Junie's Place: August 2008

Sunday, August 31, 2008

'Forefathers' ~ Dan Fogelberg

This is a wonderful song by Dan Fogelberg from the album ' The Wild Places,' 1990.

Dan Fogelberg


They came from Scandinavia, the land of midnight sun
And crossed the North Atlantic when this century was young
They'd heard that in America every man was free
To live the way he chose to live and be who he could be
Some of them were farmers there and tilled the frozen soil
But all they got was poverty for all their earnest toil
They say one was a sailor who sailed the wide world round
Made home port, got drunk one night, walked off the pier and drowned
My mother was of Scottish blood, it's there that she was born
They brought her to America in 1924
They left behind the highlands and the heather-covered hills
And came to find America with broad expectant dreams and iron wills
My granddad worked the steel mills of central Illinois
His daughter was his jewel, his son was just his boy
For thirty years he worked the mills and stoked the coke-fed fires
And looked toward the day when he'd at last turn 65 and could retire
And the sons become the fathers and their daughters will be wives
As the torch is passed from hand to hand
And we struggle through our lives
Though the generations wander, the lineage survives
And all of us, from dust to dust, we all become forefathers by and by
The woman and the man were wed just after the war
And they settled in this river town and three fine sons she bore
One became a lawyer and one fine pictures drew
And one became this lonely soul who sits here now
And sings this song to you
By and By By and By


Many thanks to Beggarsgame for putting this on Youtube.
Go to Youtube and this user for more info on this song-and many other songs of Dan Fogelberg!

(#1 DanFan-forever!)

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Labor Day Weekend!!

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Junie Rose

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Oh, my goodness!! (More butterflies!)

This is a fun coincidence!


Look what
Alli (my granddaughter) posted on her blog!


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Saturday, August 30, 2008

~ In my life today ~

B u t t e r f l i e s !

(Cloudless Sulphur)

Info about this butterfly is here!

I see a lot of these small and pretty and fluttery butterflies around my flowers. They will not be still for more than a few seconds so it's hard to capture them in pictures! Oh! It's also not possible to get them with wings spread to each side, as that's not their way of doing things! :) They usually hang upside down as they 'work the flowers,' with wings held close together!


We also have a lot of these guys hanging around our place!


I don't know the name of this spider. I find them interesting to look at, and I marvel at their webs, but I don't get too up close and personal with them!

( Click on pics to enlarge )


We have had a lot of rain today, due to that storm that's brewing out there, I suppose! It's that season so we have to expect these storms! Kinda scary, nonetheless! This is how our skies look today...well- at least - before the rain started!

Hope you've all had a good day!


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Friday, August 29, 2008

About Moths!

While looking at the Sky Watch Friday posts I usually will scroll down and look at other posts of each new blog I visit. I figure I will like other things they post if I like their Sky pics! :)

I got a cool surprise when I checked out this post !

I was surprised because, at first glance, I thought this very flashy moth on this site was the same as the ones I had encountered here at our place and had posted about in the past. After looking closer and then comparing it to mine I realized they are not the same. However, both are an impressive sight to see! IMO

The moth (in my world) is this one! Pandora Sphinx

( scroll down the list to find it on this link )

I have written about this moth and posted some pics a couple times previously.

Just a few days ago I found another of these moths in my garage. (Dead) I made some photos of it the day I found it, but left it there.

Today, after seeing the similar moth at this other website, my interest was once again renewed and I bagged the moth for safe keeping! :)

( I collect little things of nature!)

I photographed it again to show the size.

(Sorry this picture is blurred, but you can see the size of this moth!)

Isn't it cool? :)

I think so!


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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sky Watch Friday ~ 8~29~08

It's Sky Watch Friday! (well-almost!)

I love the pastel colors of the sky at sunset and just after sunset! Even if you do not have a good view to the west where the sun goes down, you still get color extending in other directions!
(Of course, all you 'watchers of the skies' know that! )

I just find that very neat!

This was the pastel sky one evening in Alabama - looking north. (July,2008)

For more Sky Watch Friday pics, go here!


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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blackbird, Fly!

Blackbird, Fly!

( click to enlarge )

 Something pretty for today!



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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stress Test update!


I just heard back from the doctor about the stress test! All is well - no problem at all!! :)


...I don't know what the heck caused that problem last week but I am relieved with this outcome!...


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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ruby Tuesday ~ For Aug 26, '08

Ruby Tuesday again!

Visit Mary, The Teach for more Ruby Tuesday posts!

I'm doing a re-run of some pics I've had on before, as I haven't felt like getting out, much, the past few days for any new pictures!

...But I think this little lady fits just fine in her red hat!

Charles bought her for me a couple years ago when we were at a flea market in Mount Dora, Fl.

:) One of my daughters said, "Mom, she looks just like you!"

Oh, my goodness! I wasn't seeing myself in quite that way......until that moment! haha

Well...this lady does seem to like some of the same music that I like! :)

Rock On!

