Junie's Place: February 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Family Visit (for the family)

Today my sister and BIL, down from NC , came over for lunch and an afternoon visit. They stayed the first 2 nights that they were here with my other sis who also lives here in Ocala. (because I've been sick with this flu-thing!) I felt really bad and didn't want to expose anyone else to it ...so that seemed the best thing to do. They set up at my sis, Joy's house, this time...but by today we all felt safe in visiting!

(I am feeling much better, and , hopefully, now will not be the cause of anyone else getting sick!)

Joy also came over for lunch and we 3 sisters and 2 husbands had a nice visit!

Joy's husband couldn't get away from his print shop business to be here. :( He was missed.

Some pics of our day:

That fruit bowl is a late Christmas gift I never got in the mail for them! ;)

It was good being together for those hours.

They are still suffering the loss of their son, Phil, last October (We all are) and the loss of their other son, Paul and granddaughter, Brenda, 3-1/2 years ago!

I was happy that they, seemingly, enjoyed the afternoon with us.


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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2~27~08 (Gordon Lightfoot fans)

Just checking in to say 'hi' and let you know I'm still around. Not feeling great but better than I was. Now it seems I'm just fighting a regular type cold. My energy level is down~ both physically and mentally, so haven't felt like doing much of anything!
Yesterday was an interesting day for me. I received several emails from a Gordon Lightfoot Super Fan. She had found my site here when I posted recently on the Gordon Lightfoot concert which Charles and I attended.

When I say 'Super Fan' I am in no way exaggerating. This lady has been to about 60 concerts (if my memory serves) and has seen Mr. Lightfoot, backstage, many times. She sent me numerous pictures of Gordon, and of Gordon with her and friends, over a span of many years. She has also conducted a long interview with him, by phone. This, and so much more, is posted on this website/forum, where she serves as moderator. Gordon Lightfoot fans will find this site to be well worth a visit! I certainly did.


This is a Youtube some fans put together of the festival/tribute they have in Gordon's honor.
They get together (yearly, I believe) and play his music and just celebrate! This is held at Massey Hall in Toronto. This is a loyal fan club gathering known as 'The Net People' and managed by 'Char' of the above mentioned Fan forum! Click on this vid to go to youtube and read more about this gathering of fans ~ ALL Super Fans! :)


For myself~ it has been quite enjoyable~ getting back into the music of the wonderful, Gordon Lightfoot!


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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Thanks for missing me! ~~ I'm back!

I want to say thanks for all your comments and well wishes here these past couple days!

As you all probably have noticed, I usually answer posts, individually, on the same comment post.

This time, tho, I will just let this serve for all who left comments for me ...while I was dealing with this old flu bug- or whatever the heck it is/was! I appreciate all of you very much.


This explains a little of what it was like...in words and pictures!


...This bug is making me feel 'not so good!'

I feel hot...then chilled!

My head hurts ~ a lot!

I have weirdly colorful and disjointed dreams! ...And I feel a little spacey ~ like I'm zooming through a long tunnel, face forward! Coughing my head off, too!

Yikes!! Kinda scary up there!

Now I'm nearing the end of that long and strange tunnel and I'm starting to feel more normal!

Normal is in the eye of the beholder~~~Don't they say that? ;)


OK~ and I bet you thought that because I got bit by the flu bug you'd be free of my silliness for awhile! :)
No such luck! It would take a lot more than a few little aches and pains...and some weird sleep encounters ETC. to stop me!

;) SERIOUSLY ;) ~ I am feeling better!
But the past 2 days I've done nothing but hang out here at the house- and do nothing but take meds and drink hot tea! (and have restless nights!)

Of course, I had to miss that show! :( Alli reported that Teddy Geiger was real good...and she got to talk to him and get a picture!

I'll be back visiting blogs real soon! ( couple days, maybe)



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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hit by a bug!


I have been hit by some kinda bug- and feel AWFUL!
I had one of those nights when you are not sure if you're asleep or awake-with the weirdest dreams you can imagine. ..and being awakened, when you
do manage to fall asleep for real, with a fit of coughing! I'm Archy all over-and alternate between being too hot and chills! Also have a terrible headache and feel queasy in the tummy!...In other words -feel like pure heck- if not pure hell!

OK- This is nothing terribly out of the ordinary. We all go through these things and usually manage to live to see a better day! It's just that...it came so suddenly and at the very worse time for me!

