Junie's Place: March 2006

Friday, March 31, 2006

Brian at The Rock

Tonight was a fun night for us.

We went to see Brian, our grandson, perform at The Rock, a little coffee house here in our town! He played several of his original songs! He sounds good and writes good lyrics, too!

The other band was very good, too - and Brian's friends.

Brian did the Art for the T-Shirt ! (Of his friends band!)
I thought it was pretty cool- so Charlie bought me one! :)


Brian's T-Shirt design

Brian singing and playing

Brian-early days :)



Poem: Today I'll Not Be Sad

Today, I’ll Not Be Sad

Today, I’ll not be sad.
I’ll keep my cares at bay,
embracing sunny skies;
I’ll push the gloom away.

To sorrow, I won’t yield…
to hopelessness or fears…
to boredom or to pain.
I will not yield to tears!

I WILL seek out fulfillment
in all I do and see.
I’ll guard against the darkness,
that hovers over me…

the loneliness that lingers,
no matter what I do.
I’ll double up my efforts,
try hard to make it true!

My thoughts will be directed
down happy avenues.
I’ll take my life and mold it,
exactly as I choose.

June Kellum


Thursday, March 30, 2006

My music and roses

I had a very special music night last night with my new cd of Ray Charles!

Perhaps an unlikely combination, ending the night's listens with Sarah McLachlan, but that's exactly how it went!

It worked well!! :)

The music is important to me at this point in my life!!


Yesterday I got my tomato plants planted and worked with the roses for awhile! They are 'getting on with it', even with my recent neglect! Some are doing just fine!

I have two McCartney bushes I put in last spring and they are doing great! It's a very fine rose with big pink, full and fragrant blooms!

... So- I'm faced with choices here for today- should I tackle doing some bills- getting some paper work out of the way- or should I head out to the garden with my clippers and gloves, rakes and hoes and rose food ?

Guess which I chose!! :)

Some roses of my past !

Juniper Rose


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Letting go the geese!

Events Leading up to the poem...

I was finally persuaded to sell our 13 geese, that, truth be told,served no purpose except to annoy and terrorize any animal or person who came near them!

To feed the unpredictable, ungrateful (Foul) fowl, I had to walk with a big stick to keep them away from me!

One memorable day I was holding them back as I tried to turn on the water to freshen the kiddie pool I had set up for them!
I was walking backwards, holding the geese back with a small tree branch I had picked up! Suddenly the flimsy tree limb broke and I fell backward, flat on my bottom!

Granddaddy and another of his flock were on me in a flash! For a moment I felt like 'My Goose Was Cooked' but I quickly 'Took the bull by the horns' so to speak; grabbed a long scrawny neck in each hand and flung the geese away from me! But not before being bitten and bruised by sharp rows of teeth, on my arms and even through my jeans! Teeth!!! If not teeth they certainly pass for such! I had bruises for days after this event!!

Lol! Too bad no one was handy with a video camera. I might have become a star of 'Funniest Home Videos'or whatever that show was called! Silliest old goose lady, more like it!

To add insult to injury , I was scheduled for a minor medical procedure in the hospital soon after this day- and before my bruises faded! The last thing I remembered , as I lay drugged, defenseless, cold and naked on that table, was being asked about the bruises and I tried to explain about the goose attack! :) I doubt that my story was believed...

But this event didn't prompt the sale of my geese! I still felt responsible for them. They were happy in their domain which I had created for them!

Hadn't I rescued some of those very birds-dug them out of the mud from those torrential rains, as they lay helpless on their backs-unable to turn over? Hadn't I even saved some from being trampled by their own mothers when they were babies?
True! So I loved them - as mean as they were!

I just got a bigger stick! :)

...But after a couple more years, I was offered a big price for the whole flock, and with the urging of my husband, finally made the decision to let them go!

