Junie's Place: December 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Ride~Dec '08~AND~ '1952 Vincent Black Lightning'

My husband will have a fit that I put this version of this motorcycle song on instead of Del McCoury's

I was looking for a vid by McCoury  doing this song, but couldn't find a good video .

 Found this and I am intrigued with this guy  and the way he does this song!

 Well, it's his song, after all! 

This is, yet, another folk-rock musician for me to explore!  :)  How cool ! 
Apparently, he has been in the music scene for decades but I didn't know of him!!

Oh! I DO like McCoury's blue grass version of this too!

But THIS is very appealing to me!  ;)

Richard Thompson ~ '1952 Vincent Black Lightning'

ARTIST: Richard Thompson

TITLE: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning


Said Red Molly to James that's a fine motorbike

A girl could feel special on any such like

Said James to Red Molly, well my hat's off to you

It's a Vincent Black Lightning, 1952

And I've seen you at the corners and cafes it seems

Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme

And he pulled her on behind

And down to Box Hill they did ride

Said James to Red Molly, here's a ring for your right hand

But I'll tell you in earnest I'm a dangerous man

I've fought with the law since I was seventeen

I robbed many a man to get my Vincent machine

Now I'm 21 years, I might make 22

And I don't mind dying, but for the love of you

And if fate should break my stride

Then I'll give you my Vincent to ride

Come down, come down, Red Molly, called Sergeant McRae

For they've taken young James Adie for armed robbery

Shotgun blast hit his chest, left nothing inside

Oh, come down, Red Molly to his dying bedside

When she came to the hospital, there wasn't much left

He was running out of road, he was running out of breath

But he smiled to see her cry

And said I'll give you my Vincent to ride


Says James, in my opinion, there's nothing in this world

Beats a 52 Vincent and a red headed girl

Now Nortons and Indians and Greeveses won't do

They don't have a soul like a Vincent 52

He reached for her hand and he slipped her the keys

He said I've got no further use for these

I see angels on Ariels in leather and chrome

Swooping down from heaven to carry me home

And he gave her one last kiss and died

And he gave her his Vincent to ride


Finally~ we went for a short ride a couple days ago.

We went over to visit my sis and BIL for a little bit, and to exchange presents with them!

It was the first time I had ridden in several months and I enjoyed it a lot! It was like I had never taken a break from riding; it felt very comfortable and FUN!!

The weather was perfect for riding and the sky was that superb blue that we usually have here in Florida this time of year!

LOL- pictures to show of this trip are sparse...it was a very short trip, after all! My sis was enduring a cold at that time so we didn't want to get pics of any of us, there, that day!

Here are a few of Charles and me as we were starting out from home... :) - and the usual ones of me riding!

OH! And one of our beautiful blue sky!


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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Worry

This song is at the top of my play list right now!
(or find it in the list if it's moved down)
It's a great song!
Here are the lyrics so you can sing along! :)



Why Worry

( Dire Straits )

Baby I see this world has made you sad
Some people can be bad
The things they do, the things they say
But baby Ill wipe away those bitter tears
Ill chase away those restless fears
That turn your blue skies into grey

Why worry, there should be laughter after the pain
There should be sunshine after rain
These things have always been the same
So why worry now

Baby when I get down I turn to you
And you make sense of what I do
I know it isnt hard to say
But baby just when this world seems mean and cold
Our love comes shining red and gold
And all the rest is by the way

Why worry, there should be laughter after pain
There should be sunsh ine after rain
These things have always been the same
So why worry now

Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits are high on my list these days!
I'm so glad I discovered this music!
(It's really quite new for me! :) Hope you all enjoy it!)


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strange things happening...

Yesterday was the most stressful day I can remember ever having, with problems occurring of all shapes and sizes and degrees of severity and bizarreness! Most are still here today and ONE has been added to and is completely beyond explanation! It has me in a black cloud of confusion...

I will start with the simple (but repulsive) problem of the mouse in my kitchen...Yes-once again I spotted a mouse run across my kitchen floor. Not a good thing to be confronted with -just after a festive holiday and having had all the good treats and food prepared in that kitchen ... I have a habit of washing all things (pots-etc.) before using them so I know the food I prepared was clean...but still...A DARN MOUSE IN MY KITCHEN!!! Steps have been taken to bring about his demise...D-CON behind all appliances!

