Junie's Place: July 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ruby Tuesday ~ July 29, 2008

It's Ruby Tuesday time!

This is my Ruby Tuesday post for this week!

This is a small corn crib (the rent crib) that still stands on the old home place where my husband lived in his youth! This crib was used to store the 1/3 of the corn crop, which went to the landlord for rent of the farm.

This is in Limestone Co, Alabama in the farming area known as Mud Bottom, near the banks of Elk River.


For viewing other Ruby Tuesday posts visit Mary,The Teach, at Work of the Poet.

I'm off for a few days! See you all about next Sunday, if all goes as planned! :)

Junie Rose

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dan Fogelberg ~ 1951~2007

Tonight I am thinking of Dan Fogelberg and feeling very sad.

The last time we saw Dan was in Atlanta at this same venue where we will see Mark Knopfler  on Tuesday.

 This concert, 'Full Circle,' 2003,  turned out to be Dan's last tour before his illness  was discovered.

  I suppose  because of this fact I am feeling overwhelmingly melancholy and have been drawn to seek out his music tonight.  There 's  a lot available...a lot are slides - not live concerts- but everything he ever did was/is beautiful to me!

This is one of his very early songs from his 'NetherLands' album. (1977)



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( Click to enlarge )

Looking through my pictures today I came across this rose. Oh my goodness ~ I love the way roses look after a rain!

OK~ this is an imperfect photo, but, by no means, an imperfect rose!

I decided to use this for my desktop picture for awhile! It renews my spirit just looking at it! :)


Speaking of rain...(well, I was... sort of ...) this little guy was born during a bad thunder storm a couple days ago! I named him 'Stormy.' :)

( Junie is sooo creative...haha)

There has been at least one calf by that name before, on this little farm! Oh, well!

Anyway, at the end of the day yesterday, I went down with Charles to see this little calf for the first time! He looks ok. I hope he's healthy. We have lost a couple recently... birth defects! Sad!...also expensive!

Here are
Stormy and Pippie Long Stockings!

I got a picture of the floor Charles is doing in our little house. This is the small hallway between the 2 bedrooms! He just did the small area first to see how it would look! I like it!!

Ok this little house is very old...probably over 60 years old...so I don't expect it to look perfect! It's just a little rough and simple country house. ;0 But, hey ~ I LIKE the way it looks!

Charles is doing the rest of the floor today. We'll try to finish up on the house after our return next week!

(My son is looking forward to having his own place again! I think he'll like this little house!)

What I should be doing is getting my stuff organized for the trip, instead of yapping here. Gee! I'm gonna miss this blogging in the next week! LOL~ but I can do it!!

For now, I must go and do some stuff!


Junie Rose

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Moving right along... (Post #2 of today)

(Sky Watch Friday! below this post!)

Moving right along in preparations for the trip next week...

Well-I did get out shopping today but didn't find a lot of stuff that just grabbed me! Got one new shirt- 3 tank tops (these I like to wear under big shirts ) and I got one pair of cotton pants ; :) all on sale and all cotton-all very casual items! I also got a new, shoulder strap, purse! Oh, and A pair of house slippers at 70% off- making them cost $4.50!!
(Love it!! :) )

Check out my 2 pr. of green canvas sandals! :) I have been needing to replace my old green ones- and I was lucky to find 2 pair in my size today! I've mentioned before my fondness (obsession??) with these particular shoes ...and my practice of buying them whenever I get the chance- preferably when they are on sale! LOL- However-at times I have paid the full price of $14.99!!! I have them in several colors! :)

WELL!! They're comfortable!!

Anyway , the lady who checked me out today did a , sort of, double take when she opened the second box to check the shoes and saw that they were the same color as the ones in the other box! I explained that I buy these shoes all the time...and that it's not always easy to find my size, so when I get the chance I stock up on them! :) She asked if I had them in other colors-and of course I pointed out the BLUE ones on my feet !! :)

LOL- She's probably talking with her husband about her work day of dealing with eccentric old ladies ~ even as I'm typing this! :) Good if I made her smile!


K- It was a VERY HOT day here today and by the time I got home from my shopping excursion I was pretty well knocked out for the day!

If my guys are expecting supper tonight they will be out of luck! There's always soup or a can of Ravioli- or a balogna sandwich! Anything that I don't have to cook tonight sounds fine to me!

Riding over and back I played my newest Mark Knopfler cd! I like the sound of this , more and more!

Last night I was looking for Youtubes of the current concert tour and find there are several vids posted! This guy is such a talented singer and guitarist!! I know I will enjoy that show next week and I hope C. will too! (But if not I will just double up on my own pleasure of the music so's we don't lose $$$ on the deal-haha)

This video is from his most recent album!