...a weird twist to this goose story. The buyers took two geese, (Pd cash in advance for all ) and were supposed to come back for the rest. They had not returned after two months had passed. I had no way to reach the people- not even a name!
Meanwhile, another lady was trying to buy them, and after more than TWO months I agreed to sell them to her! Not happily, tho! :(

I got a combined price of $210.00 for the 13 geese! :)

But I earned it, all those years I had them!


The original buyers never Did come back!




Dang it!!

...Had a funny story leading up to that Geese poem- but blogger won't let me post it!!!

I don't know why!The poem went on with no problem!


Poem: The Absence of Geese

Life on the farm is kinda laid back-as John Denver sang!

The Absence of Geese

The absence of geese
improves the landscape
not at all, as far as I can see!

Sold- to rid us of the aggravation -
the care and feeding - to set us free.

Well, it didn’t happen!
(Or is it only me?)

The pasture now seems sad, forlorn, so empty,
with the profound absence of familiar
barnyard sounds!

Yet, with, traces still of, feathers floating ‘round.

They’re picked up, randomly,
by gusts of winter wind!
They flutter, briefly, silently,
then once again they settle on the ground.

June Kellum

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...Some thoughts...Oh, to be a duck!

...just some thoughts...

Oh, to be a duck!

Oh, to be a duck,
and let the crud of life roll over my protected body,
leaving it – untouched!

But a duck I am not!

More the silly goose, am I,
constantly having to be dug out...
from mud that is threatening to swallow me whole.
(from the torrential rains that life puts out)

...Only to be enticed, over and over again,
by the, seemingly, cool and refreshing rain!
Not noticing until it is much too late, the garbage that
hides within the freshness!

June Kellum
Oct. 2005

This is from last year!

The thing about life is...the rains DO come and sometimes we may get bogged down in the mud!
...But we can always count on the sunny days coming to dry us out again! :)


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beatles-again-and a new RAY CHARLES CD!!

Last night, after hearing from the Beatles fans and friends from the music forum, and getting caught up in their excitement,(The BeatleFest this week end) I wanted to play some Beatles, once again! My choice to start was, 'please Please Me' and ending with 'A Hard Day's Night!'

Had a great night of music listening! :)

Today on my shopping outing I bought a CD of the late, great, Ray Charles! It's called 'The Very Best of Ray Charles' a greatest hits collection!
I have always liked the music of Ray Charles, but had none of his cds. I was so happy to find this today and at a very affordable price, too!
Lol- was tempted to buy an extra or two for gifts, but didn't!

I hope to find the time to have a listen of this, maybe tonight! I haven't heard Ray Charles in a long while, except occasionally, on the radio! It will be fun getting into a listen of his music!

I also bought plants for my flower garden (mom's garden!)...and some tomato plants ; the little cherry ones , which I will grow in a big container. Will work on all that tomorrow! I want to get some Bell Peppers too, maybe next week I can do that!

So....tho I am tired and have my house chores yet to do, I feel the day was not a total waste-as they often are for me!!
:) I have taken a small step toward getting my garden going!!

This weekend we will have the whole family up for a B'Day celebration! Charles (Gabbo) will be 71 on April 1st!
Yep! April Fool's Day!! :)
It will be good to all be together again!



Monday, March 27, 2006

Poem: This Day That God Has Given

It's just a beautiful day today!

This is a poem I wrote on ANOTHER beautiful day!

This Day That God Has Given

This day that God has given-
such beauty to embrace-
let’s not squander it, my love.
Let’s readjust our pace.

The flowers of the meadow-
the countryside, so green-
let’s take the time to drink it in,
not let it go, unseen.

Let’s not neglect to look around!
So blue, the sky, above!
See all the wonders that abound...
He’s given with His love!

Let’s slow down just a little,
to appreciate it’s worth;
this life that God has given,
and the beauty of our earth.

June Kellum
Sept. 2005


A beautiful old church we saw on one of our rides

Some of our cows and babies

Oak tree in our back yard

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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Last night I was involved in my Beatles music listens!...I played 3 Beatles selections before I finally had my fill! :) or , perhaps I should call it my Beatles Fix!!