Another major annoyance of yesterday-and several days before- has been a bad water leak when I do laundry. Charles had gone to the
big deal of taking the washer out and checking it out by running it through a wash cycle on the garage ramp. No leak was detected. Nothing to do but put it back and see what happens! (we expect miracles around here) OK- meantime I just deal with the water with towels and try to ignore it. I noticed tho, that the water didn't seem to start at the washing machine but further out on the floor and to the side... I suspected a break in the water line...perhaps under the ceramic tile floor! Oh , my!! OK- out of desperation I decided to get a flash light-and Charles- in there to watch and try to determine exactly where the water was originating. Finally-after several days of trying to deal with this problem... we can see where the problem is! We have a wash tub right next to the machine...of course with it's own water connections. We have never used it but I had in mind a place to wash my poodles when we built the house! Over the years all kinds of stuff has accumulated there. (old towels which I use for my dog's bedding, to name one use...) Underneath this tub is an open space where other things end up...big canisters or jars too heavy for shelves... ok- we found the elbow pipe connection under this tub had somehow been broken. (by having things shoved under there.) So when the washer started to drain a lot of the water would flow through this connection and flood my floor. At this point it had become very large- this hole- but , apparently, had started small and gone unnoticed . The problem just recently became like this-tho I'm sure it was in the works for awhile! To make matters worse I went ahead and did more clothes... thinking the pan Charles put under the hole would be sufficient to hold the over flow! NOT SO! I had another major mop up to do! :( He plans to remove this unused tub today and end all those extra drains! Thank goodness!

Another major issue of yesterday was dealing with my blog. I had found the night before and into yesterday that I was unable to log onto my blog site. My password didn't work for me any more to log in! OK- sometimes these things happen...I expect these mysterious things with the computer...but finally- out of desperation- I followed through and tried to retrieve my password, thinking maybe I had it wrong...When I followed the instructions of the letter I got back...they gave me a list of my blogs associated with my account. OK- all of my blogs are there-PLUS a blog that is not mine! I went to the blog they had listed. The name was familiar...and I remembered it was a blog I had frequented in the past. (It's a blog set to private now.)

I do not know what to make of this-and don't know what- if anything- I should try to do about it!
Is this just a screw up of blogger? WHY would that name end up as one of my blogs? And another thing...WHY would it be a blog I had visited in the past...why not a blog I had never gone to before- if it's just a random glitch of some kind???

Have any of you ever had a problem like this? I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas on this.

OK- all I did was change my password. That, of course, solved the problem of my access to my blogs. Still- this whole thing has me baffled and concerned!

Another upset of yesterday was my cat-Tiger. I realized I had not seen him around all day and , in fact, didn't remember seeing him when I put the food out the night before. Charles also, when I asked , said he had not seen him. Knowing this was so unusual for Tiger I became worried. And on top of the troublesome events of that day I became frantic and went searching with a flash light after dark! I admit I was tearful in my search and saying out loud..."What next in this awful day!!" I looked all over the yard, knowing Tiger never strays far from the place. Suddenly it just came to me to go to the shed. This building is not often open...just when Charles gets something out...but sometimes he fails to close it up right away! I opened it up and there was my old cat! He had been more than a day without food and water, but he was fine! Had I not gone searching he probably wouldn't have made it, tho. We might not have gone near the shed for a few more days when we put the Christmas stuff away!

OK- mark that as a positive in that very weird day!!

There were other things too... but I won't go into them! One has NO way of being explained away in any rational way... short of having a gremlin or ghost in the house!!!

So ...how are things with you? :)


Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas Day ~ 2008

( more of our Christmas here and here ! )


On Christmas Eve I didn't get to bed until around 2:00 AM, so I slept later on Christmas morning!

Charles had said he'd get up to get the dinner going. He always likes to make the cornbread for the dressing, anyway, and this time I was more than happy to leave it to him! :)

Zach had awakened me early, to say goodbye and Merry Christmas, before leaving for Orlando; but I was so tired I just had to hang in there awhile...and let things unfold in the kitchen without my help! By the time I got up (probably around 9:00) things were well under way and we were able to get the dressing/stuffing together and the turkey stuffed and in the oven by 10:00.

It would require almost 4 hours of cooking time! We would have our Christmas dinner ready about 2:00!

I must say this was a perfect turkey dinner...stuffed turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, sliced tomatoes, candied sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberry sauce...carrot and celery sticks/with veg-sour cream dip... AND LOTS of desserts! I didn't make my banana pudding this time, though! :( We all missed it, too!

We had a fine Christmas Day!
(but we missed Zach)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


(Junie Rose)

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve at our house~2008 (for family)

Christmas Eve at our house!