More vids tonight for me! :)


Junie Rose

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Sky Watch Friday

I have been seeing Sky Watch pictures at many of the blogs I visit so I have decided to join in .
Why not...since I am a constant watcher of the skies! I love looking at the sky in all of it's moods and my camera turns upward quite often!

If you'd like to join in with your own sky pics- or just view a lot of sky pictures of others -go here!


I will start with this one!

This was taken as we drove through the Ocala National Forest ~ a couple years back!

It was enchantingly beautiful that evening!


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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mark Knopfler

 Tonight I have been viewing some Dire Straits!   (Mark Knopfler)

 Oh, my!  What a tremendous talent this man has! 

Here is a brief  history of Mark Knopfler  of Dire Straits!  


This video is from the' Dire Straits' time but the date I'm not sure of. Knopfler has had a solo career since 1996.

  This is such a powerful song it brings chills to my spine and tears to my eyes whenever I hear it...this version as well as the others  which I have viewed.

 I hope you all enjoy this one!

Knopfler's latest solo album is 'Kill to Get Crimson' which was  released in 2007.  It has some really good songs, too! (Once good, always good!!)  

I'm hoping  that the show will be a mix of his old and his new stuff!  :)  I expect it will be!

Oh!  NOW I'm working up some excitement- thinking of the music next Tuesday night in Atlanta! :)  I just KNOW it will be a good concert!  I hope C. likes it too!


Tomorrow I will again post one of Knopfler's  songs from his latest albums!

Good night!


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Alabama trip coming right up!

This week is almost over and not near all of the things on the plan that needed doing have been done!

Oh, well-
SOME have been accomplished, of course, but not all! I at least got the hair-cut out of the way- and got my poodle groomed. Charles got the meadow cut today too... so-I guess you can say it has been a week for getting stuff cut- if nothing else!

The reason I'm in a bit of a tizzy is that we will be going on our trip early next Tuesday! The concert in Atlanta to see Mark Knopfler is Tuesday night, so we must get an early start! Then we will be going on to north Alabama for Charles' family reunion and to visit my brother and SIL also. We will be gone through the weekend...returning on Sunday-if all goes well.

These trips, though seemingly simple enough in the planning, always turn into a hassle for us, with all the little details of planning and things to do before hand. The big thing is in leaving our place here- with all that goes into taking care of the cows...and now the horse; and my little old poodle girl and the cats will have to be cared for, too! Our son is here so he'll have to take over for a few days-not that easy since he works 12 hour shifts at the hospital!

Oh, how I long for a stress-free vacation!

We also have the renovation project going on the house but there is no rush on that...darn good thing, too, because 'rush' is not a speed easily reached these days for us!

As usual, when overwhelmed, I have just about been shut down in my motivation and enthusiasm...my
get up and go! I have felt just awful today with a headache that won't quit and achy legs and hips and back! I haven't slept well in several nights so I'm very tired.

I needed to do a little shopping today for a few items of clothes and shoes, but just didn't feel like getting out. Oh well, THAT I won't worry about because I can get by with what I have!

(LOL- After all- I doubt that Mark Knopfler will see me in my old worn shoes!)

OK- I'm trying to think ahead and realize how enjoyable these trips
back home always turn out to be! I know we will have fun ...it's just the getting ready to do it that gets me down!

And this is all part of my being so settled into my daily life and having trouble dealing with changes! LOL- I know if we were going to the most exciting place on earth I would still have this same stress level!

NOT to imply that Alabama isn't exciting!

It is!! :)

Sweet Home Alabama


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Where have all the long curls gone??
Long time passing...

:) That old Peter, Paul and Mary song just popped in my head as I was making these pics of my new hair cut! (Well, with a twist, naturally!)

Before hair-cut

After hair-cut

OK...being silly again but that's better than depressed which I often am!

Today I took the plunge and went and got my long locks trimmed. It has been a long time since I cut my hair at all! I'm not your usual modern day lady who frequents hairdressers. It's my least favorite thing to do!!

Really weird - I know!

Actually, I like my hair long, except in the summer when I have to use hair clips a lot to keep cool! That makes me have headaches!....so...finally I break through my resistance and just
go for it!

I don't like big changes in any part of my life. If something is comfortable I usually want to stick with it...That goes for almost everything in all parts of my life!

LOL- The only way getting old has been tolerable for me is that it has happened so gradually...
Imagine if it had happened suddenly!!! haha- I'd be in a tizzy! Lucky there's a good master plan in place, eh?

....And the part about trading my petite figure of my youth for this old bag I'm in now (ooops ...I meant to say this more mature shape) hasn't really been that bad either- because it happened gradually, so as to give me time to get settled in!



DO wish I could have kept my original medium brown hair, though. As I got older and the gray was taking over I began lightening my hair. The gray blends in better with the blonde. and I don't have to color it nearly as often as I would need to if I was trying to keep it my original color! (Does that make sense to anyone?)