...And I was reminded of the BeatleFest that is held every year in NY/NJ area! Several friends from a music forum I have been a part of over the past 3 years- go to this fest-EVERY YEAR! :) It will be next week-end! I know they will have fun, they always do! :) And usually come back with Piccies to Prove it!! :)

Read all about it here:




Adventures at Junie's Place

Today we DID take a long ride! We went to Waldo Flea Market...40 something miles north of us!

It was COLD...You gotta figure wind chill factor on a motorcycle...a little thing I tend to not take into consideration until we are on the road! THIS time , tho, it didn't take me long to realize I had not dressed warmly enough. We turned back a mile or so down the road and I got my leather jacket and mittens! ...Was better- still I was well chilled by the time we got to the flea market! So was Charlie! ...And I found myself wondering on the way up..."Isn't riding supposed to be fun?" Lol!! It WAS a little TOO cold to be pure fun!

To be fair tho, I have to say the trip back was much nicer...in fact was just grand riding! We stopped for a cup of coffee and that helped !!

Arriving back home I was enchanted , once again, with the spring flowers! So without pausing to, as much as, tidy my hair (as the pics will show!! :) ) I was out snapping more pictures of my flowers!

Here are a few pics of our day!




Charles at Flea Market

June coffee break on return trip

My flowers and orange tree in bloom

My cat- General Franks

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Other happenings in and around Junie's Place

Other happenings in and around Junie’s Place.

Here are a few things we’ve been up to, here in Anthony, the past couple of days!
Nothing here that’s earth shattering or that will leave you in awe…well maybe the meadow flowers will! We’ll see! :)

Yesterday was a really nice day so Charles suggested a ride on the Victory! I’m always
up for a ride…well, after getting into my riding jeans and Nikes…and getting my face presentable for view and my HAIR up!! Well, the hair can be a problem- the length it has grown to - but I always have a clip that I use when riding- so I was ready in a flash!

I grab my camera and lock up the front door but before I make it to the bike I spy the meadow! It’s close to peak perfection right now! (This wildflower meadow I have loved for the past 30+ years!)
I just HAD to get some more pics even though one little pink meadow flower is much like the next! We made a few photos but due to my/our incompetence with my new camera, some have a BLUE tint! (I keep reminding myself to READ THE BOOK, but so far I have avoided my own advice!

As it turned out, the beautiful day proved a bit too breezy for the long ride we had planned. It was kind of scary to be hit by those strong gusts of wind as we rode along! Especially when meeting big trucks, and, me, hanging over the side getting pictures of the scenery!

We ended up stopping at a restaurant we know…one of those All You Can Eat types, called Barnhills; of course, designed like a barn! (See pic) My husband, Charles, charmingly refers to these types of places as ‘Gut Stretchers! And such an apt name it is, too, if one is inclined to just totally’ Pig Out!’

I 'Chickened Out' and did not allow myself to go'Hog Wild' with my eating!

I did good!
'No Bull!'

I just had one piece of chocolate pie at the end of my meal! Not a taste of banana pudding did I have, and it being my favorite, too! Give me credit for settling for the pie!

I guess Charles figured,” What’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander,” as he, too, managed to keep a tight rein and not go' Whole Hog' with his eating!

It’s hard to just go'Cold Turkey' with your eating, especially if you’ve been used to eating 'High on the 'Hog for a long time!

I felt like we did Just 'Ducky' with this eating experience!

I hope the next time we ‘Swine‘ out we can do as well!

Today I heard this LOUD sound, and was for the moment, at a loss to identify it!
(No!! It wasn't a flashback of my latest WHO music listen!!)
Turned out to be Charles, playing with a favorite toy , his John Deere tractor, Poppin' John! I quickly grabbed my camera and got this picture for the viewing pleasure of my Blog readers! :)

Today also brought us a new, healthy, baby calf; a bull ! Charles gave him the name of Cedric 2! The Mom Cow is Pansy!

