Junie's Place: June 2006

Friday, June 30, 2006

Today-June 30, 2006

Today was my day for shopping!

Didn't buy any music as I usually do...just almost bought an Eagles dvd but thought I'd better not-since I had over $60.00 worth of photo developing! Yikes!! ...In the future I plan to cut way back on that- just put most of my pics into my computer!

I didn't buy any of my fun things - except for my usual scented candles! :) After dinner tonight I will burn them and relax with some good music...perhaps Sarah!

( I DID buy something off ebay last night! Beatles' - 'A Hard Day's Night' DVD. I have been told it's a must have for Beatles' fans!! :) SO- OK -I will soon have it!


Speaking of good music, I played my Brian's cd on the way home from shopping! I enjoy it more and more! It sounds really good-and his lyrics are wonderful! One of the songs is about his great grandmother! (My mom, who we lost 3 1/2 years ago!
It makes me cry every time I play it!

Here're some of the lyrics...
I won't print the whole song but I'm sure he won't mind if I print a little of it.

Essie Pearl
By Brian Fahey

Essie always talked about a God
Watching over me from up above
Though she couldn’t hear too well and long since lost her sight
She was always walkin’ towards the light.

Glory be to God, for the angel here on Earth
For all the seeds she sowed
And the way she helped them grow
My angel was a pearl.

( beautiful, Brian! )



#1-Brian-Ma-Ma-Dan 1991

#2- Recent pic of Brian

*** Brian's website is on my side bar***




Thursday, June 29, 2006

Poem: Raindrops ( Post#2 ~~~ 06-29-06)

...a sad poem ...
(one of those days)


Raindrops fall, relentlessly!
The color in the day,
has vanished so completely-
been taken, clear, away.

Just one name I’ll give it.
Drab describes it well.
The day is wrapped in sorrow,
a dismal shade of pale.

Raindrops on the window
make ripples in my view;
distorting all I’m seeing-
cast in the darkest hue.

The world outside seems burdened,
bent down with all the rain;
the way my heart is heavy
and drowning with the pain.

June Kellum

June 25, 2006

Another Cool Cat

Hey folks,

This is another cool cat from my past.

This is ' Ka-Nukki'...
"a gentle, loving soul with eyes the blue of seas!" from a long ago poem I wrote about him ! :)

Charles was given this cat ( when he was a policeman ) by some Nuns who couldn't keep him any longer. He was a grown cat and someone else gave him the name! If I ever knew the meaning of 'Ka-Nukki' I have long since forgotten it!

He was a pleasure to us...the kind of cat that would purr at the slightest touch from his 'people!' :)

Sadly, he had problems that shortened his life span, so we didn't have him more than a few months!
This was in the 70s!

... I DON'T forget cat loves of my past!

( cat woman that I am! !) :)


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

'World's Sweetest Cat' (post #2 ~~~ 6-27-06)


'General' says,
"How about me, Ginga?"

Lol- Yah , General, "You're ok too!!"


Aka Ginga

Another HOT day !

...another very hot day shaping up here...already past 80 on my screened back porch and probably will reach 100 before the day's end!

Did I ever say how much I dislike summers here?? Well I do!

Early spring fills me with grand ideas of the perfect rose and flower garden but by this time...just the beginning of summer...I realize how hopeless all my plans are! I'm defeated by the relentless heat!

And just to survive- mostly indoors- I pay a huge electric bill! Would you believe $457.00!!! I just got that one yesterday-the higest ever!

LOL- OK- will catch you guys later when I'm in a better mood!



a poem from last summer...

Little Spider

Little spider, I’ll let it be-
this woven web of gossamer lace.
Threads of softest gold, I see…
just barely there, but in their place!

In my garden’s corner, here,
you’ll be safe, not in the way,
of garden hose, or trimming shears.
So in this spot, I hope you’ll stay.

I see mosquitoes, hanging there…
entrapped within your web of gold.
And there are bugs, almost your size!
I wonder how you are so bold!

Some are consumed. Just outer shells,
identifying what was there!
How strong, your trap of silky gold,
that has the look of angel hair!

June Kellum

Sunday, June 25, 2006

New Poem on Poem Site!!

New poem posted




Poem: Anything Will DO

...what we all need...

Anything Will Do

Come talk to me, my love,
about the oceans blue-
the fishes swimming in them-
and the dolphins, too!

Or politics - the price of gas-
or places we could go!
We’ll talk of summer’s stifling heat,
and how you long for snow!

