sprayers to connect to a hose. That seems much easier but I have never had good experiences with that-so I stick to what I know!

But it's worth the work - ehh??


Just talked to Alli who has been working on a deal to get me a kitten. Here she is...(hoping it's a girl, anyway...and they think so) If so I will call her 'Lucy!'

I haven't met this kitty yet but Alli says she's a sweetie. I won't get her until after our return from Alabama next week.

Very tired tonight so I'm going to bed real soon- with my book and a Melatonin to help me sleep!

Was up, way late, last night checking out some videos of Paul McCartney's current tour. He recently did 3 concerts at Citi Field Stadium, NY. and from what I saw on the vids and heard from friends who saw his shows-McCartney still has the magic! :)

I got caught up in the music and conversations and then I decided to put some 'Paul' songs at the top of my play list again! Consequently, I was very late to bed and sleep!
(As I said earlier- my life-my days and nights- are totally unplanned!)


NO! I'm not putting a McCartney Youtube on .. :) .. not tonight, anyway) but you can find them easily! (McCartney-Citi Field will bring them up!)


Junie Rose

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday ~ July 27, 2009 ( Pricklypear )


It's time once again for
Mellow Yellow Monday!

*Go here to find other yellow posts!*



This is a cactus plant that grows wild in pastures and woodland and sandy places in our area and in much of the south.

The flower is very beautiful but don't dare try and pick one! :)


*Here is a site that tells all about these plants!*


*This is a childhood memory/story of mine-concerning this plant!*

Junie Rose

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What flower are you?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

OK ~ If I can't be a rose-I'm happy to be a SUNFLOWER! :)


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stalking My Cats (a re-run!)


'Camera Critters' post is below this one!


I came across this post I did of my cats a couple years ago ! It was a fun post for me.

( SO-this can be a bonus Camera Critter post! :) )

These old boys are still around and I'm still following them with my camera!


Stalking My Cats



Wake up, Buddy! Here comes that weird lady with the camera !"


"Oh, no! Not again!!!
Can't a guy get any catnapping in
around here ?

You'd think we were a couple of Rock Stars, the way that lady stalks us with that camera!!"



I'm Roger and you're Pete!"

'Behind Blue Eyes' - The Who


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Friday, July 24, 2009

Camera Critters ~ July 25, 2009 (Green guy)


'Camera Critters' time again!

Look around you!

See all the wonderful critters in our world!

*Go here to see more Camera Critters posts!*


These mushrooms often pop up in the pasture where our cows graze.

I had not noticed - while getting close up views of the mushrooms in my camera lens - the added attraction of the little green grasshoppers I was capturing as I clicked away!

One might hope for
- and even anticipate -
getting a glimpse of a fairy or two
around these fine toadstools...but I'm content
(for the moment, at least)
with this fine fellow!

What do you think ?

Junie Rose

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Sky Watch Friday ~ 7 ~24~'09

~Country scenes with north Florida skies ~ and a new calf~


It's time for Sky Watch Friday posts!

*Go here to find other sky pictures around the world.*

Our area has a lot of small farms. When we go out for rides we may see horse farms/ranches, as well as pastures of cattle grazing.

Hay is grown here, too! Yesterday, on an outing, we saw one of our neighbors working at harvesting and rolling into bales, this huge pasture of grass/hay! (I'm sure it has it's own name but I don't know it) This is a sight I have always found appealing and the blue, cloud filled sky above just added to the attractive scene!



...and- speaking of cows...

this is our latest baby. She was born recently but I only got down to see her a couple days ago . I named her 'Julie' for the month in which she was born! (Ha! It's fun , coming up with names!) ;)

Here she is , posing with her mom, 'Cloud.'


'Cloud and Julie'


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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sepia Scenes ~ Looking back...

Time for...

This is an early picture of me and my little sister, at ages 9 years and 6 years. I remember my little dog was named 'Sparky!'

...a long look back by 'Junie Rose'... (almost 60 years!)

( go here for the story of Sparky!)


This is my cat of the present ~ 'General Franks!'

I found out, early on, just how special dogs and cats are! :)
How about you?


Junie Rose

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Watery Wednesday ~ rainy days


It's time for our Watery Wednesday posts again!
I can almost guarantee we will actually have a 'Watery Wednesday' here at our place!

(click above link for other water posts)

We've had a lot of those days recently.


These were taken one day last week...

out my front door...

... and out my back door...

and...a spider, in it's web, viewed through a watery window!

...But the roses love those days so how can I complain?

( click on pics to enlarge )

Junie Rose

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Brian's Art!

This is Brian's

Art Blog!

Check it out!


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Ruby Tuesday ~ July 21, 2009 ( my new, red sneakers)


It's 'Ruby Tuesday' time again!

Time to share the red things in our lives!

*Go here to find other Ruby Tuesday posts!*


These are my new sneakers!

I love them! :)


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Monday, July 20, 2009

Party for Zach


Yesterday Charles and I went to Orlando for a belated birthday celebration for our youngest grandson, Zachary.

Here we are just leaving our place.

We followed behind these cool 'Harley' riders for awhile. For once, though, we did not envy these riders... as we ran into rain about this time! ;)

Later we were behind this huge RV . This little boy seemed fascinated, watching the rain and traffic out the back window. He had, no doubt, seen a lot out that window recently because the tag on their vehicle is a New York one! A long trip for that little guy!
(bet he was heading to Disney World!)

He caught my eye because he reminded me sooo much of Zach when he was little like that! He was a really cute little kid! ( as our Zach was!) :)

Tina, Alli, Dan and Brian were also there for the celebration.

We had a great time. I'm always so happy to have all my kids together!
(grands, especially) Even though they are all grown I still like to have us all get together as often as we can!


Here are some pics of all of us!
(in no particular order)





Mittens - their old cat (black & white)
Windsor- their young cat (Dark gray)

Fun day and yummy food!

Thanks, Tam and Terry!



(Junie Rose)

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