One more thing worth mentioning is this antique Cake Decorating Kit that Charles found at a yard sale yesterday! Knowing that I like such things he bought it for me! I can find no date on it but think it's from the 40s...

I Love It!


The Who

My music choice of last night was 'The (Great) Who.'

I first played 'Then and Now.'
This is all studio recordings, spanning from 1964-2004,
including the newer songs, 'Real Good Looking Boy'
( written by Pete Townshend-supposedly inspired by Elvis Presley)
and 'Old Red Wine,' written as a tribute to the late Who member, John Entwhistle !

...I decided to play the MSG-2004-Concert -to compare the studio versions of
several songs to the LIVE concert versions!
...And once again was convinced that there is nothing like a WHO concert,
as for energy and sheer excitement!

LOL! Not that I will ever actually have the experience of seeing a WHO concert!

That fact makes it all the more special that I have the live concert CDs of
Holmdel, NJ, Concert-2002, AND MSG Concert-2004!

A good, LOUD, music night for me!!! :)



Friday, March 24, 2006

a very small meme-

O.K. I just got tagged by Carolyn at The Ginger Quill.

She only wants to know 3 things!
LOL- I guess all the rest of my secrets have already been shared here!


What is my favorite game?

We had a long-time game going on a music forum . One person would give opening lines of a song and another (whoever had the answer) would give the title and singer and whatever else info you wanted to give! All done on a message forum! It was FUN! I don't know if it's really a game but we called it that! :)

What is a guilty pleasure I have??

I love candles...I love the scented candles I get in the grocery store. They're not expensive and smell wonderful; apple pie, cinnamon, vanilla...all those good cooking smells! I burn them almost daily!

( some say I burn my candles from both ends! :) but I don't! )

The best gift I ever received?

Gifts of music and the time spent listening...

Now- I am supposed to tag 3 others with these same 3 questions.

I will pick:

Peter - Of Holtieshouse

Doug -Of humorboybydoug

T T & T - Of Tall Tales and Truisms

( If the 3 of you don't follow through I'll know you're not reading my blog! :) )


Another night of music

Last night my music choices were 'Yes', Re(Union)- a great Prog Rock album . It's the only cd I have of YES, but do have others of theirs on some LPs I recently bought.

( bought a huge collection of Classic Rock LPs at a yard sale for cheap, recently, and found a lot of real gems in the box of over 100 records!!) :)
CDs are so quick and easy to play I use them more often than the LPs.

Anyway-continuing my music listens (Lessons!!) of last night... I ended the night with one of my favorite 'New' cds of a favorite ' New'
group-'Moody Blues '- 'Days of Future Passed!'
( of my new music discoveries- new to me over the past several months!)
I just love this cd and it's one I play often! But a favorite Moodies song is on another cd I have , Best of ...collection,
'Forever Autumn'
- so I ended up by playing that to finish up my music listens of the night.

It was a fine night of music..."Da Bestest ever!" one might say! :)



~Lyrics from one of my favorite Moodies songs~

Forever Autumn
(Justin Hayward)

The summer sun is fading as the year grows old
And darker days are drawing near
The winter winds will be much colder
Now you're not here

I watch the birds fly south across the autumn sky
And one by one they disappear
I wish that I was flying with them
Now you're not here

Like the sun through the trees you came to love me
Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away

Through autumn's golden gown we used to kick our way
You always loved this time of year
Those fallen leaves lie undisturbed now
'Cause you're not here
'Cause you're not here
'Cause you're not here

Like the sun through the trees you came to love me
Like a leaf on a breeze you blew away

A gentle rain falls softly on my weary eyes
As if to hide a lonely tear
My life will be forever autumn
'Cause you're not here
'Cause you're not here
'Cause you're not here


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Guarding Junie's Place

…Here you see
Charles (Aka- Gabbo)
serving as a ‘barricade’ at my computer station!

