Junie's Place: October 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Black Widow ~ Alice Cooper


I had some Halloween posts ready to go in draft and planned to space them out over a few days. (Before our family tragedy struck)

I have decided to go ahead and post these 2 songs, anyway. Someone may get some fun out of watching! I hope so.

( This post and the one below this one )

If you like your spiders bigger - click on picture! ;)


Creepy ~ crawly ~Halloween

to you all!


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'Boris the Spider' for Halloween

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

...wrapped in sadness...

...wrapped in sadness here...

We're waiting to hear from the folks before we can make any plans. But it seems Charles will not be able to go. My 2 sisters here and my niece from Miami and , hopefully, Tina and Alli will be able to make the trip...

I just now had a call from my brother-in-law and the funeral is Thursday- so Alli and Tina will be able to go.~~~


Charles has been occupied with the business of the bull today. With help from our neighbor, Jeremy, he was able to load up Big John and transport him to the auction barn. He's a fine looking bull and someone will want him for a breeder, I feel sure_ NOT to butcher! ( At least I'll hold onto that thought)


Earlier I walked around the back yard and was remembering all the happy times of the past here at our place. For several years we had a big birthday party-BBQ cookout for my mom! Most years we had a big gathering with MOST of Mom's kids and grandkids and great-grands being here! Phil and his brother Paul were always a big help in cooking the chicken and ribs etc! Sometimes we had up to 80 people here! YES! A big family :) and some happy memories!
In the picture of the back yard you can see the big cooker (at far right) we used for those cook-outs! It has set discarded for the past few years now!!
( Too many changes- and all sad ones... )


In my sadness for the loss of my loved ones I still searched out evidence of God's blessings - and of course it is there in all I saw - in all of His wonderful creation!

Family love is to be treasured above all and we have had that - always.

Update on plans:

My sister and I will be leaving early Tuesday morning and returning either Friday night or early Saturday.



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The saddest day~

Today has been a nightmarish day for all of us here.

This morning, after I had put my post on the blog here, Charles came in from outside.
He had got a call on his cell phone with word that my nephew had died.

He died in his sleep of a heart attack early this morning, at age 53.

They (Phil and his wife and grandson) had just moved to NC about 3 weeks ago- near his mother and dad.

Phil is the son of my sister Dolores and her husband , Ernest! They lost their other son, Paul, and a granddaughter, just 3 years ago.(together , in a motorcycle accident caused by a drunk driver)

The whole day has seemed like a dream- a nightmare! Arrangements are not yet made but I will be going up and will be gone for 2-3 days. Nothing is for sure yet but my sister Joy and I may be driving up- maybe Tina and Allison too. We can't make plans until we know more. It may be as late as mid-week.

I can't imagine anything worse than what my sister is going through tonight.


When our Phil was a baby, my sis Joy and I were still kids. (I was 12- Joy 9) Our sister Dolores was living with us when this little boy was born. Her husband was serving in the army in Germany. Phil was so very special to us all~ especially to Joy and me!

I just can't grasp the fact that he's gone- as well as his brother.

Sometimes life is just so sad...

I know I will have a restless sleep tonight but I have to try.

This is us (June, Joy, Daddy) with Phil when he was our little baby boy.


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Werewolves of London

It's that time of year, folks!

Watch out!


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New additions...

Charles went ahead with his cow deal and here are some pics of the big , ferocious looking bull he bought! He is huge! I will never get anywhere near this guy, I can tell you that!

There will be 4 more cows coming, I think! Over the next few weeks he will be thinning out the herd of cows he has now-selling them at the cattle auction!
( to help pay for these new ones ) He likes these Gertrudis Santos...(whatever the name is!) They are BIG for sure, and will bring more $$ at the sales!

...But me... I will miss the little new calves (of the past) with the mixed up colors ... It was always fun seeing the new babies-always being surprised with the different colors and markings... See- I'm not a real cowgirl or farmer's wife. I just like to enjoy the cuteness of the calves and, then, the beauty of the cows as they grow!

I can't imagine naming calves that all look exactly alike! :( So I guess the days of coming up with cute and witty names for the babies are over!

Another page turned ...

Lol- and I can make anything into a sad story if I try- yes??


Well- here's a happy sight!

...Just best friends... The General and Tiger!

Junie Rose

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Friday, October 26, 2007

A new day ~ Oct 26, 2007

Good Morning,

First off, I want to say thanks to everyone for your interest in my computer problems .
I appreciate all the comments and will get back to visiting all of your blogs very soon.

Things are looking more normal with all the new changes- because I have things set up much as before. Only thing is I don't have my pictures available on my computer-as I did before. I do have MOST of my pictures backed up on disks. (It was just the last few weeks of pictures that I had not saved) Nothing
terribly important that I have lost so I'm not gonna fret about things any more!

