Junie's Place: May 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some pretty neat stuff!

Well at least 'I' think some of these things are cool... They are yard sale and thrift store finds!

OK- I know I really didn't need any more junk drug in here but...we did it anyway!

Oh!! But this first thing is not something to walk away from ... especially since I have 3 nephews who grew up in Pa and are BIG Penn State football fans!

The big problem I have is in deciding which of the 3 brothers gets this! ;)

It's a very collectible liquor decanter, '1982~ National Football Collegiate Champions.'

Charles asked me to read this very impressive information here ( the back of the decanter) and see if I could figure what game first caught his attention!

Well- of course I couldn't... but he said it was The game with Alabama; the only game that kept Penn State from having a PERFECT winning season that year! :)

( Charles, of course, is a big Alabama fan!!)


Another thing that I found for myself is this!

I LOVE it!

It's so Old Florida~50s style! I don't know if it's real old- but the style is!

I have been wishing I could find some of those old Pink Flamingos for the yard that used to be so popular in Florida in the 50s; maybe not just Florida...but that's where I know them from! :) If anyone has any info of where I might buy some please let me know! Not fake ones- but the REAL THING!


Well...Here's a happy bit of news! We're finally getting some good rain tonight! Our back yard has been looking more like a desert every day! This rain is wonderful and things will be looking better real soon!

I just hope I don't lose power here, as it's far too early for me to get to sleep- lol- and especially without the AC on!

Oh! But I 'll just hope my lights and cool hold out...:) also my internet!

Good night,


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Friday, May 30, 2008

Back in business!

Bleeding Hearts

As you see I am back in business with my pictures! I bought more space with my Google/Blogger account- LOL- So I'm set for the the rest of my life or the rest of the life of my blog...whichever ends first!


When I returned from shopping today I had received these in today's mail! Aren't they pretty?

Our blog friend, Jamie Dawn, makes these cross necklaces! The ones I bought are one each of green, gold and red! I love them all but want to give one to Alli so have to decide which color I can part with! :) I may have to get me some more colors!

JD makes them in many different colors. They are very attractive and well made!

Thanks, Jamie D. !

I had to do some shopping today (Wal-Mart) and....no... I didn't see any undressed folks in the parking lot! Not to say that I didn't see some sights, though. :) Always do!

Had a little excitement when I went to load up my stuff! When I opened the trunk there was a little frog...not in the trunk but in the space beneath the trunk lid/door.

He, apparently, was as surprised as I was.

I tried to get him to jump off ! I wasn't wanting to touch him if I could help it so I used my purse to nudge him a little .

Well, he turned and hoped
onto my purse.

Suddenly he was squirting his water every which way! It went on my purse and on the car and on my shoes and feet!

Dang little critter!

And now I have to worry about getting warts on my toes...plus...have to get a new pair of my favorite canvas sandals to replace the white ones I was wearing today!

He was still hanging onto my purse so my hope was to get him to one of the grassy little islands....but he panicked and jumped onto the HOT, HOT parking lot!

I had to give up on him! Last I saw of him he was heading under my car...and I HOPE I wasn't the one to smash him. Most likely that was his fate... either by my car or someone else...but I'll never know!

Wish I could have saved him! :( ...

I was pretty much knocked out after my shopping trip and the job of putting everything away. In addition to food shopping I also bought some more plants for the garden. I bought 3 more of the pink Knock-Out roses and a hanging basket of Impatiens!

Today Charles found a golf cart at a yard sale which we thought was an excellent deal! We have been wanting to find one we could afford . It will be fun and handy for getting around the place here! It's in great shape! Isn't it cute? :)

We had a golf cart when our 'grands' were kids and spent a lot of time here! This brought back a lot of fun memories for me!


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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks, all... (and a weird story!)

First off- thanks to all of you for your advice and suggestions about the picture posting deal!

I will either upgrade with blogger for more picture space or go through Photo Bucket!

LOL- both of these avenues that are open to me require some looking into and figuring out!

I'm just not gonna bother with anything until I get rid of this humongous headache all of this has caused!
(Well, to be honest, there's other factors that have gone into this headache but I won't get into all that!)