We’ll talk birds or butterflies!
Chicken vs. beef!
Pizza - thick or thin crust?
How many hours we sleep!

We’ll talk of songs we cherish!
The bands we love to hear!
The current book we’re reading.
The people we hold dear.

We can talk of favorite sports…
the ones we like the most!
Or even supernatural stuff!
(“Hey, do you believe in ghosts?”)

We can talk of silly things-
trivial or absurd!
Or, events that are earth shattering…
the worst we’ve ever heard!

We’ll share things that have passed us,
or what’s happening today!
Because there’s trust between us,
there’s nothing we can’t say.

Come talk to me, my love.
We’ll talk Artichokes, or Corn!
Or the stars above us, twinkling.
Or how the universe was born.

June Kellum - 2005

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beatles Music and Masks!

Today was spent with family happenings. We had a nice gathering of 2 daughters, one son-in-law and 2 grandkids- and Charles and me!
The others were missed! I thought of each one and wished they were with us!
Chris was working- so was Dan...and Marc is back on the road, driving long distance for Crete!
Brian was away for the weekend, playing with a band around the state!

**Brian has finished a CD of his songs! They sound very good to me.** I played the cd several times yesterday and today and like it better each time I hear it!
(a few songs are on his Myspace website-see my side bar!)

Alli and Zach had a lot of fun together yesterday and last night and today! I'm happy they had this time together. They have always been close! They went to a music show here in town, then were up late, here, watching videos. It was a little like old times, with 2 grandkids sacked out on my floor! :)

Last night...
I played my Beatles music while the kids did their thing with their own music choices! I listened to 'Magical Mystery Tour' and 'Abbey Road.' I hadn't played either of those in awhile! I was reminded by playing both of these CDs of all the 'PID CLUES' in the song titles and words of some of the songs and even on the cd/album covers! PID=Paul is Dead- a rumor that was rampant for awhile! :) Not having been much into music in those early days, this is all new stuff to me...All the clues are fun to look for in the music!...:) Truth be told- Beatles fans could see clues in almost any combination of words! :) Seriously, it was believed by lots of fans that Paul had been killed in a car wreck...and I guess the Beatles played along with this for awhile because there are many subtle, and some not so subtle, clues in a lot of the songs!

WHY? Just part of the Mystique of the Beatles, I've been told! ;)


we heard stories from both daughters about their recent trips...Tina and Alli to Italy and Greece, including a cruise ; Tam and her family recently made a trip to NYC! No pictures yet, though!

These are some fun pictures of Alli and Zach today. These are some masks Alli bought on the trip!

It was a fun day!

Aka Ginga

Friday, June 23, 2006

...and about 'Quadrophenia' DVD...

I watched this Dvd last night and it was GREAT-IMHO- even tho Pete didn't smash any guitars and didn't go into his windmill thing a lot either! :)

These guys are great!!!

Junie (WHO fan!)


Zach is coming from Orlando today! :)

What good news! We'll have a good day! :)

This is Zachary Miles and his cousin Allison! They are our 2 youngest grands and have always been great pals!

( an early picture and a more recent one! )


AKA Ginga

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Update of my day!!


First I will say I had a heck of a time getting online again this afternoon! VERY aggravating!! But here I am-who knows for how long, though!!

Another annoyance- when I went to import my pictures from my digital camera it decided to import ALL that are still in the camera-even tho I checked 'don't import duplicates!'...all this hi- tech stuff is out to do me in, I think!! :(

Wanted to show what I bought today...so...since I couldn't get my photos on I decided to SCAN the two music item I got today!!
Haven't had a chance yet to play either of them!

IMO-any WHO CD or DVD that I don't have is worth the $$$...'Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere!' :)


Also- my girls got back from the trip to Italy and Greece, with lots to show and tell us and some great gifts for us, too! Tina has almost 500 pictures in her camera! Lol- I only saw a few. She'll get some developed in a few days.

They had a great time!

...But Alli said her wrists hurt...from NOT playing her guitar for 2 weeks! ;)


My music treasures of this week!


Good Ending

Hi Folks,

Yesterday was a most frustrating day for me. I was unable to get online from mid-day on and I didn't know if it was my computer or my AOL being down - or what!!

Finally- the problem worked itself out...whatever it was!

Meanwhile I decided it's probably time I get off dial-up and go with DSL so will try and do that very soon!

