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Thursday, April 30, 2009

....to conclude... (maybe)

Oldest House

OK ~

You get the idea that I really liked our St.Augustine trip - right? :)

It's a beautiful OLD city and I find everything about it fascinating!


Just a few street scenes from the trolley rides we took...in no special order. It's amazing how old this place is and how wonderful it looks.

Here we are at the Old Jail and Museum and gift shop!

Yikes! Look at the BIG alligator skin...says it was 'kilt' by a kid in our town-Ocala!

As you see I continued to live dangerously on this trip... :)

...but I was wondering how a soft touch could hurt that big old iron tractor...and, actually, I couldn't see any change after I touched it!
(I'm so bad!!)

However-I didn't take the chance of walking up those steps to the top of the lighthouse- lest I fall or have a heart attack or something like that!

This lighthouse was completed in 1874 and stands 161 ft. tall!

Well....I guess I have one more post coming up, after all! :) Sorry!!


Junie Rose

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More of our adventures...

The trip over from home was a lot of lighthearted fun and banter for Charles and me. We don't get away nearly as often as we should...even for a day or two! (Always some project or another going on at our place!)

:) Charles always indulges me with my whims in photo taking...

...as I do him with his passion for stopping to look at junk along the way...or pick up things... in the road! He's found some great tools that way and once found a heavy gold bracelet!

Oh! And what's this up ahead? ...... Something we BOTH wanted to stop and get a better look at...this pasture of cows/bulls with these gigantic horns!!

Charles mentioned that he thought they were called 'Watusi Longhorns.' I had no idea...had never seen any of them before...but I find in my searches that he was right! Read about them here!

I decided on this trip to 'live dangerously,' and, so, totally disregarded that warning sign posted!

I'm sure I was within '9 Feet' of that fence in getting my pictures! ;)

I sure hope my husband doesn't decide he's just got to have some of these scary things! I can just imagine these beasts getting out and roaming the neighborhood...as has happened in the past with our cows!
(surely not, C.! )


After our arrival at the motel we were talking of what we'd like to do and see while there. We knew we wouldn't do everything this time...but I asked C. if we would go to the 'Fountain of Youth!'

He said, "No...If you drink too much of that water I will be accused of having a young girl in this motel with me!"

Ha! Says Junie Rose," Honey, you're in danger of that already!" ;)

Yep- we be silly old folks! :)

More later!



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St. Augustine ~ some random scenes

St. Augustine

Country United States
State Florida
County St. Johns
Established 1565

( from Wikipedia )

