Junie's Place: December 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

Poem: A New Year

A New Year

The last few hours of this year are swiftly passing on.
  I wonder what the next will bring my way.

Will my choices show improvement - as I go along?
Will I make amends…all misdeeds to repay?

Will the way be clear of pitfalls - in this New Year, ahead?
Only - ‘Good Intentions' - sometimes, don’t suffice.

But with determination, and the will to do what’s right,
my simple pleasures won’t outweigh their price.

Some things become so troubling…that seem to start out fine.
A new year offers hope - a fresh beginning!

Bad choices made in this year, can now be left behind.
With burdens dropped, I could again be winning!

It’s a time for deep reflection, as these hours pass –
journeying onward, through this final night.

I’ll treasure all the good things, that this year has given,
and try to take what’s wrong and make it right.

June Kellum
Dec 31, 2006

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ruby Tuesday ( for Dec 28, 2010) More Christmas Rubies



During the holiday season we see many ruby reds around!
Here are a few from our place during this Christmas season!


~My Ruby Red Gifts~

 This angel is from my daughter, Tammy.
She is perfect among my Old Country Roses.

~A snuggly blanket from my grandson, Daniel~
Glass Rooster from  Chris and Joy-
(my son and D-I-L)~

~My daughter, Tina, gave me 2 more place settings of Fiesta dinnerware-and 2 serving bowls.
My sis gave me the Salt and Pepper set!
(Yes!! I love this bright FIESTA!)~

 Even I am dressed in my Ruby Red  in this picture..
....now- if I only had a beard....


Happy Holidays to everyone!! 


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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday



Here are some Mellow Yellows from our Christmas!

~My Banana Pudding~

~Beatles glass coaster set from my granddaughter,  Allison! 
I think I will use them all together in a frame as a wall hanging for my music corner!~

~I love this little pig plant watering can! This is  a gift from my grandson, Zach!~

~ This book-with some light yellow touches- is from my grandson, Brian.~

~This is a fun gift I got for my husband which brought back memories from his youth ~ Old Fashioned Moon Pies!~

~~~My Mellow Yellow Christmas...
Oh- but there were a lot of Rubies too!
Tomorrow they will star!~~~

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Alli- (Belated birthday post)


Our Alli just turned  age 20 on Dec 26th...so...no more teenagers in this family!  :(   That's kinda sad to realize...the fact that my GRAND KIDS are all grown up!

With being almost a Christmas baby Alli's actual birthday is usually a bit low-key- as we always have the big celebrations on Christmas Eve and Christmas day! Of course there are added presents for her birthday along with the Christmas gifts. When she was a kid Tina usually had parties for Alli and invited a bunch of her friends. These parties were  usually a few days before her real birthday. Fun times-all those growing up years of our Alli!

This time on her 20th birthday she and her mom  spent the day together shopping with  the $$$ Alli got for birthday and Christmas gifts!  A 20 year old girl in college needs lots of  pretty clothes,  don't you know!! :)

We didn't see Alli until late, the night of her birthday . She and Tina were out shopping all day and had dinner out together-a fun day for the two of them.

Happy Birthday to our little Alli!

We are all so very proud of our girl.  She  has made excellent grades in school and will continue on her plan to complete her education, always giving it her best!

~Alli-then and now!~


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Monday, December 27, 2010

Poem: Gift of Love (a repeat)


Gift of Love

It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.
My desire is just to be with you.

No fancy plans - expensive, long vacations.
My only need is that you love me too!

My wish is just to satisfy your yearnings…
to be the one you’ve wanted for so long…

the one who melts you, as no one before has…
the one who fills your heart with sweetest song.

My desire is, simply, just to love you,
no hidden clauses; there’s no mystery.

The love I have is strong and freely given,
always there, a gift, to you from me.

June Kellum
Sept. 2005

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday~Dec 26, 2010


~~Shadow Shot Sunday~~

"The Wild, Wild West"

~A collectible figure (and his shadow) at my son's house~


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Our Christmas Parties! ( Family pictures)


The end of Christmas Day always leaves me feeling a little sad and this  is becoming more extreme with the passing years. I think it's due to the fact of knowing  I will not always be able to maintain the pattern we have set for our family's celebrating and getting together  as a family for Christmas.

Changes scare me. 
 Of course, changes are always happening in our lives... some good-some bad-sometimes just shifting and rearranging of our situations.

In many ways this Christmas was more joyful for our family than last year. We were not all together last year ; thankfully, we were  together this time!

For one more Christmas - here we are - all together!

( Pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

Charles and June 

My Grands

My Kids and Spouses
Tina and Marc
Tammy and Terry
Chris and MaryJoy

My sister and Spouse 
Joy and Mike 

Yummy foods both days!

Tina made most of those trays of food. She and Alli made a lot of cookies too!  The others brought food too.

Charles and I did the turkey dinner on Christmas-and the ham on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays to all!!


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