DO find that being blonde is fun! It's been a few years now and I'm quite in tune with it by now!

LOL- and let me tell you...having
Blonde Moments combined with Senior Moments is a force to be reckoned with! lol!



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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Today is Ruby Tuesday!

Today is Ruby Tuesday!

Visit Mary at 'Work of the Poet' for more Ruby Tuesday Posts!


I'm looking ahead to my favorite season!


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Monday, July 21, 2008

Tina and Alli

This is a little part of Tina and Alli's excellent adventure to California and Oregon.

They got home yesterday and came up to show us their pictures and share their stories! Actually, Alli transported ALL her pictures and videos into my computer...LOL- all 894 of them!! Really that many!! :) I put them all on disks and will delete them, so as not to use up all that space in my picture program.

Alli will write about the trip and concert adventures on her blog, I'm sure.

I just want to post a few pics ( mainly for family ) ....All I know about the pics are that they are in California and /or Oregon. Well, some are self- explanatory, of course.




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OK~One more Black Post!

'Project Black #12'

I like this spider and web with the black fence behind...


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Project Black #11

This is my final Project Black picture!

It's been fun looking for black things to post.
(Thanks, Anna!)

Oh well- not to leave on a gloomy note but...

we've seen a lot of skies like this the past few days!


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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Project Black #10 ~ Snake

This is my Project Black post # 10.

~for more black posts go here!~

I saw this guy last year when I was doing some gardening work. This is a black Indigo snake and I knew he was non poisonous so I wasn't afraid to move in close...

( OOPS...Charles just told me this snake looks like a Black Racer..... I thought
not- because it didn't Race Away real fast like they usually do!
no black snakes in Fl are poisonous, I have read!)

He was more afraid of me than I was of him and I knew he wouldn't hang around for long.
I quickly went to get my camera and got a few pictures of him on this log before he slithered away!

I always like these unexpected encounters with the the critters that share our world.

Don't you? :)


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Friday, July 18, 2008

Project Black #9 ~ The Who

This is my #9 Project Black post!

Visit Anna's site to see others.


There are still many Project Black possibilities around my place but today my thoughts turn to one of my favorite music groups ~The Who!

I have this neat little framed poster/picture that my grandson Zach gave me last Christmas and it is in my view whenever I'm in the kitchen area!

;) That's most of the time as this room is also where my computer is located! :)

Not that I need much in reminders as far as 'The Who' are concerned. I get the urge to play their music quite often with my cds or searching out Youtube vids online! That's what I did last night until way late....watched videos on Youtube.

A friend had sent E-mails telling me The Who had announced another tour for this fall! It seems to be a bit limited...well, so far anyway...with not a lot of dates and locations listed as yet; mostly in the NE and Ca. No dates listed near us!

Oh, well! I can't plan another WHO concert anyway! Lol! I was pushing my luck last year, getting Charles to take me to see them for the very first time, in Tampa!
(Even though our daughter bought us the tickets!)

Charles said he wouldn't do it again if someone
paid him $1000.00! :) Really! He said that! :) LOL- So you see it could get quite expensive for me to swing another WHO concert!
(He's definitely NOT a Rock fan! )

But I have become a huge WHO fan!

Here are some pics from last year when we had the once in a lifetime chance of seeing this legendary band!

At least one of us was thrilled! (Hint- the one with the smiley face!) :)

My intention as we started out was to play C. some choice WHO music on the way to Tampa, to get him in the right frame of mind!!

You've heard of best laid plans....??

Here we are at the motel and on the way to the venue!

LOL - A contrast!

And here am I ~ Junie-Who fan ~ about to enjoy a great show!

I was not disappointed, in the least! I was on my feet the whole time! Funny how, tho that was my first ever WHO concert, I knew exactly how a true WHO fan was supposed to act! haha!

I found these videos of the musical tribute show that was put together after '9-11' which included a lot of music groups.
I watched several parts of 'The Who's performance at that event!

I watched Billy Joel, also, among others!

It was a very touching show but brought back all those memories of those dark days!
(Not that they are EVER gone from our minds!)

Here is one song for you to enjoy!


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Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Farm post! 7~17~08

New Post here!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Black #8 ( Janet Reno - the cow)

This is my #8 Project Black post!

This photo project is hosted by Anna ~ here!

To see more of my Project Black~ click on label at bottom of this post!


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New Farm post!

Something added to
'Farm Life of the Past!'



Project Black # 7 ~ In the Dark

...In the dark...


(For other Project Black posts visit Anna's blog!)


Now I'm off to try for some sleep!

Good night!


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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: The Ride

This is my Ruby Tuesday post for this week!

Visit The Teach for other Ruby Red posts!

The Ride!


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Project Black ~ #6


More Project Black at Anna's Place!


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