Junie's Place: September 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alphabet Soup ~ Sept 30, 2008 (see Ruby Tuesday post below this one)

On Tuesdays, Morning Glory sponsors a little thing called Alphabet Soup.

This week is the letter 'C' and we are looking for things that begin with this letter that add
'cheer' or 'comfort' to our lives...maybe even 'comic relief!' :)

What 'C' things take
'Center Stage' in your life?

Here are a few 'C' things in my life that I
Couldn't do without!
(well, it would be very hard...)

My husband and my son's names begin with 'C'
(Charles and Christopher)
'C' also stands for children...my 2 daughters and my 4 grand children

This is a very early picture of our family!

My Grand-CHILDREN have often provided the
'Comic Relief' in our lives! :)

More 'C' things that help to make my life
complete are...

Coffee in my current favorite cup!
OOPS! I need a refill here!





Candy and cookies~mostly chocolate~
and my dear mom's favorite ~Chocolate Covered Cherries!

And of course ~ all things CHRISTMAS!


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Ruby Tuesday 9~ 30~'08

 It's Ruby Tuesday ! 

Go here for more red posts!

I give you just a little red today!
 This was  in NC - 2006.


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Monday, September 29, 2008

Our health update...

Today was my follow-up visit to my doctor and, happy to say, all seems well with me!
Since my cough/cold is about over I didn't even bring that up...lest I be sent off on another round of prescriptions and other tests which I can't afford! Lol- ok- I'm good for another 3 months!

SOON-I hope to be able to get into my walking again! I know I need that for my overall well being...so I just gotta do it!

...But-THIS week is very worrisome for us. ( so it's doubtful I will do much walking 'til later) Charles got a call back about that skin cancer procedure he had done about 3 weeks ago...and they say the tests show it is more wide spread and he will need additional cutting out of 2 areas! This will be done on Thursday of this week and will be about a 3-4 hour procedure! It will be- way out - too, at least 45 miles from us.

We're not looking forward to that day...but, hopefully, all will go well and it will be successful! They said it is definitely Malignant Carcinoma- but that it can be successfully treated. This type skin cancer is often a result of sun damage! Charles has spent his whole life working out in the hot Florida sun!

Please keep good, positive thoughts for us!


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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Marc!

Happy Birthday Marc!

Wish you were here!

( Marc is my Computer Guy ~ Son-in-Law )

Ginga says...

"BTW, Marc... next time you're home I think I'll need to replace my old scanner and INSTALL a new one..... ;) so, hurry on home!"

Love and Happy Birthday to you!


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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Awards and much more

Today I want to take the time to thank
my blog friend
Judy, at
'Living On The Other Side Of The Hill,
for giving me this neat award!'

Thanks, Judy! I love your blog too! :)

I'm not going to pass this on to just a few blogs because.....if I read your blog on a regular basis you have to know I LOVE IT!
Lol- so, ( to all my blog friends) feel free to put this button on your blog if you wish!


Although I am still fighting this flu/cold thing I DID get out, some, yesterday! I had to do some shopping , but scaled down somewhat so it wasn't too big a deal!

I bought these pretty fall leaves and flowers to take out for mom! I hope we can get out next week.
I still think of her every day and miss her so much!

Oh, what I'd give to have MOM still with me this beautiful autumn season.


our seasons and our lives...


Late yesterday afternoon I asked Charles to go with me down to the pasture to see the cows and new calves. I wanted to get some pictures of all the new babies.

He recently opened the north pasture, which he had closed off for awhile to let the grass grow. He related to me how the cows were overjoyed with the opportunity of getting into this tall and lush grass, and stampeded as one toward this goal!

AHHH- but one new mom of a calf born just this week, realized the little one was not following her and, being a good mother, had to go back and communicate to the babe that she should follow!

This is the newest baby , which I named 'Autumn!' :) That name fits this little dark red calf born the first week of Autumn!