Here is a story that doesn't need pictures...
Just use your vivid imaginations, folks!

In fact, we're probably all better off that there are no pictures to illustrate this!

Lucky I wasn't there with my camera...lol...because, knowing me, I probably would have got some shots of this!
And...knowing me... I might have been inclined to post the pictures before blogger cut me off!

Lol- We'll never know for sure, will we?

( Not that the subject would have minded at all!)


File this story under:

"What's The World Coming To?"

The other day Charles had to pick up a few items from Wal-Mart. Since it was small purchases he decided to ride the Victory motorcycle!

He did his shopping and walked to his motorcycle with a couple of small bags. He was starting to put his stuff in the baggage compartment of the bike...

...so far, nothing out of the ordinary...

Well- as he looked up and glanced directly across the drive through to the opposite parking...he sees this woman!

She is standing there in just her panties and bra!

As he looked,
( lol-I'm sure no more than mere seconds!!!) a man came from the drivers side of their car, with the woman's jeans in his hands- and held them as she stepped into them!

Charles said the woman locked eyes with him, as if to say,"What are you looking at?" And acted like it was nothing unusual to be standing there in a Wal-Mart parking lot in her underwear!

Perhaps it isn't! :( That's a sobering thought!

:) Charles didn't hang around to see if she also put on a blouse before going into the store.

This story has been a bit troubling to me. I've wondered what the circumstances were and what prompted this bazaare behavior!

In case you're wondering...this was no young chick but a woman mid-50s or older.

The obvious question for me was, "Are you sure it wasn't a swim suit?"

Well... Charles insists he knows the difference in a swim suit and underwear!

IS this a weird story- or is it just me?


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Feeling blue today...

...Well- knowing how I am about my pictures I guess it's not surprising that I'm feeling a little let down today!

Seems I have reached my picture quota with blogger! Geesh! I didn't know there WAS a quota or I would have posted more sparingly......

:( Have to figure this stuff out! OK- I know I need to resize my pictures...but I'm not sure how to do that!

I'll ask ALLI! :) She knows everything! ;)



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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Here are some flowers and trees of Cedar Key, Fl

May, 2008

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To continue and conclude...

( LOL - I heard that big sigh out there!!! )

It was HOT that day!


OK- I know these pics are mostly of interest to our family...so anyone not interested... just wait it out until I get back to my regular 'electrifying' blogging! :)

Before you know it I'll once again be writing my spellbinding stories of spiders and snakes and drowned lizards in my washing machine.

...Or writing my sad, tear -jerking, poems of my long lost chickens, geese and cows...

...Or maybe sharing my deepest desires and my most outlandish fantasies - in words from my heart!!


K~ This little trip was fun- even for my 2 youngest grands who are not 'kids' any more! Zach will soon be 21 and Alli is 17!

This was a most enjoyable couple days with the kiddies for this old granny!

We did a lot of this while in Cedar Key.


Oh, my goodness!

Blogger has just notified me that I have no more space for pictures...

I'll have to figure something out! Buy more storage space or whatever!

Because blogging without pictures would be like a day without sunshine for me! :(

So I end on a sad note...

: ( but I'll be back!

I hope I will!

Junie Rose

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OK -

These birds fascinate me -
thrill me- even!

( LOL....And I can imagine you all thinking that it doesn't take a lot to thrill this lady, Junie Rose!

I guess you'd be right in that!
It's just that the world is full of wondrous things to see and do... if we just take the time to look around us!)

The last time we were at Cedar Key I didn't have the opportunity of seeing any pelicans up close. Imagine my surprise and excitement when walking out to the dock of our place and seeing this!

Some folks, at the place next to us, were cleaning fish from a recent catch and were throwing scraps into the water; thus attracting these big, comical looking, birds!

( Click to enlarge photos )

Zach came out a little later to have a look!

After their free feast of fish scraps, the big birds flew away!

These birds are awesome to watch!

I liked this show they gave me!



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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What a nice surprise I had waiting for me this morning! I found that '2' of my favorite bloggers had left me the same award!