;) Sometimes a new start is good for us anyway!


Well, have to say, though, that this computer mess has caused me to lose my momentum on my fall posting...and my fall pictures I might have used along the countdown are not at my fingertips any more... :( ...aggravating ~ but that's life!

Sometimes the cookie crumbles and scatters in quite an untidy mess!


Speaking of fall and winter...we awoke to a gloomy and rainy day here in north-central Florida. Usually by Halloween we are having these kind of days- the kind that calls for keeping cozy in the house. That's what I plan to do today, especially since I awoke in the middle of the night with a sore throat and a feeling of coming down with a cold.


I was up pretty late last night, just trying to figure out things on this new computer...and I heard from an old friend who had some videos on Youtube to share. :) And kept sending ones for me to check out! I had fun with that as nothing is more relaxing for me than music.


Charles is out doing his 'cowboy stuff.' He has had an offer to buy 7 more of those pure-bred cows and a bull and he's considering selling the mixed herd that we have. The idea makes me kinda sad as several of theses cows are ones we started out with several years ago.

I asked him to please keep Carmel and Jasmine. Carmel goes way back ...the first calf we had born here on the farm!....and Jazzy is one we had to bottle feed for several weeks because she was rejected by her mother!

...(More of those changes I don't like!!)


Hope you are all having a good day.



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Thursday, October 25, 2007

She's back!

Hi folks,

Alli is of the belief that 2 heads are better than one in some situations...


those 2 parts of Ginga in the background are hoping she's right about this!
(all 20 fingers are crossed!)


This is a new fun feature of my new Mac~~~ a camera built right into the screen!!

(Alli likes it and all the weird things she can do with it!)

Frankly, My Dears, I'd give anything to have my old familiar Mac back!
The screen on this new one is huge~ 12X18, I think~~~ and it sits up high and gives me a pain in the neck! Really!

~ I have been able ( Or Alli has) to get my AOL and email and IM back as they were ~ lol~ and I still have that ton of junk emails I need to delete. Oh! And my favorites are still there! (I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find anything or anybody!) And I got Firefox set up too- as well as Safari- so I'm pretty much set to go!


Only concerns I still have, actually, are my files from the other computer! Marc, my SIL, tells me he's about 85% sure he can save them!
Now I wonder how he came up with that number of 85%! :)

Oh well- It's out of my hands - whatever!!


You DO know I don't like changes - right?

...But I am back~for better or worse!


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Back~ sort of....

...My new Mac came by ups yesterday but I am not back all the way~ not by any stretch...I am not on AOL (SOOO No IMs for me until I figure things out) I have not downloaded firefox yet either so this posting is just basic...and I feel really lucky(blessed,almost) to even be able to do this much! :(