Click here to read all about the fabulous city of St Augustine!

~~~ On this short 2 day trip I fell in love with this old town all over again! If there are more beautiful sights to see or more desirable weather, I have yet to come across it in my almost 68 years!

...But then again-I'm very partial to all of our north Florida towns and countryside and can't imagine ever wanting to be any where else...or at least...not for very long!

St. Augustine being right on the coast, makes for a slightly cooler temps than we have inland !

Also I was surprised-and did not remember or had just not noticed on previous visits- how many tropical plants grow and thrive in St. Augustine!

(Hibiscus-Oleander-Bottle Brush trees- Bougainvilleas -to name a few!)

For me, though, the most eye catching and lovely plant growing there is the Jasmine vines...Star Jasmine, I believe it is! It is allowed to grow on trellises and up trees and walls and along fences; very fragrant with a perfusion of small, snowy white blooms!

On our way out of town yesterday morning we took one last tour of the oldest sections, just to find the perfect trellis to photograph! :) We found it!! :)

Charles has even agreed to consider building me a similar trellis for my front entrance here at our place! :)

Also, I was pleased to see a lot of 'knock-Out' roses in landscaping, all around town; in both reds and pinks! Not surprising , since this has become a much used rose in recent years- and a fabulous one it is!
( I have a lot of these in my own yard!)

Some random scenes:

The Jasmine vines!



Grape Arbor entrance to a shop!

Wild Flowers and grass along the shore!

(In front of the Oldest Wooden School)

The beautiful Live Oaks, draped in Spanish Moss!
(This scene is the block long street directly in front of 'Fountain of Youth!' A camera can not capture it's true magnificence!)

More tomorrow!

Junie Rose

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watery Wednesday ~ 4 ~29~ '09 ~ St. Augustine, Fl

It's time again for our water posts!

I have some images from our recent trip to St. Augustine, Fl.

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We got home early afternoon today!

We had a really good couple of days and I have lots -LOTS- of pictures to go thru and try to organize. Will show a few in the next few days!! (lol)

Let me just say I have decided St. Augustine is THE most beautiful city I have ever seen! :) Yep- even more beautiful than Savannah! :) Just my opinion! (lol...... at this moment!)

Here are a few pics we made on Sunday just before leaving home!

We had a fun ride up and got to our motel in the early afternoon.

We had both skipped breakfast so were ready for a good meal. We went to a place I found in the restaurant guide called 'The Reef'- on the coastal hwy- right on the beach. They were serving Sunday Brunch until 2:30, so we just had enough time!

We both thought the food was excellent...an omelet that was out of this world! And some Cajun pan broiled catfish with just the right tangy seasoning! Also chicken fried steak with saw mill gravy! :) Cheese grits!! Some great tasting veggies- a big assortment of fruits and cheeses-and some yummy rolls! ...Crab legs too but I didn't try those! (lol- looked too much a challenge for me!) ...Anyway - suffice to say it was a very pleasing meal! The check was high ...but what the heck!!

After eating we sat on the boardwalk above the beach area for awhile! It was just a glorious day! It was quite windy as you can tell by my pictures! lol- At times like these I find myself wishing I had short hair - not this stuff that gets tied in knots with the wind! :) Charles was smart. He wore a hat!

Oh! But I had fun with my camera and all that
NEW TO ME scenery! :)

More tomorrow!


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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary is on the 27th. We are going to St. Augustine tomorrow for a couple of days. We love to visit this old Florida city and it's not that much traveling time so we will have plenty of sight seeing time!

We're both looking forward to the time together in a more relaxed setting than this little farm offers us!

( 1978 ~ Miami, Fl )

I 'antiqued' this photo for this posting! LOL- I thought that appropriate! A couple celebrating a 48th. wedding anniversary must surely qualify as 'antiques!' :)

This is a poem I wrote for Charles on a past anniversary. I have posted it before but it's for my husband (for the both of us) so I'm posting it once more.


My Love

These years we’ve been together,
down this road of life…

through calm or stormy weather…
through the pain and strife…

through the happiest of seasons that, so,
out weigh the rest…

sharing what we’ve treasured…
time has been our test!

Both learning, as time passes,
the craft of compromise…

how, overtime, things change a bit,
may take us by surprise.

Sometimes change feels threatening,
seems like the winter’s wind

that howls in it’s persistence,
impatient to come in.

Changes are just ripples,
can’t touch us - you must know-

or break the bond created,
all those years ago.

June Kellum

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Friday, April 24, 2009



OK- As you see I have been having fun with my Photo Booth...and iPhoto program...then taken to Photo Bucket...and then made into my blog header!

All this stuff is still new and fun to me so indulge me a little! I promise I won't keep that close-up of me up there very long as my header! It's just fun and challenging to figure all this cool stuff out! :)

It was a most glorious day here today. I went shopping and enjoyed the scenery. Our spring flowers are doing their thing now, along all the roadsides! Those meadows of pink are what first attracted me to this area- way back in the early 70s!

Today's sky was that blue with the puffy clouds that I, so, love!! (You all know that as I rave about that often!)

...but- wouldn't you know it...even tho it's
SKY WATCH FRIDAY , I forgot to take my camera along so didn't get any captures of that blue and white sky today! Maybe next time I'll have something!

Oh! Let me tell you-I felt, indeed, blessed to still be able to be driving myself to shop! We should never take our precious privileges for granted! Our lives can change so unexpectedly and so quickly. Enjoy all the good times!

Later in the day, after I had put my groceries away and then relaxed a bit, I went outside to take in my own beautiful wildflower meadow! I got down to earth level and got some pics of the lovelies! :) Want to share a few with you all!

:) The computer picture fun times came a little later!!


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sepia Scenes~4~23~'09 (Mama's littlest girls) & UPDATE

UPDATE on this post:

The picture on the bottom is 'Junie Rose,' at age 2...holding a rose, of course! :)

The middle one is my baby sister, Joy! I was 3 when she was born and I remember the day!

The one at the top is the 2 of us at ages 1 & 4 years!

~Sepia Scenes ~

For more, visit 'Mary, the Teach!'


Mama's littlest girls ~ in the early, early days!


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