For now I'm ok!
No more welcomed words could I have heard than the ones I finally DID hear... which were...'Welcome' - and then - 'You've Got Mail.' :)


Ended the evening with a late night listen of Sarah McLachlan's music- 'surfacing' and 'Afterglow.'
Very nice!

My late night music is very special to me these days as I have trouble sleeping in the early part of the night!


I need to get going because today I have to shop...

Update later on what treasures I find! :)

Juniper Rose

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Farm Life of the Past: 'Being Rented Out'

Photo from this time period
Brothers: Gene, Charles, Jack, Odell

( another story of ( Charles) my husband's memories of growing up in Alabama...in his own words.)
Mud Bottom Farm Story-1942

‘Being Rented Out!’

There were two ways of renting a farm in those days.

One way was Sharecropping:
The owner of the farm would furnish everything it took to make the crop, including the farm implements, seeds and fertilizers. The Sharecropper family would furnish all the labor, in planting and harvesting the crops; and of course the sharecroppers were furnished the farm home to live in. The total harvest proceeds would be split in half, between the sharecropper family and the landowner.

The second way was Straight Renters:
Renters of farms would furnish everything, themselves, in putting in and harvesting the crops. At harvest time the renters would keep 2/3 of proceeds from the harvest and the landowner would get 1/3; this being the rent for the home and farmland.

It was common in those days, if a landowner had the opportunity to rent his farm out to a more productive family, he would not hesitate to do just that; since it would mean more money in his pocket at the end of harvest.

A family by the name of Teeples lived on and worked one of the farms in The Bottom. Mr. and Mrs.Teeple had a family of two teenage boys and one teenage girl and two little girls to work the land.

Alas, the family was struck with tragedy as the head of the household, Mr. Teeples, died. This left the mother and children to try and make it on their own - a tall order for a woman and children.

The family knew they were now on the ‘Hit List’ of a Mr. Maples, the overseer of the Mud Bottom properties. As was expected, in a short time, Mr. Maples had the opportunity to rent their portion of the land to another family by the name of Carter, so he ‘rented them out!’ (as this was called in those days)

Mrs.Teeples did not take kindly to being ’rented out’ of her home. On the farm there was an excellent orchard of apple, pear and peach trees. Mrs. Teeples had enjoyed the farm and especially the orchard for several years.

In her fury of being turned out of her home, Mrs. Teeples decided to exact some revenge! So…she dug trenches around every fruit tree in the orchard, and filled it with salt from the meat-curing box, covering over with soil. In time, the trees went from green, to yellow, to brown - to DEAD!

The exact cause of the death of the fruit trees was not discovered until she had moved out. Digging around the trees exposed the salt residue, so all was explained; at least, the How, if not totally, the Why!

The Teeples family moved to another farm, not far from this property. This farmhouse was near the elementary school, which we all attended.

In time, the depth of Mrs. Teeples' desperation in the turn of her life would become known to all in the community. She joined what was known at that time as the 'Lonely Heart’s Club’ and advertised in that publication that she was looking for a husband.

One day, one of the Teeples children announced at school that a man was coming for them from Missouri. The very next day we watched from the school as a big covered truck came and the Teeples family all loaded up and drove away. Apparently, Mrs.Teeple’s advertising had paid off!

We never saw or heard from the Teeples family again.

After living in Mud Bottom, and farming the land for over 11 years, and after four of my older brothers and sisters were grown and moved out, our family suffered the same indignity.

We, too, were ‘Rented Out!’

Charles Kellum


Monday, June 19, 2006

My Cat - 'General Franks'

...I wanted to call him Kiddo but Charles insisted on General Franks!

Here he is as 'Kiddo' AND as 'General Franks!'

He's a sweetie-whatever name he is called!


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Father's Day! ... (and-Special night of music 06/16/06)

Father's Day wishes to all you Dads out there!!

Father's Day will find Charles and me alone tomorrow as none of the kids will be able to be here! Our son will be here but he'll have to be sleeping as he's having to work a 24 hour shift at the hospital . He'll be home early tomorrow morning!

Charles and I will probably go out for a ride- if my back allows me to! But if not the Victory then we can go in his new truck!!

Here is a picture of our family in early days! (Mid-60s) Happy days! This was in Alabama but we were on the way to Washington DC!

Happy Father's Day, Charles!
World's #1 Dad!! ;)



My music

I had a very special night of music listening last night, starting with Dan Fogelberg and ending with 'The (Great) Who',
Live at Leeds!'