Junie Rose

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Stress Test Tomorrow~

Today was a nice, sunny day but I was stuck inside doing bills- trying to de-clutter stuff that has accumulated on my counter! I dislike, more and more , the tedious job of dealing with bills and all the paper work that comes in the mail!

I should have just let it go for a couple days, because I have that stress test tomorrow and now I have created for myself a horrendous headache! It always happens when I tackle the bookwork here!

I'm dreading that appointment tomorrow. I've never had it done before and don't quite know what to expect. I just hope it goes ok. Would be great to get some simple answers and solutions !

I wish I could get to feeling better...resting better at night!
It's not that I don't sleep... it's that I don't rest well and wake up feeling achy all over!! Takes half the day to be able to FACE the rest of the day!

Now- the day is almost over and what I need to do is go and wash my hair so it has enough time to dry on it's own. I don't feel like doing anything special to it- like putting curlers in or blow drying!

...And there's dinner to prepare for C. and me! I'll just tell him we must - K.I.S.S. - 'Keep It Simple, Sweetie!' :)

There's left-overs... BBQ from yesterday...and some of this Chili and chicken from the weekend... we'll make out! As for me I think I will just have a bowl of cream of chicken soup.

( See... I DO cook sometimes!! )

Later I hope to be able to relax with some soothing music.

Thank goodness for my music!

Junie Rose

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hi Folks

Hi Folks,

I hope you've all had a good weekend.

Today was a good one for us ...but...no thanks to the weather, in this regard! We still had quite a lot of rain from that storm system, but at least it wasn't continuous!

We had a visit today from our grandson, Zach and his girlfriend.

None of us here had met her before today. Tina and Alli were able to come up, too.
Have to say we all found Zach's friend Ashley, to be a delightful young lady! :) Alli and Ashley seemed to hit it off just great, right from the start.

Everyone went to the flea market for awhile, except me. I didn't feel up to it today... anyway, I needed to stay home to put a meal together for us later.

They were back after a couple hours, then the 3 young folks went on the golf cart to see the horse and the cows!

After our lunch it was non-stop chit chat about music and travel,pets and schools and a variety of other subjects. Lots of time was spent on the computer- lol- but not by me! :)


Here - Charles is showing Zach this flag we found last week at the flea market! Charles and I are fanatics about the flag, and never pass up an opportunity to buy a good , cloth, one. We were both excited with this 'find! It's a BIG flag, (5 x 9 -1/2) fabric - hand sewn stars and Old. It's a 48 star flag! It's in perfect shape!! :) I hope to get a picture of it flying , one day soon!

I also hope to research the info on it so we might determine where it was used! Charles thinks it was probably a military flag.

A good day!



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Friday, August 22, 2008

Sultans of Swing ~ Dire Straits

This is what I've been doing tonight!  I can't seem to get enough of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler!  This is absolutely the most exciting band I have discovered in all my searches!

And THIS is one of the best Vids I have found of this song- tho there are several others!  Don't know what year this was, but it is the original Dire Straits!  (I think so, anyway!)

Wow!  Doesn't matter, because these guys are the best ever on this video!! Mark Knopfler is tops!!  He was back then and still is, IMO!

LOL-  You'll all have to forgive my wild enthusiasm  ;)... and for something I'm sure many/MOST of you knew all along! That being... what a wide range of  great music is out there!

Just in recent years I have been really discovering  all the wonderful music that I didn't have time for or wasn't inclined to get to know, when it fist came to be! 

Have to say-Dire Straits is at the top of my favorites list right now!  Mark Knopfler is  among the best guitarist that I have come across!

Look- You might say I'm not an expert since I don't play an instrument of any kind myself...but -hey- I know what I like!  I know what sounds good to me!  I know when music just captures me ...and I want to hear it over and over...and want to share it with all I know....then ...to me it's as good as it gets!!  :)

Tell me true!!  Have you ever heard better music?  :)

Who loves Mark Knopfler?? 

  ME!! Me!!!   ;)

Here are the lyrics!  Lets sing along with the band!  :)


Sultans of Swing

Mark Knopfler

You get a shiver in the dark

It's raining in the park but meantime

South of the river you stop and you hold everything

A band is blowing Dixie double four time

You feel alright when you hear that music ring

You step inside but you don't see too many faces

Coming in out of the rain to hear the jazz go down

Too much competition too many other places

But not too many horns can make that sound

Way on downsouth way on downsouth London town

You check out Guitar George he knows all the chords

Mind he's strictly rhythm he doesn't want to make it cry or sing

And an old guitar is all he can afford

When he gets up under the lights to play his thing

And Harry doesn't mind if he doesn't make the scene

He's got a daytime job he's doing alright

He can play honky tonk just like anything

Saving it up for Friday night

With the Sultans with the Sultans of Swing

And a crowd of young boys they're fooling around in the corner

Drunk and dressed in their best brown baggies and their platform soles

They don't give a damn about any trumpet playing band

It ain't what they call rock and roll

And the Sultans played Creole

And then the man he steps right up to the microphone

And says at last just as the time bell rings

'Thank you goodnight now it's time to go home'

And he makes it fast with one more thing

Junie Rose

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Dismal day and humming birds

I have to say today has been one for the books in terms of misery and aggravation...with this dumb tropical storm just hovering over us; in and out of our state's upper east coast!