Reason #1

Several weeks back my girls (Tina and Alli) invited me to plan to go with them to an event here in our town. It's called 'Kidfetti'~ It's for a charitable cause!
Read about it here!
Some ' up- and- coming' young stars are going to be there ~ including my granddaughter's favorite-the young singer/musician, Teddy Geiger!


Drake Bell
(Nickelodeon Star-headlines)

Paula DeAnda
(Recording star of MTV)

Hunter Hayes
( amazing 16 year old ~ Cajun~music prodigy-mixing country and pop)

This kid started performing when he was this size!

Alli wanted me to go so I could see Teddy Geiger. She and her mom have seen him a lot of times and have met him and got photos with him!

We made plans and bought tickets in advance-VIP tickets to all the shows- so that we'd be assured of having close-up seats!
It's a several hours of planned events and shows...like a country fair, I think. NOT just going to this one show and then leaving!
The way I'm feeling I'm thinking I will have to forget my plans and kiss that $40.00 ticket goodbye! :(
I need to decide soon, I guess, so that maybe they can get someone else to use my ticket!

I was looking forward to a fun day out with my girls! :(

My #2 reason for not liking this particular time to have gotten this bug ... :) ...Not that I think it would be that much FUN anytime......But.....

we are expecting company early next week! My sister and her husband are planning to come from NC. I hope I'm over this by then. I certainly don't want anyone else to get sick!


Whatever will be will be!


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rainy day


Rainy, gloomy day here in the 'Sunshine State.' It's the kind of day that always brings me down.

...Oh, well- we'll see what the day brings...One never knows what may be in store ~ "Do one??" :)

LOL- I'm counting on something exciting happening before the end of the day!! We'll see!



WOW! See...things DO get better and we shouldn't despair!

Look what I just found on Youtube! I was looking for
' Get Out Old Dan's Records'
but I found this!

This is a song by Gordon Lightfoot that I used to play, over and over ~ for the sheer beauty of it! I hadn't heard it (except in memory) for a long time - as I only have it on an LP.

This is wonderful!



Lyrics ~ Gordon Lightfoot

Pussy willows, Cattails

Pussy willows cat-tails soft winds and roses
Rain pools in the woodland water to my knees
Shivering quivering the warm breath of spring
Pussy willows cat-tails soft winds and roses

Catbirds and cornfields daydreams together
Riding on the roadside the dust gets in your eyes
Reveling, disheveling the summer nights can bring
Pussy willows cat-tails soft winds and roses

Slanted rays and colored days stark blue horizons
Naked limbs and wheat bins hazy afternoons
Voicing rejoicing the wine cups do bring
Pussy willows cat-tails soft winds and roses

Harsh nights and candlelights wood fires a-blazin’
Soft lips and fingertips resting in my soul
Treasuring remembering the promise of spring
Pussy willows cat-tails soft winds and roses

With Love,


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Music and a gift

First off , I want to show this gift that came for me yesterday in the mail! It was a bloggy drawing win from Brandy at her blog ~ artbrat.blogspot.com/.

What I won is a very pretty, handmade beaded necklace in pretty spring colors.
This is a very talented blogger. Visit her when you have a chance...lots of pretty stuff to see there!

Thanks, Brandy!


Charles and I enjoyed our night out to see Gordon Lightfoot. We have both liked his music a lot since the 7os and saw him once before in Miami. (Probably 30 years ago!!)
( some info on Gordon Lightfoot here)

He still sounds much as he did in the early days although he looks a lot different. I think he has had some serious health problems in recent years and appears frail and very thin.
(I found this about his health )

Nevertheless, he played to a very attentive and enthusiastic audience that seemed to enjoy every moment of the show; an older audience-to be sure! One lady-older than me from what I could see- was heard calling out to Gordon, 'I love you!'  :) And at one point I was afraid she was about to be thrown out (by an usher) for taking pictures that  were not permitted! LOL- But she put her camera away without a fight!

I know we enjoyed the show! ;) We had front row seats- but to the side- so we had excellent sound and view of the show! (no cameras were allowed so -no pictures!)

It was good to hear all the old familiar songs and a couple of new ones. When he finally left the stage , after 2 hours with one short break between, he came back with one more song! ( WE-the audience - insisted!! :) ) This one I had been hoping for and it had been absent among his string of familiar songs that he had played for us... LOL- I (~ sort of~) did a little 'jump for joy' when he started playing, 'Get Out Old Dan's Records!' I wish I could find a video of that but haven't been able to! It's a very lively and happy sounding song!