The Who are on tour now and today were to play a concert at Leeds-after 36 years! :) I know it will be (or was) a thrilling show! Have heard there will be CDs and a DVD from this tour ! I'm looking forward, with more than a little excitement, in getting my hands on those!! :)

As unlikely as my music combination of last night may seem, it worked well and prepared me for sleep! Well - long past 1:00 AM, but I DID sleep!

Music is one of life's greatest pleasures for me, these days! :)

Juniper Rose

Friday, June 16, 2006


I finally got around to playing my Rush 'The Spirit of Radio' last night!...the CD I bought last week!

You might say -I didn't wanna RUSH into it!!"
(lol- yah-I know a lame and predictable joke!!) :)

Truth is- my son had borrowed it and had trouble finding it again when I wanted to play it!!

I finally got to play it and read the lyrics which I looked up! Very Good PROG ROCK MUSIC!!


Again- I didn't get to bed until very late- but slept better!

TODAY-I plan to accomplish something useful- like getting that pile of old clothes out of my bedroom!

Charles is making a late breakfast of eggs, sausage and Grits! Yummy! :)

...just another day in the life...


Thursday, June 15, 2006

OK-I give up!

... I give up on getting my flags all lined up in a row the way I wanted them!

Anyway, you get the idea-Right! We love our flag! :)


This post, mainly, is just to see how blogger is doing with picture posting today- that is -with brand new pictures!


I'll show you my music choice of last night- the Van Morrison I got at Wal-Mart yesterday!
I have to say, I DID enjoy the new listening experience...so much so I played it THREE TIMES.


Today has not been such a great one as my back is giving me a fit again! I have done nothing useful all day long!
I think it's caused by the new bed we bought awhile back...It's too soft for me!
I'm thinking of setting up my OWN bed somewhere in this house and getting a mattress to my own liking...namely-one that doesn't make me feel as if I'm being swallowed when I lay down on it!!! Lol- perhaps I'll turn my living room into my very own bedroom!


Now-here's an oldie from my past!

1964 Happy Days!
(where are those babies now!!!)


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Day- June 14, 2006 (2nd. post of the day!)

My day - 6-14-06

This will be my second post of the day…that is – if I’m able to get it on! Am having lots of trouble-and a lot of others seem to be, also!

Is Mr. Blogger getting tired of having us here…all airing our gripes and groans…all our frustrations being laid out for the world to see…our secrets of our hearts being laid bare!
(Other things being laid bare too, by some- but not me!! :) )

…. But, we’re your invited guests, Mr. Blogger, so please play nice!



Here’s my news of last night and today!

Last night I was overcome with sadness! I was still looking through photo albums, still hoping to find those NY pictures! It’s become an obsession. I don’t know why!

I didn’t find them but …well… looking over my long life was sad! Every album opened represented a little piece of my life…when my kids were little…teenage years…weddings…trips…grandbabies- from birth to teen years and ... GONE!

Pictures of Mom overwhelm me with sadness, still! …It seems all the changes happened after she left us…

My life is like a patchwork quilt…some beautiful pieces go into it- some- not so pretty- some dark and drab - some pieces, silky smooth- others- rough to touch! Overall-it’s sewn together with a fine, decorative stitch, combining the whole thing! All the pieces must stay, just as they were sewn into it as it happened all those years ago …last year… last week… yesterday. I’m adding to it, even now!

Man! I hope these last pieces I’m adding do not ruin the overall project! And what if the stitches start to ravel…?

My life!



Had trouble sleeping, as usual last night, but got up early anyway!

Tried to do an upbeat Flag Day post, early today, but was unable to get the pictures on that I wanted to use!

Went shopping. Food- Father’s day stuff for Charles…(because He’s #1 in my life- no matter how depressed I may become!) :)

I also bought myself a CD. It’s Van Morrison ’Moon Dance.’ My son has this but I never had it before! I know it’s good! It will be my music for tonight- until I’m able to sleep in the wee hours!

Also got some more Apple/Cinnamon candles! My house will smell like apple pie for Father’s Day but we will be having Chocolate pie! :) Our Orlando kids plan to come!

I had a nice surprise email from my girls on the cruise! They are having a wonderful time. I’m glad! They will be gone about another week.

OH!! One more thing I wanted to say…and get other’s opinions on what you think…did I do the right thing- or was I stupid!