What an ordeal this past few days has been!! :( Really a bad few days!

~~~anyway- I DO see a glimmer of light far ahead in this dark tunnel~~~

I'll visit when I can - Thanks to all who visited my site while I was away!


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hey everyone, this is Alli (Junie's granddaughter). Ginga will be offline for a bit longer. She got a new computer today, but her internet is still down, probably due to the storm. They have a technician coming to look at it tomorrow. She misses this, and all of you. Hopefully she will be back online in the next couple of days. =]
I will pass on any messages to her left here.


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

troubles and woe

Yesterday I went with my guests to visit another sister... a long trip in itself because of the traffic and road construction...( but that is not the point of this post...)

We did enjoy the visit- tho it was a short one. We just all had a late lunch and then started back home...( turned out to be approx. 3 hrs. drive-going and coming...)

We got home to find our whole lives in turmoil at our little place. In our absence our area had, had a severe lightening storm- and a strike -that - apparently KILLED my computer...as well as putting the satellite TVs out!

This is to let you all know I will be offline for the next several days at least! WHO knows how long!! I honestly think my computer is gone for good- I will know more by Monday, hopefully,
when I can get it checked out. I will probably have to get a new computer- and I Just hope all my files can be recovered! :( I really HATE this turn of events- because I get a lot of joy out of my blog- and also talking to my online friends in IMs...the whole package!

I am at my daughter's house but can't be here to keep in touch , often!

Thanks for all recent comments that I see here- Sorry I don't have any time to visit any blogs!

I'll Be Back!



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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our day today...

We are enjoying our company. They arrived just in time for dinner last night and we had this ...a rotisserie lemon-pepper chicken dinner. My sister and her husband here in Ocala came up too, and brought some pies for dessert! We all had a good visit and the food was yummy, too!

We got together again tonight but this time we all met at a restaurant...all us old folks... and my girls, Tina and Allison joined us! It was at a steak place but I had a chicken meal. I don't often eat steak!

Here are some pics of all of us! The ones opposite C. and me are my bro Ray and sister-in-law- Frances. Next to me is my sis, Joy -and her husband Mike is across the table from her. That's Alli and Tina at the end of the table.( in one of the group pics my sis Joy is unseen, there behind me! :( Sorry Joy!)


Earlier in the afternoon our neighbor, Michelle, and her sweet little baby girl stopped in to see us! Ariana is a very cute Pirate ... all set for her first Halloween! :) She's such a happy baby-always with a big smile on her little face!
( Can you tell I looove babies?)

Update on Tina:

She was told by her doctor she will not be able to return to work for another 4 weeks!
Is healing well, so we're thankful... The rest will work out...


I am making a trip with my bro and SIL tomorrow to visit a sister in Lale Placid. That's about a 2 hour drive south of us. It will just be a day trip for us . Charles is unable to go as he has 'cowboy stuff' already on his agenda for tomorrow! :( Wish he could go with us!

...Anyway, what I need to do now is get to bed and hope for some good rest for tomorrow's trip! I never feel rested these days!


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Fall scene

...changed my desktop picture to this for the next few days!
This was in Franklin, NC ~ Oct 2006

Junie Rose

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Forever Autumn-AGAIN!

... a quick one ~ while I'm away!




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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Dead Songwriters

My grandson Brian is now with this band-'The Dead Songwriters.' This young band is getting a lot of attention locally. Brian has only been a part of it a few months.Well- in fact-the band, itself, is just a few months old!

Brian plays guitar and does backup vocals.

Tina brought this review by for us today. I hope the scan is clear enough to be read! :) The young man on the left is Brian!

(Click on pic to enlarge)

This is The Dead Songwriters website. You can hear some of their music here.

Brian also still has some of his songs on his My Space website. (on my side bar) I love Brian's solo songs!


So Tina stopped by and invited me to lunch. We went to Shells- had a good Pasta -Shrimp dish.
I enjoyed it a lot and also the time spent with my daughter.

She has a Dr. appointment on Thursday so, hopefully, will learn more about when she may return to work. Probably not for another couple weeks or even longer. The incisions are not healed yet, but she's feeling a lot better...and improving every day.


We got a call from my brother tonight and he and my sister-in-law are coming tomorrow to visit us for a few days. We knew they had plans to come but didn't know just when it would be! LOL - Tomorrow!!! Which means I have a lot of stuff to do to get things presentable around here! I'll be ready!!

Also- I will not have as much computer time. But I'll visit and post as I'm able.

Take care,


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Monday, October 15, 2007

A long day~

Hey Folks,

Today I had to grocery shop and it has become a job I really don't look forward to anymore! :) Can't say I ever did- come to think of it- but it seems to be getting more un-appealing as time goes on. ( Could be my age...Ya think? )

I usually pick one of my favorite CDs to play on the way over and back! This day I wanted to listen to ' George Martin: In My life!' This was a gift I received a couple years ago and it is one of my most favored things! It's just beautiful- from start to finish.
It is Beatles songs done by various artists and George Martin, himself. Produced by George Martin, of course. Go here to read more about this excellent CD- and to hear some samples of the music! Trust me! You will love it!

This would make a wonderful gift for any Beatles Fans!


...My shopping went ok- and I picked out some things for fall decorating...a scarecrow- some flowers and leaves- and a couple of big pumpkins. Plus, of course, all my grocery items... It took forever to get everything rounded up~(seemed like it!)

As my luck would have it, Charles was not home to help me unload ...(GROAN!!) This is the part I dread most of all . But I managed-and spent another hour or more putting stuff away. Oh-and I fixed up our fall display with the stuff I bought! Charles had set up the hay bales for me earlier! On Halloween day I will carve faces in those pumpkins!

...and some flowers I fixed up for inside!

My witches and monsters have not yet made an appearance around here! Maybe they won't show at all! They might have heard that I'm not much in the mood for any of this, this year! They may be pouting and protesting my lack of enthusiasm! I may have even driven them away forever!

:( I hope not!

We'll have to wait and see !

( 2 of my visitors last year! )

I am seriously beat tonight so I'm going to bed early and sleep- even if I have to take the pills! For some reason I have been waking up a couple hours earlier than my usual time! Today it was just past 5:30! That's crazy!! Weird dreams too...so I need to find some restful sleep tonight! Have to!

'Til next time~


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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Remembering my little Nappy Boy!

This is my little poodle planter after I got some flowers put in! He looks happy - yes? He's serving as a center piece on our dining table for now!
LOL - Yes, I know! Probably not suitable to some but it pleases me for now!


I didn't realize when I bought this planter/poodle yesterday (except-maybe deep down) that this little guy reminds me a lot of my little poodle , Napoleon - 'Nappy Boy,' as he became known ... Or, 'Nap-Nap,' to me!

He was all MY little dog ...so very loyal to me! He has been gone for more than 20 years now- and died at just 5 years of age. He died while we were away on a trip to TN to see the grand kids and I blamed myself for leaving him with other members of the family in Miami. He had a stroke...
I felt I shouldn't have left him... Always felt that if I had been there it wouldn't have happened. (I think the stress caused his death)

OK - For non-dog lovers I'm sure this sounds silly- especially after all these years - but I can't help it!
( and you all know me well enough by now to know I go with whatever emotions I'm feeling)

This little poodle reminds me of my 'Nap-Nap' of long ago!


Some pics of Nappy...

...just remembering...

Junie Rose

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Victory Ride ~Oct 13, 2007

After spending some time at Pea's big birthday bash early today,
( an enchanted party sponsored by Pea's fairy friends) Charles had asked if I wanted to go for a ride on the Victory! Of course I said, "YES! Of course!"

Looking at the pictures of me I have to wonder if I was successful in shaking off all the fairy dust that was used to make guests small enough to enter through the fairy door and into the enchanted world of fairies where Pea's party was held! Surely, I was a bit taller- just yesterday! :( Oh, well-something to ponder.....

...As it turned out I was still, indeed, tall enough to climb upon the Victory behind my husband.
Here we are getting ready to go-and another of me as we're riding! Lol! I like making these pictures and recording our rides - silly me!


It was a beautiful day for riding, with the cooler temps and the LoveBugs of September, gone! (until next year in May and again in Sept,) We headed out for a Hardee's chicken biscuit-which we hadn't had in quite some time! They were superb - as they always are!

