Junie's Place: March 2007

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Our day-3-31-'07

I finally made it shopping today and , boy, I sure overdid it! I have been worn out the rest of the day! Grocery shopping really zaps me these days!

I didn't buy much, other than groceries...and a few plants for the garden... and I shopped for a few things for Charlie's birthday, which is tomorrow! Yep! April Fool's Day is his birthday! :) He says he was always teased about that by his brothers and sisters! I can just imagine!

Oh! And I got this! This is a Venus Fly Trap plant!
This is a very interesting plant! Read about it here!

We have had these in the past, when our kids were young. LOL-I remember my kids feeding the poor plant all sorts of things...(bits of hamburger comes to mind!) Poor thing died from over feeding, I think! This one won't have any kids around to mess with it so maybe it will just eat bugs when it feels like it! We'll see!


Charles got a craving for one of his favorite meals tonight, which is greens cooked with bacon grease- and cornbread! This suited me just fine( he cooks this meal) because I didn't feel like coming up with a dinner plan after that shopping trip today! I had some leftover BBQ to go with it! Good deal!

This was my plate but mostly what I ate was the cup of buttermilk with the hot cornbread!

Tomorrow is Charlie's 72nd. Birthday! This picture is when he had his 33rd. birthday! :)
Happy day! And some of the two of us during that time period! (in our back yard in Miami~ and on a trip to visit his family in Alabama)

Some of our good ole days!



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Friday, March 30, 2007

...We're on our way home...

I was basking in the spell of that beautiful sunrise all the way home on Thursday morning! Everything just looked so special to me!

Do you ever just marvel at the world's beauty? I often do-and especially this day!
The wildflowers (weeds to some) of the roadside kept me ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing all the way home!
Here are some little bits of Nature's beauty that I captured along the way!
Along those roads are many wooded areas where the Wisteria is growing wild and climbing into the highest trees! What a sight to behold! I didn't get pictures of any of that but I have pictures of my own Wisteria here at our place. The Azaleas were in full bloom also and Dogwood trees were growing wild among the tall pines and Live Oaks! I like it when these trees and flowers are able to grow where ever they choose - and without benefit ( or hindrance, more like it) of trimming shears!

This is a Wisteria at our place! I love this flower!

We stopped at a park by the banks of the Suwannee River. What a peaceful and lovely spot this is!

The last time we had stopped here was in the early 70s. (though we have driven this way pretty often through the years) On that trip, all those years ago, we were on our way to Panama City to buy old ship 'hatch covers!' Charles built tables out of them-some of which we still have and use! (very unique work!)

Ahhh~ but there's no place I find any more appealing than our own little spot!
This is my wildflower meadow yesterday!

Home Sweet Home



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Our trip home.

Our trip home on Thursday was very nice.
The road took us along the gulf coast and through several small towns-all very charming to see.
We saw a lot of construction of beach houses and hotels,
especially in the Port Saint Joe area.
This area of our coast was hard hit by hurricanes in the past couple years
but it's quickly getting back to normal!

We liked riding through these small towns
and I wished I could stay for awhile
and walk along the water's edge...but it wasn't on our agenda!

But...I did see this!
And what a wonderful sight!
Don't you agree?
This was in the area of Carabella.
We pulled off the road and just sat for a little while
to take in the beauty of this sunrise!

This is a map of the area we traveled.
The road was along the water's edge for a long way and as you see, it was winding . I was amazed to get the sunrise over the water but at that point we were facing east- or southeast!
I had expected to get a sunset over the gulf!
Instead I got the sunrise!


Tomorrow~ The Suwanee River~ and more wildflowers!


Today looks like rain but I have to get out to do some shopping!

See you later!



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Thursday, March 29, 2007

She's Baaack!

Yep, we're back from our mini trip up the state! I enjoyed it a lot! It may sound boring to some of you who do not get a thrill out of wildflowers growing along roadsides- or searching out sunsets and sunrises... or riding through little towns...

We visited the folks for a few hours -after a ride of more than 5 hours from our house! We had a good BBQ lunch and after being entertained for awhile by this little doll of a 4 year old we all sat on the big back porch and Charles and Odell told us some stories of old! ;) Most I had heard a few times already!

This is Caesar and Odell as we were leaving! BTW-a cool looking boat that guy has!!

Charles and I left an hour or so before sunset! I hoped to get some pretty shots of the sun, setting across the Gulf of Mexico at Apalachicola! We had been there and done that once before!

As it turned out we didn't get great shots of the sunset...
( One of us was not in the right place at the right time...either me- or the SUN!)
but still we had a fun time looking over the little town and walking along the boardwalk!

You might expect we'd have a great seafood dinner in that little seaside town...actually, we had Chinese food! :)
lol- and that's a story best left untold!

Here's a few pics of our time spent there by the gulf!

We got a motel here for the night! A long day and we were both very tired! I slept like a baby -after reading no more than a couple pages of the book I'm currently into...which is- Stephen King's, "Lisey's Story!"


Tomorrow we will catch a great Sunrise!



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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Day-3-27-07

Today turned out to be as beautiful as it promised to be in the early morning!

I did manage to get out with my camera and take a few pictures. It was a glorious, blue sky, day.