These awards came from

These are both blogs that I read every day! Both of these grabbed my attention from the first time I read them! Check them out! You'll find they each have a lot to offer!


And they both had very nice things to say about my blog, too!
Click on their names to see all the good stuff they say about 'Junie's Place!' :)

Thanks! :)


Here are the rules of this award:

1) Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make me think and/or make my day

2) Acknowledge the post of the award giver

3) Tell the award winners that they have won by commenting on their blogs with the news!


I have many blogs that I enjoy reading so it's hard to pick just 5...nevertheless... I did it! I have chosen some of my newer 'finds' in the blog world, along with some oldies and goodies! :)

None of you have to feel obligated to pass these awards on unless you want to.The beauty of blogging is that rules can be bent for our own pleasure. The main objective in blogging is to have 'fun!'


My picks - and for various reasons - are:




Anvil Cloud

Jamie Dawn

These are 5 among many of my favorites!


Junie Rose

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Too Many Angels

We saw these angels at the old Cedar Key cemetery.

They reminded me of this song by Jackson Browne!
(One of my long time favorite singer/songwriters)

Too Many Angels

Jackson Browne

Junie Rose

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Memorial Day (and more of our trip)

~ Remembering With Respect ~


( More of our trip)

Our short holiday to Cedar Key was a lot of fun for us all!
I want to share a few more pictures with you.

The motel rented golf carts for our travels around the island!
We had 3 for our group and we had fun exploring. Here we are departing from the motel on an outing.

This first outing brought us here:

This nature trail is a boardwalk built up over the shallow wetlands. We saw several kinds of birds here...
:) We saw no gators or snakes, though!


This is Zach playing his harmonica for his cousin, Alli! :)

(more later)

Enjoy your day!



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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cedar Key Holiday

We had a good time at Cedar Key with the ones of the family who were able to be there! Our group was - Charles and me, Tina and Alli, Tammy, Terry and Zach. Also our son , Chris, came over for a couple hours yesterday.

(And we all were able to have a good meal together at one of the seaside restaurants!)


There's something about a seaside place that is just so very relaxing for me...It's kind of funny because I am not one to love boating and such things...in fact, I don't like going out on the water at all...but I like being
near the water! I LOVE sea birds- I love shells- I love the sunset across the water!

If I lived near the water, facing west, I would make it my habit of seeing every sunset! I don't think I would ever get tired of it! I caught both sunsets the nights we were there-and tho, not spectacular- they were each very special in their own way!

Here they are:

The first evening~

The second evening~

More later~

Hope everyone has enjoyed this long weekend!



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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memorial Day

Have a safe holiday weekend!

Early tomorrow Charles and I will be driving over to Cedar Key ! There we will meet up with some of our family members . We'll all be there until late Sunday afternoon. I only wish the whole clan could be together but it's not meant to be this time. :(

Charles has not been feeling well for a few days. I hope he's able to enjoy himself on this little trip! It's not a very long distance so maybe it won't be so hard for us. If need be, we can get all the rest we want in the motel while the others explore!

The place where we will be is equipped with a kitchen... Lol- All the comforts of home!

Tonight I have been preparing some dishes to take along so that we don't need to eat ALL our meals out! ....But I DO want to have a couple of good fish dinners!!!

Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend!


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dried Flowers

This is what I like to do with my bouquets of roses or flowers, and also herbs from my garden.

I enjoy my flowers in the usual vase until they start to look a little wilty (after a few days) then I trim them off a bit and take off most of the leaves, bind them together with string or wire and hang upside down at my kitchen window. I hang them directly over the curtain rod! I love the way they look and I keep adding to them. I also add herbs in the same way, but directly from the garden to the curtain rod, in the upside down bunches .

The big paper clips work well as hangers. When bent open you have one end to go into the wire or string holding your flower/herb bunches together and the other end of the wire clip fits over the rod!
The herbs add a wonderful scent to your house!

:) As you can see I have been catching up with my photo fun tonight! :)

But it's 'Hay Time' now!


Junie Rose

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