…And I bet you thought I could ALWAYS be found
seated there in front of that screen!

WRONG!! ;)



Late Night Music

...ended my
'Hard Days Night' with ...
now - I bet you're thinking BEATLES, but- No!

I played ELP's 'Brain Salad Surgery.' I had not heard it in awhile and it seemed to be just what I needed!

I have come to appreciate and love that Prog Rock sound of the early 70s and this ALBUM is one of the best examples that I know of. This is the only Emerson, Lake and Palmer album that I own but I have been told it's their best!

I just know it completely keeps me 'Spellbound' as I listen! :)

...and I was able to get a good, satisfied, restful sleep, when I finally got to it!!

Music...a balm for the soul!



Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Poem: Today I Feel So Restless & To blog or Not to blog

To blog or Not to blog....

...that is the question!

And the answer probably should be NO for today, since I'm in such a down mood. I feel like I am just floundering with no direction !

One reason is I had a restless night- bad dreams!
... And , someone , please tell me dreams do not mean anything!!! If they do I'm in Big trouble!

Looking out my window I see lots of things to make me feel happy! It's a perfect spring day- the kind that usually brings a smile to my face! Maybe the day can eventually work it's magic on me! I hope so!

I am listening to Jackson Browne today and although I love his music he tends to write sad lyrics so maybe it's not my best choice for today!

Could be worse though, I could be playing Leonard Cohen :)

( a feeble attempt at a joke- so things are looking up!! :) )


...a sad poem to fit my mood...

Today I Feel So Restless

Today I feel so restless, with nothing calling me.
Nothing grabs my interest, or guides me to explore.
There’s naught I want to do - no folks I want to see.
So I’ll pull my shades and stay behind my door!

There’s stacks of books I’ve hoarded, for days just like today,
and music I’ve been meaning to give a listen to.
There’s phone calls I should make, and bills that I could pay!
But my life’s on Hold, because I’m missing you!

It’s, so, like a paralysis, this inability.
I find it all so taxing… to move myself along.
The simple chores of living are not what they should be,
becoming worse each day that you are gone.

I’ll make it through this day. I know I will, somehow.
Tomorrow - I might be with you again.
Just seeing you once more, will change my WOE to smiles.
Until that time this loneliness will win!

June Kellum

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poem: Just As A Flower Withers

My last post's mention of my neglected roses brought this poem to mind!

( Best not to neglect either love or our gardens! ) :)

Just As A Flower Withers

Just as a flower withers
- deprived of proper care-
so will love, neglected,
begin to fade away.

Needing only nourishment
- essential to excel-
still, sometimes the price
is more than we can pay.

Or more than we are willing …
more effort to extend…
more of ourselves required
than we’re prepared to give.

So love is left to falter,
to die from dire neglect
…just as a garden flower
-forgotten- cannot live!

June Kellum

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Forever Sarah

I listened to Sarah McLachlan again last night, late into the night! I was able to get my cracked 'Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,' copied, (Thanks, Alli) so I played the 4 cds that I have! Yes!! All four! :)

...'Afterglow' and 'Surfacing' remain my favorites! I need to get 'Touch' , I have been told by other Sarah fans, to compare and see how she changed from her early albums to later ones! I know I will like it because I like ALL that I have heard of her!

I was up very late! I often drink coffee late in the day and it's impossible to consider sleep until very late...or very early in the
AM, more like it!!

But-I had a fun time with my music!

At this point in my life I just want to do the things I find pleasure in! Music is a big part of that!


Dental appt. at 1:00 today! I have one more crown to have done...I HOPE only one more!

Later this week I hope I can begin to get my rose garden in order! They are starting to bloom, in spite of my neglect! :)



Monday, March 20, 2006

Our meadow flowers

The wildflowers in bloom was the main attraction for me when we were searching for property to buy in the area of Ocala, Fl-in the early 70s!