In this picture you see the new baby and behind her is the top bull, 'Big Daddy!' To the left of the baby is her mom,'High Point Lady!'
And here she is High Point again, enjoying the new grass!

Here you see 'Cloud' and her calf 'Pippi Long Stockings.' He's sure a fine looking guy...but will soon have to leave us! Charles says he'd be good for our freezer...but I say-"no-no-no!" I just couldn't do that! I know it makes no sense- but there you have it! That's just the way of Junie Rose! I can't eat calves I've named! If they are sold I can at least fantasize that they are spending out a long life in another farmer's pasture - and in some cases it's probably true! (Yah- right!)

Here is Pippi and another new calf, 'Stormy' that was born during one of the recent stormy days we had as a result of one of the hurricanes!

...and - speaking of 'Junie Rose' - here she is! She was so named - not because she looks like YOUR Junie Rose, but because she was born in June!
( well...maybe she does a little - except I have blonde hair! )


This is 'Rush Baby!' He's a very fine, young bull who will soon have to leave us! I hope - and believe- he will end up as some farmer's # 1 bull of a big herd of cows!

(I believe!!)

I missed out on seeing that first sampling of the new grass... but I have to say I DID see a herd of very contented cows-and bulls - even a day into the new grazing grounds!

Here we are - the old folks of the farm - and some of our cows!

Junie Rose

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Poem: ' We Won't Have This Day Again' ( SkyWatchFriday below this )


We Won’t Have This Day Again

The summer days are swiftly passing.
Another fall will soon be here.
Winter enters, with a flurry,
and soon is gone - another year!

As we age, the years seem shorter.
In a flash, the days go by.
We come to know our limitations -
if not all the reasons why!

We pick and choose our undertakings…
the things we do from day to day.
We try to fill the empty spaces,
of what we’ve missed along the way.

We know, fully, time is fleeting,
with no way to reign it in!
We take each day and what it offers!
We won’t have this day again!

June Kellum

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sky Watch Friday ~ 9~25 ~'08

It's SWF again!

Go here for more SKY pictures~ all around the world!


'Here Comes The Sun'

~ A Florida sunrise ~

The wonderful George Harrison 

 'Here Comes The Sun'


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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Watery Wednesday~photo challenge (Post #2 of today ~ Post #1 below this one)

I came across this new photo challenge that looks like fun!

Go here for more
WATERY pictures!
('Eyes Mind Heart' , blog)

~~~ These pictures were taken in Oct. 2006 at Pearson's Falls, near Tryon, NC!
This is a very beautiful area to visit- especially in the fall!

( click to enlarge any pic )

(wish I was there now!)

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Autumn ~ a poem


There’s nothing as fine
as an Autumn Day,
with the smell in the air
of fresh mown hay.

Each tree is a wonder
of beauty,untold,
each leaf brushed with color,
a sight to behold!

There’s a nip in the air-
crisp, cool and clear,
to remind us that winter
soon will be here!

But for now we have Autumn
- the ‘Show-Off’ of seasons-
my favorite by far,
and these are the reasons!

June Kellum
Oct. 1973

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ruby Tuesday 9~23~'08 (Alphabet Soup post below this one)

Ruby Tuesday once again and Mary suggested posting pictures with 'Just a little' red this week might be a fun change! ( lol-something like that!)

Anyway, I came across a pic I have of part of my WHO collection! Some red here-a lot, in fact!

If the hour were not so late and if I were not so tired, I'd find a video to post along with this!


You'll just have to wait 'til next time!!



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Monday, September 22, 2008

Alphabet Soup & Dan Fogelberg

Visit Morning Glory for more Alphabet Soup!

It's time for Alphabet Soup Tuesday again
and this week we will list things that begin with the letter 'B' that add joy to our lives!

~ My second grandson~






Of course!!



one more 'B' that's very special to me ~ the BEAUTIFUL Music of Dan Fogelberg!


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