…As I was loading my groceries into my car, after shopping at Wal-Mart, I was approached by a woman… She was middle aged, (40-+++) dressed ok…not dirty or raggedy.
She held up both hands to show that I need not fear her …she had no purse or bags of any kind with her! She asked me right away if I could spare some money- that she was down on her luck…saying she needed $$ for food! I didn’t take it all in…the story… something about a husband…that she was looking for a job! She didn’t look like the usual down and out street person…she cried! I felt sorry for her-Plus- I just wanted it to be over…
So I gave her some $$ - a few dollars!

Later-I got to thinking that was a quick way for a woman to make a few bucks…and I wondered just how much she had made today!!

More than anything, it added to my feeling of not being in control…

Should I have done that or not?

What would you have done?


Flag Day!

Happy Flag Day!
We love our flag!


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bits & Pieces

...Just some random things today...

First off - I have not heard a word from my girls. They thought they would have internet access on the cruise ship, but we haven't heard a word! The cruise itinerary says they will be in Athens, Greece for 8 hours- (6-13-06) , then 3 more port stops before returning to Venice on the 18th.

I know they are having the time of their life! (This is my daughter, Tina and her daughter, Allison)


My other daughter, her husband and son, returned from their trip to NYC late Sunday! They had a good time and plan to come up this weekend with Pics to prove it!! :) Can't wait!!

...Speaking of NY PICS. I still haven't found the ones I was looking for! :( I wish I could be better orginized, but It's just not me!

...But on my search I come across pictures I haven't seen in awhile- and that can be fun!
This one from 1977 is my sister and me. She lived in Pennsylvania for about 12 years and came for several visits in the summers. Our kids were very close then and are- still to this day!

Anyway, this was the day after Charles had taken us to see Dan Fogelberg in concert in Miami.

My sis and I were both mothers of teen-agers but you wouldn't have guessed by the way we acted that night! Soon after being seated my sister left...Turns out she somehow got backstage and, in fact, was on the stage as the band performed- out of sight, of course! Lol! She did it for me, as I was the biggest DanFan. She wanted me to get to meet Dan! When the show was almost over she came back and grabbed me by the hand and led me through the maze of doors and dark hallways she had found! By then the show was over and we got into the backstage area where Dan and the band were celebrating their successful show! :)

:) We were only in Dan's presence about 5 minutes but long enough to get a few pics and talk with him a little!
(I posted my Dan picture before)

...That's me in the Dan T-shirt! :) ...the cute blonde-my sis!


Our hurricane season is here and we got a little bit of a scare with the very first one! But, luckily, we are just getting some much needed rain from it!

oops!!! We're getting wind surges too- and my Red Bud tree just blew down...as I'm typing here! Part of the tree was damaged last year so I guess it was not strong enough to hold up! I LOVED that tree! So did the birds! :(


In 2004 I wrote this little poem:

The Storms Came

The storms came. The trees bent.
The wind raged long. The skies wept.
The power surged and then it went.
And only babies slept!
The windows shook, and some did break.
The shingles scattered. The roof did leak!
Our water-our food- in short supply,
and soon would start to reek!
Bathing scarce, for days on end.
No lights! No way to even read!
Food served cold- straight from the cans-
with hungry mouths to feed.
The storms came. Trees broke and bent!
The rain poured down! And no one slept!
The power went! The wind did howl!
And in the dark I wept!

June Kellum
Sept. 2004

Also a Storm story (for anyone interested) 'Hurricane Frances'- in 6 parts! (June Archives - Dates-6-11-'05 thru 6-13-'05)



(I had this Journal/Blog before coming here to Blogger)

AKA Juniper

Monday, June 12, 2006

Note:To Family, especially...

New Mom post and picture



Sunday, June 11, 2006


Tonight this grandson came for a long visit and lots of chit-chat!

It made me very happy! :)

Dan at almost 4 yrs.-1987

Dan - This was a couple years ago- Halloween season. This was a costume he made for himself for a party -a Comic Book Character.

...and a more recent picture of Dan and me- a Christmas pic-2 years ago .

AKA Ginga


I have been searching all afternoon through my Mountains of photo albums for the pictures of NY, NY, 1982.
Still have not found them!

It's not surprising when you have as many photos as I do, I suppose.
When you stop and think of it- we are talking of a long lifetime of taking and collecting pictures with a dramatic increase when the grandkids came along!

LOL- But I did come across a LOT of neat pics that might be of interest to post here - sooner or later!

For now I'll give you these sketches I did of my babies-WAY back. Must have been in the early 70s. The ones of Chris and Tina are when they were babies. The one of Tam is as a 3 year old!