Fay never did work up to hurricane force but seemed determined to cause as much annoyance as possible, nonetheless!

Heavy rains and moderate winds, for the past 2 days, have played a bit of havoc with us north Floridians! With all the rain, there have been reports of gators emerging from some of the waterways and invading populated areas. Thank goodness we are not near any lakes, etc...

We have had 2 dismal days of almost constant rain. Today, especially, has been nothing but gray skies and rain. The power has gone out a couple of times but just for short periods - so far!

I have tried to amuse myself with sitting by my window and watching the humming birds and I even tried to get some pictures- lol- with little success, tho! I think I might manage a half decent picture, from my vantage point here, if I remove the screen and clean the window!! Maybe I can do that after this tedious tropical storm has gone on her way!!

I am fascinated with these tiny birds! This is the first time we've had an abundance of them come around. Usually I see just a few each summer, even tho I have had the feeders for a few seasons! This year there are a bunch of them. (lol- maybe a flock) Every time I glance out the window I see a few of them flitting around and pausing to sip from the liquid feeder, placed under the overhang of the roof and very near my window! They don't seem very social birds, as usually only one will feed while the others just hover or chase the one feeding, away! They make me smile! :)

Anyway- here's a pic of the amazing little birds that are no bigger than a large moth! :) I would LOVE to hold one of those little things in my hand, just once!

All I can say about today's skies is..."It's a darn good thing I'm not depending on this for a SKY WATCH FRIDAY picture!"


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sky Watch Friday...and a song!

It's time once again for~

Go here for more SWF pictures!

Sunrise~ Key Largo, Fl~ June,'03

"In The Sky" ~~ Mark Knopfler
~ from 'Kill to Get Crimson' album, 2007~

In the Sky
( Mark Knopfler )

Are you home from the sea my soul balladeer
You’ve been away roaming far away from here
weathered a storm, your heart unafraid
crossed every ocean in the boat that you made

Been blowing your horn, scaring the spooks
No crotchets or quavers in your books
Gone sailing all night, straight in the vein
like a bird on his own flight in his domain in the sky

Running in on the tide with the first of the stars
the moon on the water and the sound of guitars
Glide into the homing as the night falls
to tie up in the haven by the old harbour wall

And the hard-bitten stranger as deaf as a post
who stands at the fire where a poet’s dreams roast
He can’t know the story, he can’t feel the pain
and all of the glory falls around him like rain in the sky

You’re a light in the dark, a beacon of hope
and strong as a sea boat, strong as a rope
And the vagabond wind, whispers over the bay
and the songs and the laughter, are carried away in the sky


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Rainy Day-thanks to FAY! (And some awards)


Ok ~ First , let me say thanks to Mary, The Teach, for this 'cool' award!


This is what Mary says about this award:

"You Give Me Happy Feet" award

"When I think of you my feet begin to tappin' and I pirouette across the floor in total delight that I will be talking/commenting to you in a little while. And of course my feet aren't the on only parts of my body that are happy because of you. My head is boppin', my mouth is smilin,' my hands are clappin' - all because of you. And here are the people I give this award to........"

~and then she lists her choices!

:) Thanks, Teach, I am honored !


I also got these recently from Pea, my blog friend in Canada!

#1 ~is a friendship award which she passed on to ALL her friends


#2~ is a button she wanted all her friends to have and display!

Thanks, Sweet Pea! :)

~~In case there's any doubts ~ my blog friends are all very dear to me! ~~


Speaking of friends... I had a late night chat with an online friend -
way late- last night. It's always so good to talk with those you have found to share so many common interests and ideals...from music , politics, family matters - or whatever! I always feel a kind of satisfaction and peace of mind after reconnecting with friends. My sleep was restful last night! :)


Today is nothing but rain and I've done nothing at all constructive...but that's ok!
We are getting just rain from 'Miss Fay,' but other parts of our state have seen more of her negative side!

Here are some pics from today and yesterday!

( Click to make bigger )

WET !!!

I like this little 4 O'clock flower! These were among my mom's favorites and they always make me think of her! They are sweet!


I'm feeling better and haven't had any more of those weird feelings of last week but I'm going ahead with the stress test. It is set up for August 29th. Hopefully, I will have a good report with that!

I feel I'm ok...however-something caused that problem! Will see how it goes!

Thanks to all who have been concerned about this!


Have a good day.


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