Charles and me, in 1978, on our way to see Gordon Lightfoot for the first time!

...And Charles and me-yesterday...30 years later! :)

:) Surprisingly~ 30 years makes a difference in all of us!

( LOL- But Gordon still sings good and what can C. and I say for ourselves!! haha!)

Thanks to our daughter, Tina, for this very thoughtful gift of the tickets to this show! We both enjoyed the night very much!


Junie Rose

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sometimes a Song

Sometimes a Song

Last night I got this beautiful new song from Dan! I'm so glad to have this to add to my memories and treasures from Dan Fogelberg!

Please visit this site to get details of how to get this beautiful song for yourself!

All proceeds go to the fight against Prostate Cancer.

This is a wonderful tribute to the memory of Dan Fogelberg!

On this website you will find what Dan had to say...( after his treatment for cancer) a message to all men to get tested.


Later this year we have been promised a CD from Dan...a collection of songs not previously recorded!

I am so thrilled with this news! I know it will be very special...as this one new song is!

Oh! I will always miss Dan Fogelberg!

( these pics are from Living Legacy site)

Junie (feeling sad)



We will be at the Gordon Lightfoot concert tonight! :) That will be very nice!


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Monday, February 18, 2008


Recently I have been searching out videos of the great Rock n Roll star, Eric Clapton!
There are a lot available to be enjoyed on Youtube.

When I was shopping today I found this DVD and bought it for myself!

I have not yet viewed it all, but what I have seen is very good!


What a superb guitar player Eric Clapton is!
And a wonderful songwriter!

This beautiful song is one of my favorites!
 There are several versions of this to be found  but this is one of the best-IMO

  ***Some of the lyrics***

I feel wonderful

Because I see the love light in your eyes

And the wonder of it all

Is that you just don't realize

How much I love you


And then I tell her

As I turn out the light

I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight

Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight


Wonderful Song!



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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Old Cars ~ Old Folks ~ and some Ducks!

Today we went to this car show in our town. This was held here at our Tuscawilla park. It was another fine day to be out for a couple hours. Lots of people out to see these old cars.

Old folks love old cars!

This 'kid' also liked these ducks! :)


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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blowin' in the wind... (Victory Ride)

......and so today Charlie says, "You wanna go for a ride?" And Junie says, "Sure!"


The answer to
that, my friend, was 'Blowin' in the Wind' for awhile! :)

OK-OK- I being silly! :)
"So-what else is new and crude?" (as my daughter, Tam, would say!) Meaning ~It's to be expected that Mom is silly sometimes!

However, it
was pretty windy riding as you can see!

On the way north I said, "Oh, I know where we can go!" Charles says, "The Waldo Flea market??" I said, "No- lets go to Cross Creek and have lunch at the Yearling Restaurant!"


I'm sure most are familiar with the Pulitzer prize winning novel, The Yearling, written in 1938 by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Go here!
And of course a movie was made of this wonderful story, too, in the mid 1940's. And another one more recently!

Here is something interesting to read ~ some history!

This place which Marjorie Rawlings found so fascinating, and where she chose to live and write her Novels, is north of us (about 15 miles). It is almost like taking a trip back into our Florida of the early 1930-40s, as this old farm place has been preserved and is now open for public view. We didn't tour the house-only the grounds- and I made a few pictures of the old North Florida look!


The old Florida Cracker house~

The barn~

Gardens and grounds
and that blue Florida sky!~

Outhouse ~ notice the red rag, displayed to let folks know when it's in use! :)


And this...sure hope
that's true!


After leaving the Rawlings house we went on just a few miles to The Yearling restaurant! We have been here a few times before and have found the food to be very good. This time mine was especially tasty...lol- tho we waited a full hour to get it served! I didn't mind that as it was an interesting place to be spending time! The building is an old house with rambling rooms and lots of antiques throughout! I don't know the history of the building so I will have to research it! (For my own Info)

Here we are waiting ... Oh! And this guy was playing some blues music to entertain guests! I had to get his picture- of course!

When the food finally came it had been well worth waiting for! :)

(Right, Charlie?)

I had a shrimp sandwich on a great hoagie -type bun! Had never had a shrimp sandwich before and it was delicious! :) I turned down the Gator Tail appetizers on the menu! Although I'm a Florida Cracker type girl I can't bring myself to eat Gator Tail!

Another good one for the old farm folks!



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