Still searching for those NY, NY pics! I won't give up!

Perseverance is one of my strong points, I've been told! But - that's a good thing! :)


Saturday, June 10, 2006

More Crepe Myrtles


I was WAY off on my estimate of the number of Crepe Myrtles my husband has planted here at our place over the years!
I guessed around 30...Well, he counted them today and he says we have 51 plants!!

Needless to say, Crepe Myrtles are Charles' favorite plant! I must admit I like them a lot, too! The Crepe Myrtle can be found in several different colors, from a light pink to lavender to a deep red...and variations of all these colors! Oh, and also WHITE! C. does not like the white but I finally talked him into planting one white bush! :)

Some Crepe Myrtles are dwarf and some grow into small trees. We have both varieties and about 4 colors, plus the lone white one. They are in full bloom right now and are just beautiful! They will bloom throughout summer, will have a second bloom if pruned after the first flowering! Apparently, the dry, hot weather does not bother them because we are really in need of rain , but the Crepe Myrtles couldn't be prettier!

I always think of my Dad when I see the Crepe Myrtles in bloom! He always loved them!
(funny how some things just stay with you. My dad has been gone for 43 years)

Enjoy the photos!


Friday, June 09, 2006


In 1982 we made a trip to NYC to help our daughter get set up at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), 7th.Avenue at 27th.Street, NYC

Charles and I were only there a couple days, maybe three! We enjoyed the sights , of course, but -to be honest- the Big City was a little scary! :)

It was a hard thing, leaving our young daughter there, on her own! But we did it!

At present, Tammy and her husband and son are on a 4 day trip BACK to NYC! Tammy works for a design company in Orlando, so this is a business trip!

I know they will have a good time...I can hardly wait to get some pics and a report of their trip.

I have pics from my-one and only- trip to NYC, but so far have just found this one! Hope I can find the others. I may even have a shot of the Towers, shot from the Empire State Building!

For now-this is my daughter Tammy, and me -in Central Park, 1982!

Dig those skirts!! :)

And some more recent ones of this family (Tam,Terry and Zach)


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Tina & Alli ... (and my Beatley good music listens!)

Tina and Alli, my daughter and granddaughter, were just by to see us again. They are on their way to Orlando to catch a plane...off on their 2 week long adventure. They are going to Venice, Italy (will have a few hours layover in Paris, but probably won't leave the airport) Two days in Venice, then on a cruise ship for a full week; with several stops, including Athens, Greece!
Another 3 days at the end of the cruise will be spent in Venice!

Needless to say I am a bit apprehensive about this journey, but I'm sure they will have fun, make lots of pictures and store up a lot of good memories!

We all had a nice meal out last night at Shells, a very good seafood restaurant here in our town! Grandson, Dan, joined us too, so that was good!

Dan was kidding me about being so short-saying if I wanted to take any thrill rides such as rollercoasters-etc- I'd better do it soon; because I'd soon be too short to be allowed on those rides!! LOL! Hey, I've never minded being short...but it gives a false impression sometimes ! :) Folks often see me as this little helpless lady...

Anyway! My girls are off! I pray they'll have a safe and fun trip!

They say they will keep in touch by internet! I sure hope so!!


My blue tinted, fantasy Fish/lily pond in my back yard! :) Lol- I like the way this looked. I could have posted the normal shot but, WHY go NORMAL when you can have something better!! ;)

Crepe Myrtle bush , outside front yard fence! This is Charles' favotite plant.
We have at least 30 of these bushes throughout our property!

Caladium- in garden area at our front entrance

Some of us and the girls as they were leaving


My Beatles Music Sessions!

Late last night I got into my Beatles music.
Long time Beatles friend, Billy Preston, passed away a couple days ago. BP had contributed his talents on several Beatles albums. Some gave him credit for helping to bring the Beatles together enough to finish 'Let It Be.' during the Get Back sessions!

There had been some talk about Billy's passing, on the music forum I go to. Many of those Beatle Fans had met him at the yearly BeatleFest in NY/NJ area. All said he was a down to earth-friendly type, with the fans- so there was a lot of sadness with the news of his death.

This made me want to play my Beatles- 'Let It Be' and 'Let It Be..Naked,' as Billy Preston was so much involved, during that time.
I had a pleasant time listening, also chatting with a couple of 'BeatlesFan' friends! Still, I managed to get to bed earlier than usual- at 11:45!

(And, thankfully, encountered no spiders!)