~~~ Charles says, (after we finished eating) "Which way?" I replied,"Doesn't matter. I'll just follow you!" :)

And it's true I don't usually care in which direction we go. The riding is the attraction and all the scenery is pretty to see-no matter which way we go!

I , sort of, had in mind some roadside, fall flowers. As it happened, tho, we didn't see a lot of that today-just mostly farms and horse ranches. I didn't get a lot of pictures today.

The yellow flowers are Goldenrod.


We also did a few yard sales!

I found this Halloween guy to add to my collection!
He's more cute than scary! He'll probably be rediculed by my other scary guys...that is -if they even make an appearance around here this time!

...And this poodle planter I just had to have! Isn't he cute!!


Every time we ride I realize all over again how lucky we are, Charles and I, to have found something we both enjoy doing together so much- and to be healthy enough to still do it! :) Also- to live in such a pretty and ideal place for riding!

It was a good day!

Junie Rose

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Birthday greetings for Pea!

To Pea

...some lyrics from- 'Birthday' by the Beatles...

They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party.


Happy Birthday, Pea!

(( HUGS ))

Junie Rose

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Pea's Birthday Tomorrow!

is having a big birthday party tomorrow! Won't you join in the fun and go over to help her celebrate? Any party at Pea's place has to be a fun time! :) See you there!

Junie Rose

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rush Baby

Charles was keeping this little Santa Gertrudis bull for the neighbor ... the one who sold him Gertrude recently. The neighbor had in mind butchering this fine bull in a few months and asked Charles to keep him and feed him until the right time!

Well...C. decided he'd like to have him so made a deal to buy him... to start breeding some purebred cows. He thinks he'll grow into a good bull for breeding purposes. We'll see as time goes on...
Charles will eventually need to sell Big John- if this young bull works out!

I'm concerned that this young bull may be intimidated by the older bull and will not become aggressive in his behavior...;0 We'll just have to see how it works out...but he won't be ready to be 'useful' for a year or longer, anyway.

(At least, for now, he's saved from some one's BBQ grill!)

ok- Here is a picture of our new bull.

Charles named him 'Rush Baby' after his favorite talk-radio show host!


You may have noticed I've been working at getting my side bar back in order- with my blog links showing. I still have a few to go but will get it all worked out soon. I hope I don't miss anyone!

As for the picture slides... I guess I can't move them so they will soon be fading away into my past posts- lost to future readers who venture into Junie's Place! LOL- I wanted to have them on the side so you would all be enticed into watching them - over and over! haha!! Oh, well!!

Hope you've all had a good day.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another one of those days......

...Again I have messed up my side bar! What happened was I was trying to put these slide shows on the side - (in smaller size- so they would stay available for viewing)
...well... somehow I managed to lose my blog favorites links from my side bar and can't seem to figure out how to fix it! :( I need my granddaughter, Alli to come up and help me! Maybe I can get her up later this afternoon! I hope so!

~~ It's not always fun being GINGA! ;( ~~


Anyway, with thoughts of fall on my mind , I wanted to change my desktop picture again! This is what I will be looking at for the next few days!

Hope you are all having a better day than I am!

Junie Rose

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

These are some pictures of Oct. 2006 in the western parts of North Carolina!

It was a real fun trip for Charles and me!

( now I promise- no more slide shows for awhile! :) ...You just have to indulge me 'cause this is something new I just learned to do!! ;) )


Junie Rose

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