This flower meadow has been a part of our lives since 1972. We bought the property but were not able to move here until1988!

This is a picture of my daughter Tina and me, knee deep in wildflowers, soon after we had bought the land where we eventually built our house.
(after my kids were grown and had kids of their own)

Tina's daughter (Allison) would pick flowers from this very meadow, some 20 years later, just as her mom did at age 10.

I love this meadow and how it always comes, full circle, every spring... to enchant me as fully as the first time I saw it!


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Celebrating Dan's B'day

Today we celebrated our oldest grandson's 23rd. birthday. Not all the family were able to be here and were missed! :(

Here's a few pics from our day!
It was a good one!

The family members:
Daniel, Brian, Alli (my grandkids)
Tina & Marc (My daughter & Son-in-law)
Charles (My husband)
ME!! ( Junie-AKA-GINGA)

some close ups of Me and Alli
-and Me (Junie) caught in the act with my KISSES and coffee!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sarah McLachlan-again

Last night my late night music choice was, once again, Sarah McLachlan! Seems I'm drawn to her music quite often these days-
or nights, as it usually turns out!

I was dismayed when two thirds of the way through
'Fumbling Towards Ecstasy', the music became all weird and distorted! When examining the CD I discovered the outer part of the CD is damaged- cracked! The case, too, was cracked, which I had not noticed before!

I can only imagine what might have happened! I suspect one of these guys pictured here must have knocked this CD from the table and perhaps one of these other guys, also pictured, may have stepped on it! :) I'll never know because none of the 4 are admitting anything! :)

Anyway, after that aborted listen of 'Fumbling.... ' I went on to play the CDs 'Solace', 'Surfacing' and 'Afterglow.'

I like ending a night of Sarah listening with 'Afterglow.' It leaves me with just that- an 'Afterglow' of good feelings :)


My son, Chris-
My husband Charles, holding General
My Cats, General Franks and Tiger


Friday, March 17, 2006

Irish Gold

...and for St. Paddy's Day...

'Irish Gold'
from my garden last summer


'Wisteria' Dan Fogelberg

This is a song from
Dan Fogelberg's first album,
'Home Free.'
The lyrics really have nothing
to do with the flowering vine,
but it is a pretty song!


( Dan Fogelberg)

Wisteria, did you change your face
Those of us who loved you when,
can't even find you.

Wisteria, did you lose another man?
Did you make him understand
that he can't touch you?

Wisteria, did he take you to the fair?
Were the folks that you met there
the same that we met?

Wisteria, did he teach you how
to dance?
Did he bring you paper fans
to hide your secret?

Was he just like all the rest
when he got to the sad part?
Did he stay a bit too long
to save his heart?

Wisteria, are your lips still lily white?
Do they still bloom just
at night and die at sunrise?

Read about Dan Fogelberg here:




Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring is 'Getting On With It!'

I decided I better get out and grab a little bit of spring while I could- so with camera in hand I got Charles to do the spring thing with me !

The Azaleas, Wisteria and Cherokee Rose are just fantastic this year!...Took me by surprise, as it-seemingly-happened overnight!
The wildflower meadow by our house is looking good too!

The meadow is especially dear to me, as Mom,
Alli and I always enjoyed the wildflowers together! Is there anything sweeter than having a child you love surprise you with a bunch of flowers, sometimes with roots and all! :) Nothing I know of!

I love spring but it's over in a flash here! The WildPlum and Redbud trees are almost over, as are the Dogwood!

Some pics from our spring day!

The dark pink blooms are the Azaleas

The lavender blooms are Wisteria.

The white are the Cherokee Roses.
(A plant we dug up along side the road.
It just takes over. It's now into the high oak trees!
It only blooms in March but is SOO WORTH IT!)

...And of course, the wildflowers of my meadow -' PHLOX.'
Our house faces south and this is the side which faces east.


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