My Gifts:

CDS~Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Peter Gabriel, and one of what was happening in my birth year!

Tam and Terry:
Sweater and a 'good smell' hand lotion!

Tina and Marc:
Light fixture for kitchen ~ and Tina gave me a candle

Scary movie! 'The Ruins" 
 (Dan and I always liked to watch these kind of movies together when he was a kid!)

Movie about the Beatles, "The Unseen Beatles"
 (Bri knows I'm into classic rock bands these days)

A mobile to hang , made of old record albums! (Cute and unique gift!) Also, a santa mug with candy in it!
(Yep_ he hit on 2 of my favorite things! :)  )

( YAH! I LOVE Santas!)

Beautiful ring, leather purse (a BIG one) 2 pairs Ked sneakers, my favorite perfume, and $$$! The $$ I want to use toward a new computer desk!!

 Thanks  for all my great gifts! I love you all very much!


Next and FINAL:

Christmas Day at Ginga's house!



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Our Christmas in pictures ~ 2008! (Family interest)

Ginga and the 'Grands!'

We had a great Christmas!
Once more we were all able to be together!
For that I am thankful!

We were all here on Christmas Eve and all except Zach were here Christmas day, as well!
Zach left early Christmas morning to go back to Orlando to spend the day with his girlfriend and her family!
(I can understand that! He's a very thoughtful young man and a good boyfriend to Ashley! :) That's good!)


Christmas Eve was a lot of fun for us all!

First the food~and decorations...

Will conclude in next post with 'Gifts and Games' and Christmas Day!


AKA~ Junie Rose

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Friday, December 26, 2008

She's 18 now ! ( where did the time go??)



It's Alli's birthday today! She's 18!

What?? How did that happen so quickly? ;(

Our Alli was ALMOST a Christmas baby
...just missing the date by a few hours.
She was born about 4 hours into Dec 26th!

I wanted Tina to name her 'Merry Noel' but she nixed that idea!
(Alli says she's glad of that fact! )
...But I thought that would be a cute name for an almost Christmas baby girl!

Allison Brooke is pretty, tho, and 'Alli' fits her fine these days!


Now THAT was some kind of Christmas day! :)
~ a very long one~ but with a very happy ending!

Well, I should say a very happy beginning!

Allison has always been a JOY to all of us!


This is how our Alli feels about her growing up years ~here~ with us all together.

She wrote this recently as a school assignment.

(and gave me permission to post it here.)


Alli Fahey
Period 6

9:00am. June or July in the Central Florida countryside, early ‘90s. Sun fresh in the sky. Not a cloud in sight. Kids up before they should be. Chickens pecking around the yard. Geese yelling, intimidating us. Orange grove in the back, with a few trees up front. Cow trough disguised as a swimming pool, four kids inside. Whirlpool! Hose tied around the plum tree for a waterfall. Ginga watching with video camera in hand, capturing every moment on tape. Slip&Slide spread out on the lawn. Soap added for effect. Little Alli hitting the ground from Daniel’s impact. “Not too cool Dan, not too cool.” Freshly sliced watermelon, cold from the fridge- bright red and sweet as can be. Seeds spit down the carport. Wooden swing tied to a great oak, always being twisted and flung. Tree house in another oak, made from scratch with love. Inside the brick house, a great-grandmother and great granddaughter playing like it will never end. Grilled cheese sandwiches on the table, cut in half—diagonally. Mattresses in the Quiet Room (hardly ever quiet) where kids make their beds. Run- jump- fall into the mattress! Dining room chairs arranged to hold up blankets for a fort. A fort with three to four rooms—craftsmanship of Alli and Zach. The Z’s and A’s playing a concert with a kazoo and a Folgers can for a beat. Concentration out on the table, Ginga and Alli playing—Alli winning. Outside again. Chasing chickens, scaring the fainting goats. Four kids and a dog piled on a golf cart, down the dirt road to see the cows. Boys flinging cow patties on top of the cart and spinning. One little girl, unhappy. Dinnertime. Kids inside, still in swimsuits, eating dinner. No real bedtime imposed. Four kids sprawled out on mattresses, exhausted. New day on the way. Every day filled with laughter and fun. Ginga and Gabbo letting kids do as they please, learning from experience. A home filled with love. A home filled with memories. My grandparents’ house. My childhood playground.


(This , of course, brought tears to the old eyes!)


~~~Here are some of Alli's memories~~~

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! :)

Love ,

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