My little meadow is bloomed out, full, now! This is the #1 thing that won my heart for this area, more than 30 years ago! We visited here one spring, and the wild phlox won me over!
Of course there were other things, also, that I loved about this place~ but the wildflowers growing along every roadside and meadow gave it the look of a wonderland to me! I still get the same thrill~ seeing the wildflowers every spring~ even after living here for almost 19 years! What could be prettier?


OK- Some other notable things of today...

Charles discovered the Blue Birds have built a nest in a bird house we have set up at the edge of my wildflower meadow! I am so thrilled with this news! You see - this is the first year we have seen the Eastern Blue Birds around our place, in all the years we've been here! I will have to keep a watch out my dining rm. window to try and see them! Wow! Maybe even get a picture of them!


Charles cleaned out our small fish pond today and got a pump working in it again. He built this a few years ago with flat river rocks he bought and hauled from Georgia! It's small but quite charming when it's working properly with the water circulating and then falling down the stacked rocks, creating a waterfall! We had neglected it in recent months and were not sure of the number of fish still there!(if any!) Surprisingly, there were quite a few- maybe a dozen fish.
.. AND then there was this guy!
He introduced himself as 'Jeremiah!' ;)


SO here am I at 10:45... I should be sleeping, as we will have to get a really early start for the trip tomorrow!

Well, you know me and my sleep habits anyway...so it's never early to bed for me-no matter what's in the plan for the next day. Besides~I put my hair up in curlers after I shampooed it and have to let it dry or it will be a mess for sure!

LOL! I can nap on the way! Charles will like that, ehh? NOT!


OK~ since I know you're all wondering~ No, I haven't completely come down from my WHO high! I viewed several WHO - Youtube Vids today! I can't get over how good they were and still are!
I'm so glad I got to see them!!



See you all in a couple of days!


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Those old guys~

These guys old?

Read a review of 'The Who' Tampa concert here!


This was the sky in Tampa, just after sunset, the night of the concert!
No matter what's happening, my eyes are drawn to the beauty of the sky!


OK~OK~ I'm trying hard to come down and get back to normal after my WHO experience!
Be patient! I'll be fine! ;)

~~~spent one more evening of WHO talk and viewing of videos- so now plan to get back to a more normal Junie Rose kind of life!~~~


Tomorrow we are going to Panama City for a visit at our nephew's house to see Odell (Charles' bro) once more before his return home to Alabama.
Looking forward to the daytime visit with them ~ Caesar, Tiffany and their little girl and Odell.

We will probably get a motel for the night ( not drive all the way home) and, hopefully, will catch a pretty sunset!


It's a fine day here in Florida!
Hope to get out a little later to enjoy this beautiful spring day!


Enjoy yer life! ~ Love, JUNIE

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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Who~ past and present!

Check them out~ then and again !

And in 2007...

Fantastic Band!



The Who concert

Yesterday was the day for that eagerly awaited WHO concert! Well, eagerly awaited by one of us and probably dreaded by the other one!

This concert was something I just never expected would happen for me! It was so out of my range of possible dreams, I didn't even consider it or pursue it , for myself! (My sweet daughter surprised us with the tickets, knowing how much I would love to see The Who)

We were ready to leave for Tampa yesterday morning by 11:00. Here are some pics before we left. These Who CDs I brought along to prepare Charles for the concert! :) He doesn't know their music at all.

We had a very pleasant trip down to Tampa. Charles, at least, didn't seem to mind that I played the WHO music as we were driving! (I wanted to play some of the songs that I knew would be on the set list for the show!) We took time to have lunch on the way, still got to the motel in plenty of time to rest up before the concert at 7:30 . I even took a nap!

I was doing this a lot all day yesterday, remembering all the good WHO music I had listened to the previous 2 nights and anticipating what was to come at the concert!

(A continuous smiley face!)

We got to the venue and, to my surprise , were allowed to bring the camera in! I didn't expect to be able to get very good pictures -we were far from the stage- but at least I could get some photos of the show -as mementos!

These first ones are as we were going in! We passed pretty close to the stage here and Charles got this of me with the stage behind! About this time a lady stopped and asked if he wanted her to take a picture of both of us! He said, "He** no! I don't want anyone to know I've been here!" (and laughed!-a joke of course) Another guy came by and offered the same- and I said, "Yes! Take our picture, please!" Charles also told this WHO fan in a WHO Tee shirt, that he (Charles) was there against his will! haha

Anyway- that was just Charles being 'Charles.'

It wasn't gonna keep me from having a good time! It didn't!!

The concert was loud and wonderful, from the first moment to the last! I was on my feet, as was everyone else (except C.) almost the whole time they were on stage! How could anyone sit still through a Who concert?

Hey! They did not disappoint me at all! It was a great show!

My pics are not good but want to show a few anyway- just to share in the thrill of it all!
...and you can see I was happy-yes?

I felt sad seeing them walk off the stage- knowing I will probably never have the chance to see a WHO concert again!

I was still bubbly with excitement as we made our way back to our car and saying how I wish it could have gone on and on for a few more hours! Charles said he could not have stood another minute of it and that no one could pay him a $1000.00 to get him to set through another Who concert!!

LOL- A little over the top, I thought!

Oh well! To each his/her own!

Sure would be nice to have a friend to go to concerts with me! :)


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